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My Sanctuary
Chapter 4: Escape
Lunch went by smoothly enough. No one really said anything. Vincent did congratulate me on beating Seifer, much to the blonde's dismay.
As everyone slowly finishes eating, Cloud stands from his chair. “I'm sorry, especially since we have guests, but I'm going to excuse myself. I don't feel that well.”
Naturally, I excuse myself as well and follow Cloud to his quarters. All they need to know is that I'm going to protect him from anything that might happen.
After a few winding curves Cloud stops and opens the door to his room, I follow him in.
“Close the door and lock it.”
I do as I'm told before he leads me over to the small bookshelf next to the far left corner of the room. Pulling it back Cloud kneels forward yanking the brick wall close to him.
It gives way to reveal a crawl space that we can fit through if we crawl. Cloud motions for me to go first and I do. As I keep going I glance back to see the light vanish as Cloud pulls the hidden wall and bookcase back.
“Just keep going it isn't far,” he says from behind me.
I turn my blinded eyes forward and continue to move through the dark.
I'm not to sure how long we'd been at this but to me it has begun to seem like an eternity. So far it's basically been a straight shot, despite the turns here and there. That is till I run into a dead end.
“Cloud…there's a wall.”
“Push on it, it'll give way, promise, I wouldn't drag you out here for nothing.”
I would shrug put the cramped space prevents me from it. Instead I shove as hard as I possibly can against the fake wall. With a groan from both me and the bricks, I fall out onto soft green grass.
Cloud falls out next to me, a grin on his pale countenance.
He looks so much younger than he acts sometimes. I have to find a way to help him.
Cloud pushes the faux wall back into place before turning to me, “Okay so where do they live? I can't wait to meet them!”
“Why are you so happy? Especially when wanting to go meet them?”
“Because…they must be nice…like real people…real parents. Plus I haven't been out of there in God knows how long!”
“Fine, they're in the far corner of the city on Soldier Avenue.”
Cloud nods, “Got it, I know where that is. Follow me or the guards up top will catch us. Oh wait, hold on, I got something to hide us.”
He must really have wanted to get out of there.
Tapping on the wall he finally pulls a couple away to reveal a compartment with a box hidden inside. Cloud heaves the box out and opens it before pulling out two onyx cloaks.
“I always come prepared.” he states matter-of-factly.
I smile at him before throwing one on. Once Cloud had done the same, he leads me down through a sparse patch of trees before eventually coming out into the city of Midgar. This is where all the people are held basically captive inside here.
It's not uncommon to see a couple of figures snake through the city in cloaks, robes, armor, or stuff like that. Especially with the supposed last Dark Angel living in our poorly destined city.
As the afternoon rush to collect everything from stores and hurry home to cook supper swarms around us, Cloud latches onto my hand as he drags me along. Not that I mind one bit.
Is it really wrong to feel something for another person? To desire to always be with them? No…and I'll argue that till I die.
“Okay which one is it?”
I turn to the line of scattered houses. Wordlessly I lead Cloud to the one at the far end. I knock on the heavy wooded door earning a voice from inside, “I'm coming.”
It didn't take long either and when it swings open I let all my emotions out, something that happens on rare occasions.
I just didn't think that I'd miss them this much. They're the only family I have and I miss them.
I throw my arms around Reno's lanky frame, giving him a tight squeeze. “I've missed you Reno.”
I pull back and stare at him before laughing.
“What, did I miss something?” then he catches on, “Oh excuse me, you just never have shown that much appreciation for me since you were…what 9?”
I roll my eyes and motion to Cloud. “This is…Um…”
“I'm Cloud Strife, Prince of that crap castle up there, Nice to meet you.”
With a worried glance between the two I sigh when they shake hands.
“Hey Reno is Rufus in the back?”
The redhead only nods. As I run inside to go meet up with the blonde before they do I glance back to see Reno giving Cloud the grand tour, talking away.
I walk into the living room and stand in front of a sitting Rufus. The blonde looks up at me questioningly, “What are you doing back Squall?”
“Shhhh…I brought Cloud with me and guess what. You were wrong. He's not the last Dark Angel; he's the last Guardian Angel. Seifer is the Dark Angel.”
“What of it…you have a job to do.”
“Rufus aren't you listening! Cloud can bring us peace he can kill the Dark Angel without any mortal being put in danger at all!”
I know I've never raised my voice to this man who's been a father to me, but what is one to do when someone won't listen. Much less taking into consideration of what you're saying.
“S-Leon you might want to quiet it down a notch.”
“Look, I've done everything you've asked of me! I infiltrated the castle, got on good terms with them, and trust me its not that easy, and I even found the last ever Guardian Angel of our beloved world!”
“Leon, please-”
“No! Just listen Rufus, you don't understand. I risked my life, involuntarily, and went and killed Sephiroth. For God sakes I got a permanent reminder on my face!”
There's no way in hell I was going to let him even get a word in until he listened to me. But…I guess I have a tendency to yell…and that's not me…not one bit.
“L-Leon…you killed my f-father?”
I spin on my heel to see the shocked expression on Cloud's face.
I'll never lose it like that again…nope never ever, ever again!
I turn to Reno and he only shrugs and flashes an apologetic smile before coming and sitting down by Rufus.
“Cloud listen…I'm the Savior. But I didn't kill your father. I killed a man trying to do everyone harm…to do you harm! You don't even know who your real father is.”
I step tentatively toward the blonde angel only to be flinched away from.

”I…I don't care. I'm…so confused. Were you going to…kill me?”
I glance at the two on the couch before looking into Cloud's eyes.
I could never lie to him. I don't know why. It could be his holy aura or just the fact that I feel for him. I think I'm starting to become fond of him. No…that's ridiculous.
“I wasn't going to kill you.”
I can feel Rufus's glare burrowing into me. Cloud takes a deep breath, trying to absorb everything, I guess. He leans back against the wall and stares at me. A groan escapes his lips as he slides to the floor.
Immediately I rush over to help him. I grab a hold of his hand and pull him into a sitting position from where he had been lying on the floor.
“Cloud, Cloud?” I whisper to him.
Reno kneels down next to the blonde and checks his pulse and puts a hand to his forehead, checking his temperature.
“He's got a fever. Take him into your room and lie him down. I'll go get some wet cloths and medicines ready for you to give to him.”
As I heave the older man into my arms Rufus hurries over to give me a hand. He glances at me from around Cloud's spiky blond hair.
“I'm proud of you.”
Those four words…mean everything to me. I've never heard anyone say such a meaningful sentence to me in my life. When I was chosen as Savior no one said anything happy…just sad.
Stuff like `it was nice getting to know you' or `stay safe okay'. But nothing close to that. It's good to know that someone thinks I've done something right.