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Titania with the others looking on as Cosmo keeps giving her a cold stare “Cosmo this is no time to be rude!” Scoffed Molly “look something just isn’t right I just have that feeling.” She said in her defense Thunder now practicing with a bow Rolf joins him.

“So how was it back in your world?” He asked. “Not much just using an axe to stop a purse snatcher wont get you praised much”

Sora Goofy and Donald were bust tending to the guest’s “so Sonic what really brought you here” “Well we got word that this place was in danger so me and my buddy’s decided to come.”

Shadow gave him look “don’t expect me and Thunder to play bodyguards!” as he cocked his gun.

Molly gave a look as Ashley did too “so your saying that you fight the heartless all the time right tell me about the other worlds.”

“Well they take you to different areas one has gorillas in it” Sora said Lunar’s eyes lit up as a huge snarl grew on his face as did Tails.

Would you excuse us said Lunar as he grabbed Tails.

“Where are you of to?” said Ashley “were going to sell crack to blind kids” said Tails as Ashley smacked him upside the head.

They take off Ashley that wasn’t very nice said Shadow Molly countered “so your saying selling crack to blind kids is a good thing?”

Shadow had a sweat bead drop down “well um yes is a good thing.”

Molly smacked him upside the head.

Meanwhile Amadeus was out looking for Annabeth when he was jumped by a series of heartless “oh fuck!” he draws his axe and starts swinging violently of course he had very little training and was a bit of a klutz.

"Should I use my power, or continue the fight" Amadeus decided a vast tract of action and summoned the power of the thunder stone in the axe transforming it in a thunder axe “just bring it jabronies” he said being cocky as he fought them, off with ease after they were destroyed.

“Ha-haah ha!” his body started glowing hey I feel stronger now

He now became a clavier of course he sees a shadow of some one next to a tree she is sobbing he quickly enters the sewer for some reason it doesn’t smell and the water is clean he turns on his radar to find it’s just water.

So he swims, after a few min "hey wait a min" he summons up his powers and a huge wave of ice come and he glides on it. Like Ice Man.

“Try and do that Hulk Hogan!” he gets off and approaches a young hedge-cat, she is pretty cute she sitting down her face buried in her knees her legs opened her pink panties showing Amadeus approaches figuring whether or not to go blind or see what’s the matter.

He gets close to her and sits next to her “hey what wrong?” He puts his hand on her shoulder as a faint amount of steam comes off “nothing, like it matters I came here but it was useless.” She looked at him at his brown eyes that were a mixture of both serious and caring.

“Why am I not burning you?” she stopped crying for a min as Amadeus wiped away the tears “what is your power anyway?” Amadeus stands up “Fox Wind! Wolf Fang Thunder! Fox Ice Beam!” He cast all 3 at once. As he held out his hand he lifted her up as started to fly.

“Um I’m wearing a dress people will look” she said blushing he quickly lands she was still hovering. “Motherfucker! You can fly!” “You think that strange don’t you?” she said as tears left her eyes. “Look if I offended you I’m sorry, my name is Amadeus what’s yours” “ A-Annabeth The Hedge-Cat.” Amadeus took off the physic and fire necklace and put it on her neck kissing her cheek “you need not to cry anymore I’m here.”

Nothing happened her powers were in check and she could be a normal girl.

“Thank you for everything you the closet thing to a friend I ever had” tears left her eyes this time tears of happiness.

They embrace. As they leave hand in hand. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

On the other side of town Claudius and Pyro were training as he got stronger. He became a Clavier as well.

C.T. Violet and Miles checking out various areas on the farther side as a large dog like person appears Pete “well, well looks like Sora got some pity back up hehehe” “Pete just walk away and you won’t get hurt” said C.T. Pete stood his ground “Miles Violet now!” Violet homing attacks him Miles swings his sword knocking him down as he runs off holding his pants up “this isn’t over” he screams “next time my sword is going in your ass!” shouted Miles as they teleport back.

Silver looking on, Blaze with him as Amadeus walking hand in hand with Annabeth.

C.T. ,Violet, and Miles appear. "damn monsters we took car of them" said Miles "well I'm Miles, this is Violet, and Crazy One." "welcome I'm Sora, This is Donald and Goofy. Sora stated. of course Miles saw Titania he gave her a nod as in 'wait a min' she was over come with joy but held it in but when Rolf saw him he bum rushed him.

"you bastard!!!" Rolf screamed as he had Miles on the ground "gee how did I piss him off" said Miles "you and that damn play made me into a laughing stock!" Cosmo was about to break it up but Thunder stopped her "let it be he" said Rolf fell off shocked his light green hair now in an afro do to the static.

look I said I was sorry it's not like told everyone you still wet the bed. Pyro and Claudius look at each other as Rolf gets a dark stain in his pants! Lunar can't help but let it pass as everyone starts laughing at him. as he looks down Mist quick to defend him draws the 'Dildo Blade' "why you want to start this huh!" she said about to swing at Pyro. "Bitch shut the fuck up" Pyro knocked the blade from her hand and was about to slap her bu Claudius swung his tail wrapping it around Pyro's hand no not cool you don't hit women and talk shit un less provoked!"

Pyro looked almost hurt as Claudius let him go "I'm sorry but I thought she was going to attack us." Pyro said "Pffft! defending that runt ha he's a 'big boy' and doesn't really need that." Miles said. making Rolf cry "Miles that enough!" scoffed Titania.

"this is getting good" said Lunar of course during all the commotion Silver didn't even see his own daughter of course seign her hold Amadeus's hand made him kinds snap.

"Annabeth where the hell you been we were worried sick about you and you go taking off with some boy!!!"

"Like you really care about me you were never around! You were always saving the world and you almost never had time for me!"

Lunar turned on his radar "this isn't good" he said.

how dare you talk to me like that Silver was about to slap her but Amadeus caught his hand in his tail "she's right in the little time I've know her I know more about her than you did in her entire life!" Amadeus said as Silver used his physicokinesis Amadeus quickly turned clear as he became one with the wind and everyone know you can't lift the wind but you can trap it. As Silver tried to catch Amadeus, and he couldn't since he made himself one with the wind. Amadeus just kept slapping Silver back on forth as everyone looked on. Silver eventually got tired and collapsed "" were his last words. as Blaze saw Amadeus. turn back to normal "forgive my husband I do thank you for taking care of my daughter" as she kissed his cheek turning him red. Lunar with a smile on his face.

well I say we split up into groups we could do more easer that way.

"Miles, Sora your the captains choose wisely" Lunar said.

Blue=Sora Green=Miles

"Sora you go first." "ok Goofy!" "ok I choose Cosmo!" "Donald!" "Tails" "Devdan" "Titania" "Mia" "Thunder" "Rolf" "Violet"

"Shinon" "Marcia" "Mist" "Gatrie" "Haar" "Jill" "Soren" "Reyson" they finished leaving Amadeus, Claudius, Annabeth, Lunar, Sonic Shadow, Violet, Molly, and C.T.

"Well that's that" said Lunar "Tails you come with me it's just th 2 of us."

"Amadeus, Claudius you take Annabeth and Pyro, Ashley your in charge."

"Molly C.T. you go with Silver and Blaze alongside Sonic, Shadow, and Violet and try not to do anything stupid. well be back Lunar and Tails fuse together. and leave.

"well 3 teams lets wait till my dad returns" said Miles everyone agrees.

well where do you think they went off to *Cough* to sell crack to blind kids *Cough*