Fire Emblem Fan Fiction / Kingdom Hearts Fan Fiction / Sonic Series Fan Fiction ❯ A New World ❯ A new Hero ( Chapter 24 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
C.T. and Randy discussing who to take C.T's place since that gamble is too high as Lunar appears along side Princess Alural and Prince Reyson.

"Well I say we use Tony besides he can kick ass with out powers." "but Sean can pilot a Gundam." randy said in defense as Goldust nodded his head. Lunar just watched them argue.

as He-man and the entire cast of masters of the universe appeared with some top notch lawyers.

"there he is that's the bastard that stole my copyright line!!!" he said pointing at Lunar "oh fuck" Lunar said looking shocked and dumb "get him!!" Lunar quickly runs like hell as they chase him. a few mins later there fleeing as Diablon appears "you want some come on bring it!" He-Man and co flee from the giant robot.

Lunar jumped out of Diablon in powered form "what?" Lunar said looking dumb Randy just nods his head Goldust follows.

"Look were using Tony that's that and if I have to grow old so be it!" Lunar has a huge grin on his face "don't do anything stupid" he said.

C.T. removes his Chaos Emerald "we really need a new quote 'you can never do this Hulk Hogan!' Chaos Control!" Randy just nods his head "he's got problems" Randy stated "yeah, well we need some one crazy on this mission" said Lunar.

Later on C.T. appear with a Puerto Rican guy brown skin wavy brown hair hazel eyes in all black with his nose pierced and his right ear as well man this is bullshit, you fucking round with the fairy godmother Randy coming back after being stupid ya heard me." he said "Tony look you are now in charge here use thins he hands him the Chaos Morpher just press these buttons and you'll get my powers besides you owe me for getting the Wolf/Fox alliance to support you attacking Diddy."

"Oh my fucking God you still on that? That was 6 months ago!" Lunar now laughing "what the fuck are you laughing at?" Tony barked Lunar snarled at him Never mind he said.

(Flash back 6 month ago)

P. Diddy is at the awards about to tell everybody who won "ok the winer for best underground mix tape goes to Crazy Thomas and his click for the hit single Hilary Duff's Mom Can Suck My D**k" as the entire click appears Diddy keeps talking hogging all the spot light "blah blah blah X10" Tony and Molly appear behind the curtains as the Wolf/Fox alliance along side Thunder and Miles appear taking care of Diddy's bodyguards "shhhhhhhh" he said as he sneaks behind Diddy and hits him in the back with a steel chair Puffy falls back in pain as Tony hits him again people cheer and a third time that's for Biggie!!! and another time "that's for pac!! And this is for Ja Rule and me!!!" he keeps beating Puffy with no plans of stopping as various secure and other members of his entourage appear "it's morphing time!!" C.T. becomes powered CT and he fight them off as Diddy is laying there badly hurt and bleeding he and his entire click take out the entourage with ease as Shadow from the click appears "I just want to thank Jesus and my family both of them pace out."

Everybody leaves well they run like hell Thunder and Miles are busy keeping the other body guards in check. "and I thought 50 cent was hard" said Thunder "Pfffft his car is bullet proof not blessed by the goddess." Miles said.

(end flash back)

"yep that was fucking fun beating his punk ass with a steel chair" Tony said smiling.

well test out the morpher Tony does and now wears the same uniform as C.T. with blond hair and no pupils as he hovers above them "hey this is nice" he said "snap your fingers" said Randy he does and a mirror appears in his hand "WHAT THE FUCK!!!" Tony quickly lowers himself "power down!" he returns to normal "blond hair? you gave em fucking blond hair!" Tony barked

"don't bitch at us bitch at the goddess who gave me that power!" C.T. countered

"damn your gay" Tony stated "you wish I was gay, hell I wish I was gay!" C.T. said

Randy just nods his head "you got problems" Goldust also nods his head in a slow 'yes' fashion.

All of a sudden a flash of light appears and as Thunder, Marcia, Miles and Titania appear.

"and that's when I told the counsel general to kiss my ass!!" Thunder said as everybody laughed Lunar annoyed grabs him by the scruff "you little liar I was the one who said that." Thunder now looked shocked "L-Lunar your whole again!" Thunder was in total shick as Lunar dropped him Thunder just looked stupid. as Miles helped him up "well Sora isn't coming back anytime soon he's a little sore we won the cup cup." Thunder said as Marcia hugged him...

Randy just nodded his head as Tony powered up again and stated hovering above them

"Chaos Blast!" he shot a blast of energy from his hand as a flying heartless fell out of the sky "hey not bad" Tony said as his fists were glowing red "you wish they were pink huh?" C.T. said "hehehe faggot!" he countered.

"well were set" said Randy as C.T. removes a 9mm and cocks it "with heat like this I don't need fists" C.T. said Tony nods his head "well you 2 have fun I am staying behind" Lunar said "why?" asked Tony "because if they attack we'll be ready." Randy jumps in the air Goldust jumps on his back in sexual manner "and you say I'm gay" C.T. said as they fly off.

Marcia wraps her arm around Thunder who quickly pushes it off .

Lunar just stands there with his arms crossed....

Meanwhile Tony and Randy flying around blasting heartless left and right land.

"Well this is nice" Tony said "well we needed this power to fight crime and have 'magical adventures' " Randy said "don't even think about prancing!" Goldust said.

As Xemnas appears with a series of nobodies "is this the guy?" oh yes it's him said randy as they prepare to fight "you will never forget the name of ssssssss Gold Dust!" Goldust said as they battle him it gets harder as various nobodies appear "Chaos Control!" Tony quickly locks them in a vortex Xemnas quickly falls back "this isn't over not by far!"

"well this is over now what?" said Tony "wait and see, he'll be back" said Randy "and then what?" "were in the fight of our lifetimes" said Randy as Goldust nods his head.

"well I better not get killed I have wife and kids to take care of" said Tony "what about me I got... Goldust to take care of." let neither of us get killed then as they take off.

a young girl ina short pink dress appears (Kairi) "excuse me I am looking for someone have you seen him?" they all look at her "who are you looking for?" asked Tony "Sora I know he's here....." she said dwell I'm tony this is Randy and Randy's bitch Goldust." Tony said pointing around "Hey I'm his lover not his bitch!" Goldust scoffed.

"well I'm Kairi can I join you I can help" she said I guess but I'm the only one straight here but I'm married" Tony said as theya ll leave together.