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Memories of Spring
In Dreams
“Hell no!” Kyo cried out as he dragged Momiji from a fancy men's apparel store.
“Oh, PLEASE?! PRETTY, PRETTY, PRETTY, PREEETTTYYY PLEASE?!” begged Momiji as he pulled the cat in the other direction.
“You should have just gone home if you were going to be a pain! We're here to help Tohru buy a present for the damn nezumi, not shop at some fancy suit place. Stupid rat probably doesn't even own a suit,” remarked Kyo irritably while continuing to follow Tohru and her friends.
“It's okay, Kyo-kun,” Tohru replied over her shoulder with Uo and Hana on either side of her. “If Momiji-kun wants to go to the men's apparel store, we can stop by there for a little bit while he shops. Maybe I'll find something else that Yuki-kun might like.”
“Yeah, Orangey, what's the rush? Do you have a date to get to?” Uo asked slyly.
Blushing red, Kyo retorted, “Shut up, Yankee!”
“Awww, Kyo's blushing!” teased Momiji with glee.
“Argghhh, why didn't you just cut school like Haru did, baka usagi?!” Kyo griped while being pulled into the store by Momiji. It seems that over the last month or so, Momiji had gone through a growth spurt and along with that, had gained a very strong grip.
Once inside the store, Momiji breathed in deeply, relishing the moment. “Aahh, can't you smell it?”
“Yeah, the musty smell is something to die for,” replied Kyo sarcastically.
“Quit your whining, Orange-top. What do you think of the store, Tohru?” asked Uo as she glanced at Tohru and Hana by the tie section.
“It's amazing! I've never been here before…there are so many suits of different types and colors. They are all very becoming. How do you like the store, Momiji-kun? Does it have what you like?” asked Tohru with a wide smile.
“Oh yes, thank you so much for letting me come here! Look over there…they have a beautiful suit on display. I was hoping to get a new one so that I could wear it at my anniversary dinner with Momo,” remarked Momiji happily.
“What anniversary is that, Momiji-kun?” asked Tohru as she joined Momiji at the display, admiring the suit as well.
“We're soon celebrating our one year anniversary since Papa has allowed us to hang out with each other! Papa is going to take us to the arts district downtown and hang out with us, and then afterward we'll be going to a play at the theatre there. It's going to be awesome!” Momiji exclaimed excitedly.
Tohru knew that ever since Momiji and his sister Momo had been allowed to interact with each other as siblings should (his father finally approved—mother still kept in the dark as always), they'd been spending as much time as they could in each others company. Since they both liked to play the violin, they had often played with each other when the opportunity presented itself. Tohru even had the pleasure of hearing them play their violins together.
“That sounds like so much fun, Momiji-kun! I'm so happy for you—it's amazing that a year has already passed by us,” remarked Tohru.
“Yep, time flies! That's why I hope her gift (`a new violin' he whispered) that I placed on order months ago arrives in time for it. Papa is looking forward to seeing which one I picked out for her,” replied Momiji in anticipation. He then remarked, “I was hoping to wear a brand new suit to mark this big occasion, but sad to say I'm not all that great with picking one out.”
“Well, let's help you find the right one then, okay?” suggested Tohru.
“Iie, I couldn't bother you with that. We're supposed to be shopping for Yuki's present today…” replied Momiji as he started to refuse her help.
“It's all right with me. I don't mind…I want to help you get the right suit for your anniversary dinner with your sister and father,” remarked Tohru with a wide grin. “We can even count on Uo-chan's and Hana-chan's help on this, right?”
“Sure thing, Tohru. We'll have Mr. Bubbly here looking spiffy in a new suit, right Hanajima?” Uo responded with determination.
“Of course,” replied Hana rather distractedly as she eyed Kyo over in the corner carefully. `How very strange…why is that?'
As they continued helping Momiji shop, Kyo was lost in his surroundings as he took note of all the different displays. He mumbled in boredom while running his fingers across different sport coats, trying in vain to look interested.
`Damn, I was hoping to sneak in some training time today. Now I'm stuck in some store because of the rabbit. And we still need to look for a present for that damn rat,' thought Kyo in exasperation. He then ran his hand through his hair and thought with a growl, `Baka nezumi…always giving me grief. Dammit, why the hell am I even doing this?'
Sudden laughter from a particular person brought him out of his mood, and he glanced her way briefly. Kyo felt his tense muscles relax as he gazed at Tohru with a wistful air, knowing the answer to his question was right before him. Sighing in defeat, he continued looking at the various racks with other items he knew nothing about. He breathed in deeply several times before he realized that he suddenly smelled a familiar floral scent.
Whipping around, he saw that a field of blooming blossoms replaced the racks of displays. He saw further up ahead the familiar tree he was accustomed to seeing in these episodes.
`Dammit, not again! This is getting to be a big pain in my…' was Kyo's trailing thoughts when he caught a glimpse of her in the outfit she always wore, just standing much further ahead. Sighing in frustration, he ran up to her, bent on demanding why this kept happening even when he was wide-awake.
`Where the hell did that Koko thing run off to?' wondered Kyo warily, personally hoping it wasn't around. Upon reaching her, he was about to voice this thought out loud when he noted that she had a more subdued expression gracing her face instead of her usual carefree smile. She then looked up to him, finally realizing that he was staring at her with a concerned look. Trying to assuage his fears, she beamed him a soft smile and gently brushed his bangs from his face.
“Gomen nasai for being such a bother to you. You must be so irritated with having to meet me here,” she replied softly. “I was actually afraid you wouldn't come back…not that I'd blame you.”
`Dreams can never hurt you…your inner mind is speaking to you…no harm,' were some of the thoughts running through Kyo's mind at the moment. He latched onto these words, hoping that there was some truth to it. He nervously smiled, still amazed at how this beautiful person before him is capable of rendering him helpless.
`That's probably why I'm afraid of being around her in this dream. To be so helpless and exposed to her…but why only here? Why not out there?' thought Kyo pensively. Clearing his throat, he remarked, “You're no bother to me. I'm just confused, I guess. It's not everyday you get pulled away from where you were to be here.”
Laughing lightly and offering him a wider smile, she merrily replied, “I know exactly what you mean. It is pretty strange. Then again, life in general is pretty strange—anything `normal' would be considered `abnormal'. Confused yet?”
“Yes…and no. It makes sense the way you say it. Just don't ask me to explain it, okay?” replied Kyo.
With her smile still in place, she bowed low and remarked, “As you wish, so it shall be done. Permission to ask a question, good sir.”
Liking how she is playacting, he smiled and followed along with her choice of entertainment. With a wave to her in full aristocratic mode, he flippantly remarked, “Be quick about it. My time is very limited.”
She then stood back up from her lowly position and had the widest grin on her face. “Arigatou. I only wished to ask what was vexing you moments ago. My good sir was rather annoyed over a different matter altogether, ne?”
`She sure doesn't miss anything. She can read me as well as I can read her.' With a heavy sigh, he remarked, “Nothing really. Just wishing I didn't have to help with getting a stupid present for an idiot. It really bugs the hell out of me.”
(Gasp) Realizing whom he was just speaking to, Kyo tried to backtrack his remarks, unfortunately for him, rather unsuccessfully. “Tohru, I'm sorry. I didn't mean that I didn't like going shopping with you no matter how boring it is… I mean, it's not that boring anyway… Okay, not boring in the sense of being bad boring but more like good boring…”
“You know you're just dying here, right?” she remarked while she struggled to contain her laughter.
“Fine. I never could express myself right anyway,” pouted Kyo to himself as he stared out at the vast field of blossoms.
“Gomen,” she replied softly, laying a hand on his arm in order to soothe away the frown on his face. “I didn't mean to upset you. That's been happening quite a bit, ne? I understand you perfectly—you explained it well the first time around. Being kind to those one doesn't trust can prove to be difficult.”
“I trust you,” Kyo replied eagerly when he looked at her squarely in the eyes.
She regarded him before replying, “I wasn't talking about me. What's strange in your case is that you do trust the `idiot' as you so eloquently put it. I could see it in your eyes the moment you mentioned it. Trust is there yet you hold back…hence why showing a kind gesture is proving more difficult for you.” Eyeing him carefully, she asked with slight uncertainty gracing her features, “Why do you hold back? You trust me, but you won't allow yourself to consciously trust him…why is that?”
Kyo could only stare back in utter shock with mouth agape. A million ideas raced through his head, and he was having trouble just forming one coherent thought. As much as he tried to think of an answer to her seemingly innocent questions, he couldn't form the words in his mouth. But one thing was for certain…she managed to bring up the one issue he'd been trying to avoid facing for a long time now.
For good reason, too…the topic always made him angry, defensive. He couldn't help feeling that way even when she's there. Crossly, Kyo thought, `After everything, me trust the rat? What the HELL has HE done to DESERVE it? Because he's the RAT, he gets the pampered life and acceptance in the family. I LOST EVERYTHING, and I've LIVED through HELL, all BECAUSE of HIM. She has to be wrong…I DON'T trust that DAMN NEZUMI! I never have and I never will.'
With a clenched jaw, he tightly responded with his voice rising towards the end, “I don't trust that THING! Why the hell would I? He's been nothing but a dirty, heartless liar the moment I laid eyes on him! The very THOUGHT of him makes me sick to my stomach. Hell, my life would be better off if the DAMN THING just crawled to a corner and DIED!”
Kyo could only stare wide-eyed into her deep, solemn eyes. Her silence was her response to that outburst. Yet her silence alone was deafening.
Strange…after hearing himself say those things, he should have felt satisfied. He'd said it enough times before, and he had even said it to Yuki's face with no problem. However, this time around, it wasn't the same. Realizing what it was that he was feeling, Kyo felt his jaw go slack at the realization.
`Doubt? Why the hell should I doubt what I know is true? I should be damn satisfied to get him out of my hair…he's the reason to all my problems, dammit! I hate him…I HATE HIM!' were Kyo's thoughts as he glanced back to where the tree stood tall and firm, branches swaying gently in the breeze. He then gazed back to his companion and noted the subdued expression once again gracing her face. `Is it because of her that I feel this…doubt?'
As if answering the unspoken question, she replied quietly, “I can only point out the facts that can be seen. Whatever you decide for yourself is strictly left up to you.” Tightening her grip on his arm, she gazed at him with concern and remarked, “I trust you, so just promise me that you won't let your insecurities override your better judgment. It will only lead to bitterness and hatred…such heavy burdens to carry. In the end, they consume you and hurt the ones you care for the most. Don't let that come to pass—guilt and regret is all that you'll be left with. You deserve better.”
Kyo once again stood speechless before her, gazing into worried eyes as he contemplated over what she said. It felt good to hear her concerns for him, moreover, he felt at peace knowing how well she understood him. He really couldn't think of a reply to her response, so he merely nodded his head in consent.
As Kyo started to smile to lift the tense mood, the air around them whipped up noticeably. He turned to face the direction of the wind, and he noticed the ominous clouds just over the horizon behind the tree.
“So it begins. There is truth to the adage `ill wind blows',” she remarked apprehensively. (Sighs heavily) “I need to reach them…”
Kyo glanced back upon hearing that cryptic remark, and he saw her face was etched with apprehension and fatigue.
“What's wrong?” asked Kyo anxiously.
She then notably changed her expression and offered a reassuring smile. “I'm sorry. I didn't mean for you to see that…but it'll be all right. Don't worry,” were her assurances as she started to walk towards the darkening horizon. Kyo suddenly reached out and pulled on her arm to keep her from leaving.
“What's going on, Tohru? Tell me,” pleaded Kyo worriedly.
“All will be well, trust me. I'll be fine…I'm actually more worried about you, so please do me a favor and just take it easy. Take your time with helping to buy the present for the `idiot' in your life, okay?” she remarked with a grin. With that she turned back around, and slipped from his grip and ran. Once she got to the tree, she glanced back over her shoulder and called out to Kyo, “Pick the indigo color.”
“What?!” cried out Kyo in utter bewilderment.
Hearing that remark from behind him laced with concern, Kyo turned around and saw Tohru's puzzled expression. He noticed that he was back in front of the racks of displays, and all the others were staring at him. Hana especially had this wide-eyed look on her…as if she just saw something completely out of the ordinary.
Still a little dazed at the sudden change of scenery, he replied distractedly, “Sure, what is it?”
“I was calling out your name several times. I thought there was something wrong,” was Tohru's concerned reply.
“Nope, no problems here. Did you need me for something?” asked Kyo as he tried dispelling the tense atmosphere that was around them.
“It wasn't anything important. I just wanted to know which handkerchief I should go with for Yuki-kun,” asked Tohru nervously while laying out several kinds to choose from.
“Handkerchiefs?” asked Kyo in disbelief.
“Yeah, the store sells some really nice ones, so I suggested it. It's very gentlemanly to have one on you, especially with your own initials on it. Yuki will like it,” replied Momiji with certainty.
“Oh, I don't think I will be able to have it initialized…” remarked Tohru uncertainly.
“Yuki's no gentleman,” remarked Kyo crossly.
“Hmph!” intervened Uo. “Like you'd know anything about being a gentleman! Earth to Kyo—you can stand to learn a few pointers from the Prince about being a gentleman.”
“SHUT UP YANKEE! YOU can pass yourself off to be a MAN the way you push people around!” retorted Kyo heatedly.
“Tohru, I already told you that I'd take care of paying for this gift. You helped me pick out my new suit, so please let me thank you by doing this for you, okay?” pleaded Momiji.
“…Um, okay,” relented Tohru with a smile. Turning back to the dueling opponents (Kyo and Uo, out of respect to being inside a store, decided to stare daggers at each other), she asked Kyo her previous question again. “Kyo-kun, which do you think I should get for Yuki-kun?”
“The indigo is fine,” Kyo absently replied, not letting his guard down in this staring contest.
Tohru, once again with a puzzled look on her face, asked Kyo, “Um, gomen for interrupting again, but I don't have an indigo sample.”
Upon hearing that, Kyo snapped out of his staring and looked at her and the samples she had with her. Sure enough, no indigo ones were to be found.
“Um…well…I thought there was one,” stammered Kyo as he tried to explain himself.
“Oh, look over here Tohru. This catalog has the one he's talking about,” replied Momiji while he showed Tohru a small catalog that was at the counter. Pointing the section out to Tohru, he remarked, “Look…it's the only one, too. Wow, Kyo, I didn't know you've seen this catalog before.”
“Um…yeah, whatever,” remarked Kyo as he tried to look nonchalant about it. `How the hell did that happen?'
“It's beautiful…the pattern, color, everything,” breathed Tohru softly. “I never knew they could be this beautiful. It suits Yuki-kun perfectly.”
“Then it's settled. Clerk, we're ready to make our purchases and put in an order for one handkerchief,” called out Momiji quickly before Tohru had a chance to protest. She could only smile in deep appreciation.
While Uo started up her previous argument with Kyo, Hana stared incredulously at Kyo. She was certain that she didn't just imagine what she had seen…
`Where did those waves come from? And where did they go? Sohma Kyo, what really did happen back there?' thought Hana with perplexity.
Far-reaching thoughts that Kyo himself shared…
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