Final Fantasy - All Series Fan Fiction ❯ My Sanctuary ❯ Moonlight ( Chapter 9 )

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My Sanctuary
Chapter 9: Moonlight

Dressing in my well known attire of a Savior I attach my Gunblade to my belt and pace the entry room while Vincent is up stairs guarding Cloud. Heaving a deep sigh I feel a foreboding chill settle into my bones as the clock strikes seven at night. As the final chime resounds on the equally cold stone walls a shrill scream reaches my ears.

On mere instinct I follow the repetitive sound until finally it ceases. However, I've found the location and the worst site imaginable. A gloved hand is clamped over Aerith's mouth while a dagger is held to her throat. Her captive is someone I dare not lay a hand on. I'm not that vile of a person. I've only killed one person in my life. Instead I go for option two, pleading.

"Come on, you don't want to do this. You don't have to do what he says, Fuujin."


"Why in the world would you risk your own life to support a cause that is doomed to fail?"

Her eyes trace along the patterns engrained into the kitchen tile. "You're...right."

At least one of them got the brains out of the family.

Vincent skids into the room with a pile of guards and Cloud behind him. Fuujin drops the knife to the floor. Noticing right away the situation at hand Vincent motions for a guard to arrest Fuujin while Aerith runs straight into Cloud's arms. However, I turn to Vincent, "She was put up to it."

"It doesn't matter...she'll never be able to come back here. Not while Cloud and you are still here."

Aerith smiles at me as I walk over to them. "Thank you Squall. I'm in your debt!"

Vincent waves idle servants away and I hurry after him. Cloud appears by my side, "We need to find Seifer."

"You need to go out there and give that announcement. I'll be up there shortly I need to check on something. You three hurry there now."

Before any of us can interject, he's gone. Turning to Cloud I lead nod solemnly. The blond sighs and begins to lead us to the platform just outside the castle walls. Apparently the one that I was supposed to die on.

Even though it is last minute, the town has taken great heed in the emergency word. Probably every citizen stands in the crowd awaiting for Cloud to speak. Despite everything Cloud shows no anxiety, only pure resolve.

Standing in the center atop the great wooden structure it turns silent as they spot the three of us together. Taking a deep breath Cloud glances around before beginning.

"My people I'm sorry to have put all this destruction upon you. I cherish each and every life that is here to witness this and even those that are not. I realize that you all think I'm so evil, dark, and demented Dark Angel. I'm here to reveal to you the truth since that it what you all so rightfully deserve."

Cloud shrugs off his jacket and hands it to me. Before everyone's eyes blinding white wings sprout from and unfurl around him. Smiling to myself I move around him so that I stand in front of his wings while Aerith does not. Eyeing her I notice a bittersweet smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

The people don't utter a sound.

"I am not Sephiroth's next in line. In fact I was born to destroy him...alongside that of the Savior. Today I pledge to kill the remaining Dark Angel. No one knows him, for he has been in hiding till the time when I was supposed to die. Nonetheless I will kill Seifer and rid everyone from this hell!"

Smirking at the crowd I manage to spot Zell, Reno, and Rufus in the far back frantically making their way forward.

They're coming to be with us.

Reno looks to the sky behind us then back to us and I realize what's happening.

We won't live if we don't move.

As if he can sense what is about to happen, Cloud's wings drape over me as I'm pulled to his chest. He holds me close as we seem to lift off the earth and into the air. "Hold on tight." I wrap my around his waist as he holds onto mine. Feathers unfurl to behold a tragic sight.

Screaming and scampering people as if they were on fire.

Except for three.

Leaping up onto the stage, Reno, Rufus, and Zell draw their weapons and poise them to kill. The edge of a sword presses up against Aerith's slim neck as she's held hostage by Seifer himself. Raijin grin manically beside the psychotic blond as they threaten her life.

With nothing else to do Cloud lowers us in the middle of the quarrel.

"Ah I see you threw me under the bus, Cloud."

"You deserve it more than anyone here...What do you want?"

"I'm willing to trade. One Guardian Angel for another."

Emerald orbs plead with us although she says nothing.

She doesn't want us to do it. After losing Zack I'm sure losing her only son could only worsen the blow. However, either way one looks at it there will be a loss. Maybe I can make it on the other side and not ours.

Wings vanish and Cloud willingly nods and Aerith is shoved towards Rufus. Just as Cloud is in reach of Seifer's slimy grasp, Raijin reveals a revolver and pulls the trigger without a second thought.

Rufus kneels to catch the bleeding body of the female angel. Shocked to a point of complete hatred Cloud spins to strike at Seifer but is hit first.

As my love crumples into Seifer's arms I dash forward and release my Gunblade from its slumber. Angling it south then north I manage to slice his arm that supports Cloud. Thankfully his unconscious frame lands unharmed on the wood.

Seifer's own blade unexpectedly clashes with my own and it tumbles away from me. A vise like grip captures my wrist and yanks me into his hard torso. The hilt of a sword crashes into my skull but I still struggle to get away, refusing to have to be rescued.

Since when does destiny care what I want or think?

Spots of black blot my vision as my feet leave the safety of ground and lift into the sky. An appendage encircles my waist tighter as I feel my head fall back, it being an illusion of becoming to heavy for my neck to possibly support. The blood rushes to my head making me dizzy...or maybe it's because I'm flying through the air...but I can't take the pain and I close my eyes to rest.