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My Sanctuary
Chapter 6: Crime and punishment

Dungeons aren't a very luxurious place to begin with. But this is ridiculous. I might as well have been placed in a sewer.

The first thing that Vincent and Zack were to do was to make sure that Rufus and I were properly bound to the grimy wall. Neither said anything to me as I was placed in the farthest cell at the end. Instead of being with a cell-buddy, Rufus was placed in the front of the block.

My wrists are shackled above my head and I'm forced to stand due to these bindings. It's only been a couple days but no one has come down here but the maid and two guards who “take care of us”.

How fucking polite of them! I can't wait till I can get my hands around that dirty Dark Angel's neck. He'll pay for everything he's done.

The iron door creaks as someone opens it. With the only light being the torches that hang on the wall outside of the cell, I can't possibly see who this person is. That is till his hand grabs my chin and I look up into crystal blue eyes.

“What are you doing here?”

“Coming to apologize…”

I jerk my head out of his grip and refuse to look at him. “Why would you do such a thing? You sided with them in the end. Aren't you just the hero now, especially since you captured the Savior of Midgar?”


“I love you Cloud and I know I don't show it. But at least I wouldn't have locked your ass up…just…just leave me here to rot.”

The blonde sighs and I listen to his fading footfalls.

That's possibly the stupidest thing I've ever done in my entire life. Why the hell do I have this tendency to push people away? I hate it…I just want Cloud back in here…to save me as I would've rescued him.


It's a good thing I'm a quick learner. Otherwise sleeping standing up would have become a major issue. At the crack of dawn two guards stand outside my cell while Cloud, Zack, and Seifer come all the way in.

Just the people I wanted to see.

Zack sighs heavily before trying to flash me a weak smile, “Due to your action of murdering the former Dark Angel, Sephiroth, and for kidnapping Cloud, our residing Dark Angel.”

I let a beaten breath ghost my lips, “Fine…what happens now?”

Seifer's grin grows into that like a cat that's caught its prey. “We execute you and your helpers. All that is needed to happen is to find the other two.”

“How do you know about them?”

Cloud turns his back to me and begins striding out of the cell.

“Why did you do that? How could you Cloud? They did nothing to you! It was me! I did it all!”

The blonde glances at me, “Let Rufus go and discontinue the search for his friends.”

“W-What are you saying?” growls Seifer.

“I'm saying that he's right. Squall is the only one that has done anything to me. His death will be in just a few days. Please return to your…wherever and come back then.”

Zack ushers Seifer away and to the main areas of the castle, most likely attempting to hurry the brute to leave as soon as possible.

“Please leave; your services are not needed. I can handle myself.” he murmurs to the awaiting sentry.

They obediently excuse themselves and hurry up to the upper levels were sanity is prone to reside. However, Cloud swivels back toward me, his hand caressing my cheek.

“I am sorry…I promise you Squall...I'll find a way to save you.”

My walls shatter as I lean into his gentle touch. “…Thank you.”

Lips as soft as rose petals mold against my own as I cave into my feelings. Desperately, I try to move but am restricted. Instead Cloud pulls away to lean his head on my shoulder.

“No…thank you.”

The words graze over me as he hurries away, hoping not to alarm anyone of his absence. If only he knew that the only one he alerts is me.


When it was declared of a few days till my public slaying I didn't think it would pass so quickly. With rope bound hands, several soldiers lead me to a platform located in the northern fountain area.

Water trickles down from the statues as if crying with the sorrowful melody of liquid splashing into liquid. A cloth is pulled around my eyes, turning everything black.

How I detest pubic slaughter. It does no good in teaching the citizens…only makes them fight that much more.
The bone chilling metal of a pistol presses against my temple as someone announces my crime.

“He shall be put to death for the assassination of Dark Angel Sephiroth and the attempted murder of our current Dark Angel, Cloud. As well as the fault of being the Savior of Midgar, Squall Leonhart shall die today.” shouts the monotone voice.

When will my savior come and rescue me? Or was everything just a lie? I guess it's time to find out…

I'm yanked backwards as the culprit shouts, “Stop!”

The ribbon floats to the ground as the morning light blinds me. Tilting my head I spot flaxen tresses and enthusiastic blue eyes.

“Killing him is not punishment enough. I shall put him to death by my own hand. But till that time comes he is mine to torture.”

I feel my eyes widening just at the sound of it. Cloud kept to his promise. He came to rescue me.

Cloud grabs the rope that links to my wrists and drags me away. After much trouble we finally get back into that castle of his. We're swarmed instantly by just about every maid and guard in this place; each wanting to know why I'm here.

Aerith pushes everyone away and leads Cloud up to his room. “I'm glad to know that you weren't lying to me Cloud.”

“Why would I be?”

She turns and smiles, “True. Now let's get you two away from prying eyes. These servants can be a nuisance.” With that she swivels around toward the door and opens it after removing the bindings on my wrists.

It shuts behind us and I stare at the bed. Zack lounges on it with hands behind his head. A single azure eye cracks open, “Glad to see your back.”

I shift my weight to my other foot, “Rufus, Reno, and Zell are okay right?”

The raven haired man nods and jumps up off the bed. “Of course…now we need to discuss you.”

“What about me?”

“Well now that your Cloud's we need to keep the image up.”

“Excuse me?”

Cloud grins back at me, “Think of it like a kid with his toy, that's the picture everyone needs to get till we get things thought out.”

Oh joy…a toy? That's just what I wanted to be. No not a real boy…a toy…how backwards. Whatever, at least I'm not about to get shot through the head. Plus, being with Cloud isn't so bad and now I can be myself. This should be fun.

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