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My Sanctuary
Chapter 7: Deadly Truth

Zack motioned for us to take a seat on the bed. The second we’re seated he flips out a switchblade. Nodding toward my hands, I lift them up so that the blade slices easily through the rope. With that done silence rests between us before the door finally opens to reveal Aerith. She smiles motherly at me, “I trust that you’re unhurt?”

“Yes thank you.”

Cloud grunts, “Well I have some questions and I want them answered. Is it safe to talk?”

The brunette grins as if she had been granted the one wish she’d ask. “Vincent is keeping everyone busy. We’re clear for the moment. He'll alarm us if otherwise.”

Zack encircles his arm around Aerith's waist and pulls her into the shape of his frame as if she’d been crafted to fit him. “So what's your first question?”

The blond beside me hesitates so I pick up where I would start. “Who is the other holy angel?” In response Zack kisses Aerith's cheek and she giggles softly. “So it's her.”

Cloud takes over the interrogation that should be his. “Are you…my parents?” His eyes lock onto an invisible spec on his shoes the second the words leave his mouth.

“Yes we are. I'm sure my good buddy Rufus told you all about it.”

“Does Vincent know?”


Aerith and I relax as the two go back and forth.

“Why did you keep it secret from me?”

“Because Sephiroth didn't know who it was. Till the day he died he still suspected that all are male. Things work out in mysterious ways. Plus I had to quit the Savior job, even though it was rumored that I was to be chosen, if not then I wouldn't have been able to watch over you as you grew up.”

Cloud stumbles over his next one, “Then why…why do you…look so…young?”

Aerith takes the spot on Cloud's right. “Sweetie, it's because we don't age like humans do. Plus since Zack is constantly around me and we’re together in all ways he's benefited as well.”

Zack turns to the door as a sharp whistle rings throughout the castle walls. “We need to depart. We love you son and we're sorry that you were dragged into this mess. It was the last thing we wanted.”

They're out the door before another word slips from them. I glance at Cloud and struggle to get my own query. He turns to meet my wavering gaze, encouraging me to spit it out. Inhaling a shaky breath I do.

“Cloud…do you hate me?”

At first he seems taken aback by the awkward question but he recovers without fail. “What kind of problem is that? I just saved your life and you want to know if I hate you?”

I begin to dip my head when I'm thrown back into the sheets that curl up around me. Clear ocean eyes glitter at me as a teasing smile seems to be etched onto his countenance. I feel my eyes flutter shut at the touch of him cupping my cheek.

He's about the only person who could make me melt like this.

Leaning into his hand it moves to my chin and angles my head where he's looking straight into my stormy orbs. Soft rose petal lips gently press down on mine and I lie there too stunned to move. As he parts an equally velvety chuckle echoes around me, “Am I that bad? Or are you paralyzed by my greatness?”

Quirking an eyebrow I burrow my hands in his spikes and pull him back down to meet again, giving him his answer loud and clear. I let my arms fall back by my sides as I smile sweetly at him. “Cloud-“

His index finger stops my lips from moving and he grins sheepishly, “I love you.” Blond spikes tickle my nose as he lies down on me. The awkwardness is flushed away by the relief that he means it. However, I'm not given the chance to speak.

“Cloud, what the hell are you doing?”

The young ruler's head snaps up with a menacing glare already set in place. Chuckling darkly, Cloud stands up and brushes himself off. “I was making sure he was alive after I pushed him.”

Rolling my eyes I bring myself up and stand behind the blond, glaring my own hatred dipped daggers at Seifer. He only laughs, “Good job Cloud. I knew you weren't as bad as Dad thought. Isn't it great?” Sadistic blue eyes glower at me, “Now we can exact our revenge for this piece of shit killing Dad.”

Seifer steps forward, but Cloud places himself directly in front of me. “He's mine.” A minute or so passes, much later than I would've liked, before the true Dark Angel actually leaves our presence. Before the door can even shut it is flung back open and slammed shut, the destructive path of none other than Vincent. “What's wrong?”

“I need to speak with Squall. It's about Seifer's decision to not leave. I've already talked to Reno and he wants to talk to you.”

Cloud pouts, “Why can't I go?”

“It'll look suspicious.”

“Like you're not already suspicious looking?”

A soft laugh emerges and grabs my wrist from behind Cloud, “I'll bring him right back Spiky and he'll be undamaged.”

Vincent doesn't release my wrist even as we get down two halls and enter his room. A phone lay turned on its side to hold the call. A caring smile plays on the dark haired man's lips as he places the cord phone in my palm.

I lift it to my ear, "Hello?"

"Glad you're okay but now we have a bigger problem. Rufus is almost positive that he's going to try and kill you."

"Thanks but I kind of figured that much."

"Try and be serious Squall. We have a major issue here. We can't help you one bit. Vincent and Zack will work on the inside but with Seifer's risky. Especially if he thinks that Cloud is going to execute you soon."

"Can he do anything?"

"Well not really...not with the scene Cloud made in the square. Just be careful okay? That way Rufus will hopefully stop pacing."

Smiling I give it back to Vincent just as the line goes dead. Replacing it into the holder he turns to the door, "Ready to go?"

Before I can nod, I'm following him out the door. Halfway through the first intersecting corridor a guard halts us. Crimson eyes glare down at the armored man. "What's the meaning of this?"

The man bows before us, "I'm terribly sorry for the intrusion Sir, but a riot has started outside the walls. Sir Fair has already gone out to help and he requests your assistance."

"I'll be right there." the guard leaves at his word and Vincent starts after him, "Go straight back to Cloud's room, understood?"

"Crystal clear."

Reaching out to open the door, voices drift to my ears. Gently entering I spot Seifer glowering over a distressed Cloud on the bed. Toxic eyes lock onto me and his smug grin grows to where it almost touches his ears. Bumping past me a slam resounds around me.

"What was that about?"

"Nothing, now let's get ready for dinner. I can't let you go down there in those, Aerith would get me good for that. he says as he tugs at my dirt covered shirt. Letting it slide for now I let Cloud show me the bathroom. "I'll be right back with some clothes and I'll go give these to a maid."

A hollow click and I'm in isolation again. Stepping out of my boots and socks and onto the white tile with black swirls, I receive chills up and down my spine. Flipping the hot water on I let the water scald all the dirt off of me. As the drops fall to the ground I wrap a towel around my waist and step out onto the mat. Just as I run a hand through my hair I'm met with a pair of wide clear sky orbs. In his arms he cradles my new attire. "Can I have the clothes now?"

"Um...yeah..." Gluing his eyes to the floor, Cloud comes forward to place them in my hands. "Let me know when you're done so we can get down to dinner."

Turning to leave I catch his hand, "I love you Cloud."

Pivoting back around a smile graces his pale lips, "I know."

With a quick peck to my lips he departs once more. Changing into dark blue jeans and a white v-neck lined in black I slip on socks and a new pair of boots with the straps lining them with studs adorning them as well. Drying off my short locks I toss the towel into a hamper and exit. Cloud stands at the foot of his bed wearing the usual ebony jeans accompanied with a light blue T-shirt. His boots thud toward me with that same smile still in place on his countenance. "Ready to go?"

"As ready as I'll ever be."

As we stride into the monstrous dining room side-by-side I receive the evil eye from Seifer and his posy. Cloud takes his seat at the head of the table with me on his right followed by Vincent. Zack and Aerith sit across from us while the gang remains farther down. On qu servants appear and begin sliding dishes with a silverware on them. Others follow with carts piled with platters of food. Several types of servings are spooned onto my plate and bowl while wine is poured into my glass. Eyeing the crimson liquid I sip at it slowly and not so often. Conversation is a no go and I'm thankful for that much. It's bad enough to be glared at from afar. Besides that...dinner was peaceful nonetheless. Maids and butlers had begun clearing away all items still on the table.

Cloud gives a curt smile to his friends, "I'll be retiring early." I follow behind him as we continue to get farther away from the two contrasting groups. Entering his room, Cloud points to the large dresser, "Get something out of there to wear, it's no big deal. I'll be right I'm just going to go talk to Aerith know."

"I'll be right here when you get back."

The door shuts behind him and I move to pull out a worn shirt and sweat pants I fold up the clothes I'd worn for the matter of maybe a little more than half an hour and set them on a chair in the corner of the room. Taking my place on the bed I let my mind wander freely.

I need to know what Seifer was telling Cloud earlier. Whatever it can't be good either way. Then there's just living here in general with that Dark Angel lurking around each and every corner. No one is safe as long as he is still alive, especially Cloud and I. Without us it will take many years to train some who is capable of killing this jerk and by then he'll have an heir of his own. Life can never be as easy as people want it to be...but it seems like it gets worse. Out of one hole and into another, that's what Rufus always said. Only three options left; I kill Seifer, Cloud kills Seifer, or we both die. I'll take any but the latter.

A firm grip latches onto the shirt and snatches me to my feet. My storm-cloud orbs clash with the arctic terrain. "What do you want Seifer?"

"Your helpless body with my hands around your neck."

I quirk an eyebrow in mock curiosity, "Really? Well why don't you just go and talk to a wall then?" I'm flung back onto the bed and I bounce back up ever-so-slightly. "Do you treat all your enemies this way? Or is it just me?"

"You should learn to keep that mouth in check Squall. It might just get you killed. No wonder you got chosen, all the other boys had families huh?"

I stiffen but refuse to let him get anymore rise out of me, "What did you say to Cloud?"

Seifer chuckles bitterly, "That pathetic man has a weakness more human than what we are. Monsters aren't meant to love and no one can change that." He leans in close enough so that I can smell the hint of wine on his breathe, "Not even you. It's either him or me that gets to live and that's not up to you either."

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