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My Sanctuary
Chapter 5: caught

Cloud still hasn't woken up. It's been a total of two days even. We've been giving him all the treatment we can while he's unconscious like this.

That night we had to move both of us down into the lower levels of the house. Vincent and a handful of guards came looking for us, determined as a blood hound.

But Reno and Rufus are experts at diverting a person's attention. So here I am, worried as hell and hoping to God that they don't figure us out.

“How's he doing Squall?”

I look up into the face of Zell. Boy do I need his good attitude at the moment.

“He seems to just be getting worse…we don't know what's wrong. Nothing we give him seems to work.”

My blonde friend plops down in the chair by the door. “So is he really a Guardian?”

I merely nod and shoot him a look of sadness.

“Ah I got it. You love him don't you?”

“I don't know…especially in such a short amount of time?”

Zell only laughs, “You can be denser than me sometimes, you know that? Anything is possible.”

I shake my head, “Thanks.”

“No problem but I have a question for you.”

“You think Reno's got any hotdogs up there?”

I hold my laughter in, “Yeah.”

Zell chuckles manically and runs off to find Reno, to pester him about some food that he'll surely be making.

“So you're in love with me huh, Leon?”

My head snaps back toward Cloud. He props himself up on his elbows.

“Is that even your real name?”

“It's Squall Leonhart…I'm sorry I had to lie to you.”

“Then why did you?”

I stare at him, not really sure how to respond to that.

Anger…Sadness…Anxiety….Rejection… Love…Hurt…so many of these I feel.

“I did it to save these people around me, but what about you? You're the legendary Guardian Angel yet you choose to side with the Dark Angels. What's your reason?”

“It's all I know…is to hide what I am. Having white wings is a curse in my family.”

The door creaks as it opens and Rufus steps in.

“Hello Cloud, my name's Rufus. I know you're not feeling well but I have some questions.”

“I'm fine thank you…but you can interrogate me all you want. I'm the one who fell into this trap.”

Rufus keeps his calm despite the attitude of the patient. “This was no trap for you. It was only for the Dark Angel which Squall says you are not. But either way I want to know if you know who your parents truly are?”

Cloud scoffs, hiding his emotions again, just as I do. “My mother was a lowly human and my father was Sephiroth till, Squall killed him.”

The way he said my name was as if each letter had been dipped in acid and stabbed into me.

“I hate to be the one to tell you this but…that is not true.”

“It is!” insists the younger blonde.

“See I remember when I was in training for the Savior position. We were all forced to try and if we passed the initial courses then we were trained ruthlessly from then on. My friend Zack was with me the whole time.”

Before continuing Rufus glances at Cloud, noticing that he had drawn silent and distant, even his own thoughts must be running rapid about these events.

My father figure inhales deep. “Well after we both got out of this horrid training he confided in me a deep secret. Everyone in Midgar at that point had begun thinking that the Guardian Angel of the city had been killed. In truth the Guardian was still alive…and is to this day.”

Cloud looks up at him intensely interested. “Who is he?”

A smile graces Rufus's face. “See that's the thing. It's not a he but a she. Zack had already fallen head over heels for this woman and planned on marrying her very soon. Of course Zack kept to his plan, a year later she gave birth to a baby boy. But Sephiroth found out that an heir to the Guardian Angel of Midgar was born and sought to kill it.

“From there Zack made a deal. He would give up his child in order to protect him. Sephiroth agreed to this, knowing that if he raised the boy he could ultimately manipulate him into his own scheme.”

“But who's the mother and where-” I begin to question but I immediately stop as I glance at Cloud.

Rufus nods with a silent agreement with me. “The mother's name is Aerith and you Cloud are Zack and her child.”

The heir holds his face in his hands in an attempt to sort through all the new information.

“I don't wish to be forward but I need to know Cloud, are you going to take up your place as Guardian of Midgar?”

The door flies open just as Cloud goes to answer. The swing barely misses Rufus as he stumbles to the side.

“Reno what's wrong?”

“They're here! They know Cloud's here! Rufus, Vincent is with them!”

Rufus groans, “Are they inside?”

“No not yet but they’re coming down the street.”

“Okay fine…take Zell and go to our meeting point. I'll help Squall with Cloud.”

I try to flash Cloud a smile but it either goes unnoticed or just plain ignored. Rufus moves to the closet and grabs a small bag of medicines before motioning us to the door.

I lend Cloud my hand but he just pushes it away. Sighing, I grab my sword I keep stowed in here and follow Cloud and Rufus out the door.

Trekking through one of the escape tunnels I notice that the tension has all but disappeared. With the silent footfalls and light breathing, we'd all calmed. At least that's what it feels like.

I just wish I could do more.

Rufus pushes the wall to the side and we step out into the fresh air of a garden. It seems as though we have escaped from Vincent.

“Shit, they’re expecting us.” mumbles Rufus under his breath.

Vincent and a handful of guards step out from the shadows the sun casts on the arches around us.

“Surrender now. I won't hesitate to unleash the guards on you both.”

I pull out my Gunblade and hold it ready. I move to stand in front of Cloud and Rufus. “I don't think so Vincent. I could never give Cloud up and I'm not letting you hurt Rufus.”

“Fine, have it your way then.”

I take a deep breath as two of the ten guards charge me with their blades swinging. I let my Gunblade clash before pulling the trigger and blowing a hole in the man's chest. Spinning around I slash at the other guard attempting to get to Rufus. He falls to the ground dead as well.

Normally I would hate to kill these people but if I don't then I might as well dye Cloud's wings black and shoot myself in the head.

The remaining eight come at me all at once.

Okay fine, it's better to take them all at once anyway.

Blood spatters my clothing and sword as the last of the sentry drop into the now yellow, white, and crimson flowers. I turn my glare to Vincent. “Are you going to fight me too?”

With the flick of his wrist, Vincent pulls out a nice size gun. “Cerberus will kill you before you even scratch me.”

I shake my head, “Whatever you want to think.”

I dart forward and manage to dodge his shots. Vincent's gun points to my chest as the point of my Gunblade touches his shirt.

“Are you brave enough to try?” sneers the scarlet eyed man.

“More than you think.”

“Stop this at once!” I falter as Cloud steps up next to me. “I'll go back Vincent just don't kill him.”

“Cloud you're okay!” cries Zack as he runs over to us.

Seifer, Fuujin, Raijin, and a pile of guards hurry behind him. The true Dark Angel grins impishly at me from beside Vincent.

Cloud smiles half-heartedly, “Let's go, we don't need to stay any longer.”

The other blonde's eyes go wide, “But Cloud aren't you going to capture them? The boy is the Savior and his leader.”

Sighing, Cloud motions for the a few guards to come forward, “Please restrain these two and take them to the dungeons.”

My Gunblade is taken as well as Rufus’ guns he had in the medical bag. Bindings are placed on us as we're lead back to that castle. But this time I'm treated as a prisoner.

Stupid Dark Angel…Cloud was going to let us go but he stepped in. I've got a bad feeling that Cloud's in danger. Not from anyone else but Seifer and his lackeys. What's worse is that fact that now I can't protect him. Either way…I will stand and I will fight.