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Chapter 6

Thundering Chaos

Name of god



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1 week after Naota's Dream

At about three o'clock in the afternoon on a sunny day along side the DiaconV Bakery a familiar lady was playing a new hand held video game. "Oh no Mamimi," said a voice from the doorway. Naota was watching her with a very nervous look on his face, "Tell me you are not going become addicted to this game like you did with Fire Starter."

"Huh," Mamimi said after pausing her game. "Oh, hi Takun" she said starting the game again. "Don't worry I have changed you know." Naota looked unconvinced, (Well I don't know if it was for the better yet do I.) "You say something Takun" she said absent mindedly. "No nother at all," he answered.

`Oh Well I guess it wouldn't hurt to find out what it's about' Naota thought. "So what is the name of this game Mamimi?" he said. Mamimi smiled as she explained the game. "The game is Thunder Chaos. The god character in this game is Lord Dia-oki. What you have to do is go around recruiting men and buy weapons then send them on all out assaults against enemy force. And all hell breaks loose."

Hopefully you've heard of a hand held system known as the N-Gage well Mamimi is playing a system like that.

Mamimi goes on to explain the rest of the game. Which is irrelevant to the story. Naota asks Mamimi "So did you need any thing or did you just feel like coming over to the bakery." She answer with a familiar line "I felt like it"

"Holy cow it is already five o'clock," Naota said looking at his watch amazed at how much time had past. "Hey Mamimi would you like to stay for dinner?" Naota asked. "Sure thing Takun just let me.. finsh off.. these stupid.. Wacarziens."

"So what are we having?" She asked putting her game in coat pocket, which was almost identical to the one she had back on earth. Haruko decided to chime in on their conversation "We are having Qiygs" Kind of like spaghetti, Hard shelled tacos, and pizza all rolled into one.

They finished dinner at about six thirty-five. And Naota went out of the dining room stoped in the middle of the hallway to say goodbye to Mamimi. I don't know why but Naota is always first to leave the dining room. Naota went to his room got some clothes and went to the wash room.

He took his shower got dressed for bed and opened the door to his room.

Haruko was getting dressed as Naota walked In And he froze at what he saw. He was basically staring off into space as she kissed him on the forehead. Next she turn off the lights. Then laid on the bed and fell asleep.

Naota came to at about eleven-fifteen at night and rubbed where haruko kissed him. All of sudden he was wide awake <Oh no It's another horn!> he said in a silent yell. He poked at Haruko's shoulder saying <Haruko… Haruko…> She woke up and said while yawning "what wrong Takun." He then asked her not looking at her "While I was out of it did you hit me with a guitar?" She looked puzzled by this question. "No, why?"

Naota turn on the lights turned to Haruko and pointed to his forehead saying "This is why!" "Hurry" Haruko said The Flying-V and the Rickenbacker. Naota getting the point and following. They ran to the back door jumped on their Vespa Haruko Saying follow me I know where to go. They sped off toward the Medical Mechanica Plant. Which at that time was lighting up and had sirens going off. They reached a clearing with no building facing them. That was lucky for Naota who sudden notice the horn getting larger signifying that a robot or something was about to come out. Suddenly Mamimi was on the scene, Ready with her camera to take pictures of the incident.

Then the Robot appeared. Haruko and Mamimi were shocked the robot that was comin out seemed like an upgraded version of Canti. It looked more muscular if you will. But instead of bluish green or red, This robot was metallic silver. Naota got loose of it. Haruko just then jumped into the air ready to strike it with the Rickenbacker when Naota Yelled "Haruko NO!" She was wondering why he said that then she got shot a sound wave. Mamimi looked in awe at silvery robot saying "Hail O God of the Great Traveling Thunder" Lord Dia-oki. "I will take it down" Naota said jump toward the MM robot. forgetting about the sound wave, and be thrown towards Haruko. "Hey Takun how about a duet", Haruko said looking at Naota. "You got it." They Sprited toward the robot at the same speed jumped into air and in unison yelled "CHANCE" They struck the robot with such force that it like Canti had the back of it's head basically short circuited. The TV that was it's head had a heart on it for a second then it followed them back to the bakery. "Oi make yourself useful and get me a pulpy drink. Takun would you like some thing to drink." Haruko said

As they saw a 7 Fourteen An advanced 7 Eleven "Just make sure it's not sour" Naota said. "Lord Dia-oki Wait for me" Mamimi running after the robot. "Don't tell me another video game" Haruko said watching Mamimi run off. "yep" Was all Naota needed to say.

Five minutes later Haruko said familiar line "Eck, I told you to get the kind with the pulp." Gagging Naota said "I told you I didn't want the sour kind. Haruko sighed, as it walked back to the 7-Fourteen saying "Why do they always send the useless ones first?"

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Naota: AHH! Mamimi

Mamimi: What is wrong Takun

Naota: um? Have you looked in a mirrior recently?

Mamimi: No why

Naota: Um you have a horn.

Mamimi: WHAT!?

Naota: Next on FLCL Chapter 7

Mamim'si 330 Rickenbacker

And Her Unknown Abilities

Mamimi: I haven't just been taking pictures since I left Mabase Takun.

Haruko And Naota: Huh?