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My Sanctuary
Chapter 10: Free Me

Opening my eyes, I’m granted with a migraine that will not be pushed away. The darkness grants me the peace of no blazing lights worsening the ache. Testing my boundaries I move each of my limbs to find out that I could walk if I wanted to. I let my legs fall over the side of the bed and attempt to stand.

My knees buckle and I collapse onto the flooring which seems to be wooden.

Nice going Squall, perfect way to take in your surroundings!

The creaking of a door draws my attention and I decide to climb back onto the bed. Exhausted still I take a deep breath as I lie on my back. The lamps hanging from the ceiling shine brilliantly and I have to reduce to looking through slits so that I can see.

Seifer laughs as he towers over the bedside. “Looks like that potion Fu mixed up was too much for a human. She told me that only those blasted Guardians should take it…but why waste it.” The blond takes a seat next to me. “I hope you’re ready to watch Cloud die. I’m sure he’ll come rushing for you.”

I intended to growl at him but it comes out a groan, so I roll onto my side so that I don’t have to look at him. “Once he’s dead I’m sure you’ll come around or else.”

Why the hell has it always got to be “blah or else” why not something more responsive?

Fingers dig into my shoulder as he pulls me back and lifts me up ever so slightly. His rough lips crash into my reluctant ones. Too weak to do anything, he pries his tongue between my lips. I hold the metallic taste of blood in my mouth as I fall backward while he yanks himself away.

“You may still have some bite in you, but not for long. I hope you like the new attire I picked out for you; the others had blood all over them.” The door slams shut and I spit the blood from his tongue over the edge of the bed.

Horrified I scan over the tight leather pants and equally close fitting navy shirt with very short sleeves.

That lunatic better not have or I’ll kill him!


The next few days pass with the drifting moments of sleep. Every once in awhile, I would awake to find Seifer watching me…I find it creepy yet comforting as well. He’s yet to return today and I suppose I’m slightly worried.

What’s even more troubling is that Cloud has yet to come. I don’t like being rescued like some damsel in distress but this is ridiculous now. I’ve been in here for three days now and nothing?

The distressed look on the Dark Angel’s face as he enters gives me no clues to what is happening out in the world. “Why am I so tired, Seifer?”

Blue eyes barely bother to look at me, “Because of the potion I gave you.”


“And you’re going to die if I don’t give you the antidote in the next four hours.”

I correct myself…this is far more troubling.

A couple of effortless strides and he’s leaning over the bed. A small devilish smile creeps up onto his countenance. Pushing back strands of chocolate hair from my eyes, he traces his fingertip along my jawbone.
”Better get started before Raijin leads them back here.”

My eyes widen at the thought and I struggle internally to force my appendages to move…but they don’t…and I’m screwed…literally.

Seifer sits on my legs, “I’ll make sure you stay awake for this.”

Staring up into his cold icy eyes I do whatever I can do block him from my mind.


Satisified I suspect that he'll leave me and go bother himself with Cloud. Instead he places a gentle kiss on my lips and heaves me up into his arms. I'm carried into the next room where a tub of water awaits. Seifer sets me into it and runs his fingers through my hair. "I'll be back in a few minutes."

Leaning against it I can't help but feel the tears stinging my eyes. Lifting my hands above the water I stare at them.

How could I let this happen? Am I so pathetic that I can't stop him...or is it because I wanted it? No...I'm sure I didn't-don't. I'm a liability compared to the others...all because Cloud's loves me. I'll just have to make it where he doesn't.

I feel like a child as Seifer helps me out and gets me dressed in the same attire. As he finishes tying the laces of the combat boots he stands and gazes down at me. Meeting his eyes I take a deep breath. "...Seifer...?"

"Yes Squall?"

"I want to stay with you."

"Is that so?"


I want to gag on the words but I hold my chin steady so that as he cups it he doesn't feel the trembling that I want to let pass through my body. I hate this. But it'll make it easier for Cloud.

"Prove it to me...You are suppose to be the one to kill me."

Working up all the strength I can, I lift my arms around him and yank him down on top of me as I lie on the bed. Pushing my face upward I crash our lips together. Licking his bottom lip he opens his mouth. Getting tired again, I fall away. Smirking down at me he pecks my lips, "I believe you and the second I leave Cloud for dead...I'll free you from the poison."