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Embers of Summer's Glory
Chapter 61: Walking away…
The paths in life
Are not what I thought them to be
How I imagined them to be
Are not what I believed them to be…
He ran. `Like some damn coward.'
His chest hurt. `…hard to breathe. Must have taken a hit from the last match.'
His throat gave a sharp pain. `Catchin' a cold…'
His vision was blurry. `So many people…all around.'
His lower lip trembled. `Can't these damn people stay the hell out of my way?!'
His nose became runny. `Damn tired… I'm so damn tired.'
He broke through the immense crowd pressing on him with curiosity. `Leave me alone!'
Kyo reached the lockers, vacant now with all the participants at the tournament. It was a small grace that at this end of the building no media personnel were allowed.
`…we proudly introduce to you this evening an important member of our distinguished community…'
`Classic kiss-asses…' Ignoring the echo of those words still ringing in his ears, he began stuffing his duffel bag with his personal items. Towels…spare uniforms…bindings…all went right back into the bag in no particular order. His aches were beginning to numb with the repetitive motions of packing.
`…we have come to know this respectable youth who not only represents his honorable family well but who has in turn over this summer taught the young minds of future martial artists…'
`Tch, his honorable ass doesn't know jack shit beyond a first-year. All he taught the runts were stretch exercises and meditation…barely that.' He left out one bath towel and a change of clothes, then taking the articles to a shower stall nearby. He quickly got in and began cleansing himself, taking full advantage of the complimentary cleaning products that were available. Lather after lather…it cleared his mind more as the water washed it all away.
`…join me in giving a warm welcome—'
“Dammit! Son of bi—” He gritted his teeth as he crouched on his heels, his hands soothing a pained foot that had met with a fallen bottle of shampoo. `Damn suds…makes everything so DAMN SLIPPERY.'
`…a warm welcome…'
He swiftly got to his feet, suddenly feeling too chilled to remain in the steamy shower stall. Turning off the water, he stumbled out and furiously dried his hair, intent on driving out that damnable voice from his head. He pulled his hair hard, the pain of doing so distracting him but only a little.
`…welcome to the owner—'
It relieved nothing…not the building ache in his chest, the fuzzy vision, or the pain in his throat. He ruled then that if he ever wanted relief, blindly chucking a bottle of shampoo against a wall was not the way to do it. Taking a deep breath, he quickly dried off and dressed. Ignoring pain was his profession. He was trained by the very best—
`…the owner of the honorable Sohma Martial Arts Dojo and Enterprises—'
“No,” he heatedly bit out, feeling the strain on his teeth as they were clenched tightly along with his eyes and hands. Abruptly he grabbed his towel and swiftly went back to the locker room, jerkily stuffing his bag and zipping it up. He took in deep breaths, waiting for the cool air to seep into his raging blood vessels. But his chest hurt so much…his throat felt like it was squeezed from within… He sniffled a little, then realizing he had just jumped from a hot shower to a cold locker room. Of course his nose would be runny…
`…Sohma Yuki.'
He never realized just how far he had come to being the fool in a game he was never meant to win. It was a simple code he had stuck to in all his years as the infamous Neko of the Jyuunishi…stay well away from even the glimmer of hope and to never, ever, trust. Simple for him to live by as time crawled by…very simple.
Tohru. She is the very embodiment of hope and trust as his existence is the very anti-thesis of it. Good times or bad, she lived her life on hope and trust…freely and without regret while he had made certain to live his life without both. She extended this way of life of hers to those around her, especially to those who had none. He was no exception.
Desperate…hopeless…tired, so very tired. Both he and the spirit of Neko that possessed him were all that for far too long…it would explain why it was so simple to allow such radiant hope and the possibility of trust to invade his old walls that guarded his tattered dreams. Yes, he had dreamed…and despaired all the more for it. And that's why now, when he had told himself repeatedly that he trusted no one and hoped for little else, he realized how he had trusted many and hoped for so much more.
It was a dream he had little hope of attaining because it required insurmountable trust in others. Yet, there was Kazuma and Tohru, pulling him by tooth and nail to dream just a little more, to hope for what could be…to trust without regret. And he did. He had dreamt for so long to be the child in his heart…to follow his father wherever he led him. With Kazuma, it was to a martial arts dojo.
He became a dutiful member of the prestigious dojo and practiced hard…he was very good. He was even better when he could take a class of second and third years and offer advice. Bit by bit he was given more responsibility with the administration of the dojo. It was only a matter time…
A deadline came…and went. Graduation. His dream was becoming reality…his hope bloomed as frail as the flower but it did. It was all coming together so wonderfully as Tohru and Kazuma kept telling him that it would…he trusted them. What he hadn't counted on was that in turn he and his Neko spirit would come to trust Yuki, the infamous Nezumi.
What a fool he was to have attempted to win this game…he was always meant to lose against the Nezumi. And Akito had foreseen it all.
How Kazuma damned any and all journalists and media personnel that kept him from reaching after Kyo. When the public announcement was made, the media were zealous in their efforts to interview him and hear his comments and reaction to the news, clearly excited that such an announcement of such importance was made at the event. He was curt with all his responses to them.
By the time he saw Kyo through the throng, the distraught Neko was well on his way to the lockers at the back of the arena. Leaving Kunimitsu in charge was probably not the most professional action to take at the time, considering how soon the finals were about to start, but he did so with little thought. And after basically ignoring the hubbub around him as he dashed through the crowds, he now found himself here in this ominously silent locker room. Kyo had yet to acknowledge him, standing slumped against a locker with his back to him. The lack of reaction hurt him deeply.
“This… `arrangement' was not to be made publicly, Kyo. It was a private matter between myself, Haji-ojiisan, and—”
“Akito…yeah, so I heard.”
The quiet and calm tone surprised him but he was more confused about Kyo's prior knowledge on this highly confidential matter. He would tread cautiously in choosing his next wording… “Actually we were in discussions with Kureno—”
“—who is `Akito' incarnate.”
The elder Sohma pushed on but with dread heavily beginning to weigh him down. “Negotiations were held privately—”
“I trusted you.”
It was the same. Quiet and calm…his tone never wavered. There was just so much to be said, to be explained. For so long, though, much was kept from the teen but for good reason…very good reason. Yet the teen's three words completely obliterated what shred of hope Kazuma held onto that Kyo would hear him out.
Kazuma had never felt so heartbroken.
“You `trusted' him? Are you so sure?”
Both Sohmas turned to the new voice at the entrance, unaware of another presence. The elderly man walked in with head held high and a hard stare that had his fellow relatives looking away.
“Or are you just wanting to make your father feel as horrible as you do?” continued Master Haji sternly. Receiving only a stiffening of the Neko's spine as his response, he marched on unsympathetically, “Then again…you do have a remarkable talent for lying to yourself. You do enjoy living the lies you believe to be true or want to be true—”
“Haji-ojiisan!” cried out Kazuma in alarm when Kyo's duffel bag was forcefully thrown at the elder Sohma's feet.
“You have NO RIGHT to talk to me about lying. You both LIED to ME! furiously cried out Kyo, his stance rigid as he stood face to face with the elderly Sohma. Turning to Kazuma, he bit out, “Sneaking around talking when you think no one is listening…SOMEONE is ALWAYS LISTENING, SHISHOU! And I heard all I needed to hear…”
“THEN WHAT YOU HEARD WAS WRONG!” fervently retorted the distraught teacher. “However you heard of it, it is not the WHOLE truth—”
Kyo marched off, refusing to listen to anymore explanations. He was far too tired to accept them anymore. Always an explanation for every bad thing in his life… “Well the WHOLE truth was just blasted away out there—”
“That was completely taken out of context, Kyo!” Master Haji dared to grab a hold of the Neko's arm, earning him a deathly glare that he matched. “Keeping certain truths from being revealed is NOT a lie, especially when they were NONE of your concern.”
He wrenched his arm away and held himself back, tremors of fury shaking his body to the core with eyes scrunched tightly. Shakily he reached down to pick up his satchel, softly replying, “You're right. This ain't my concern…none of it is. Not anymore.”
“Please, Kyo, don't leave!” implored Kazuma to the swiftly retreating teen. Hurriedly reaching the teen, he gently grasped him by the shoulder, remarking quietly, “Please…all your hard work was to make it this far. Don't let it go unfinished. This dojo needs YOU as much as you need it.”
The voice that came out of the Neko next was one of pure abhorrence. “Then you can tell the OWNER of the dojo to finish it. And tell them both to die and go straight to hell.”
The hurt…rage…but above all the sincerity of the Neko's words rendered Kazuma speechless, breathless even, as Kyo marched off, very likely to never be seen by them again. The mere thought stirred him from his stupor as he began to chase the teen down when he was suddenly restrained by a withered but strong hand.
“Let him be, Kazuma,” tiredly remarked Master Haji. “He won't listen until he's settled down.”
Anxiously, Kazuma turned on the elder Sohma with great disbelief. “WHY?! What happened, Haji-ojiisan?! This announcement should never have even been made!”
“Please excuse me, Shihan…Master Haji.”
“Tetsuya-kun…you should be with the others by ringside. It's almost time for your match,” stated Master Haji with growing agitation. The young man's abrupt presence could only indicate another problem.
Tetsuya bowed in deference to his elders that were apparently in the midst of an argument. Being his father's privileged son which garnered him ample opportunities to rise above many family members did not give him reason to show disrespect to these particular Sohma gentlemen. And just having seen the teen that both men doted on practically run out of the locker rooms to the arena's back entrance with a certain young lady giving chase gave him great cause for concern.
He now stood with his head raised and his voice urgent. “Sirs…the committee of the tournament had just informed Tomoda-sensei that he needed to retrieve Kyo immediately or else the team is disqualified for failure to—”
Kazuma turned his back on the teens that were frantically looking for Kyo in the locker room and shower room. He couldn't stand it. He just couldn't face the new Sohma head…he only saw his own failure as a father in the presence of the Nezumi.
Master Haji fared better in keeping his distress to a minimum as he called out to the boys, “Yuki-sama, Hatsuharu-kun…it's no use. He's gone.”
Haru was obviously confused as he fired questions left and right, “Gone? But…the tournament…his match, his FINAL match… Where would he go? Did he have to go look for someone or—”
“GONE as in he TOOK OFF. Do you understand NOW?” tersely cut in Tetsuya. He turned to Kazuma, his anxiety increasing. “Shihan, with Kyo gone we can't continue! The committee will disqualify the entire team—”
“I KNOW.” Kazuma felt ill, sickened to his very core. Yet as much as he wanted to, this was no time to fall apart. He closed his eyes, taking in one deep breath and letting it out, only then to open his eyes to the reality he wished weren't real.
Face set, he turned and smiled apologetically to Tetsuya. “I'm sorry…thank you for relaying the message.” Patting him on the shoulder, he walked on and looked to Master Haji, disappointed acceptance of the inevitable in his expression. “We should make the announcement now before the finals progress too far.”
Haru looked on silently, sure that whatever was their `peaceful' reality was completely and irrevocably over. Yuki had yet to say or do anything after having heard that Kyo was long gone. He just stood there, looking very lost.
“Sohma-sensei!” Hurriedly the head of the tournament committee walked into the locker room, looking harried and very worried. “We are waiting for you and the last participant. Where…where is Sohma Kyo? He was back here with you, was he not, Sohma-sensei?”
Master Haji sighed heavily with resignation. “Chairman, Kyo-kun will not be participating in the final match. He was not well and was sent home.”
“WHAT?!” yelped the man loudly.
“Chairman, we were just about to go out and announce this. Please accept our most humble apologies,” calmly remarked Kazuma with regret as he bowed low to the man. The next words that came forth cost him more than he made it seem. “We will…have to declare a forfeit.”
The man barely registered it all as he furiously paced the room. “No, no, NO!!! The sponsors…the media…the AUDIENCE! Do you have ANY idea how this will go down with THEM?! THREE days of competition and participants from ALL OVER THE WORLD came here to see the final outcome. And you're telling me that your team FORFEITS?! WHAT SORT OF DOJO DO YOU MANAGE, SOHMA-SENSEI?!”
`Eh…he's handling it better than I thought. I'd had thought he would have passed out cold.' Clearing his throat to draw the distressed man's attention, Master Haji serenely smiled and calmly replied, “Now let's all be calm and work through—”
“CALM?!” cut in the chairman, only to be silenced just as quickly by Master Haji's stern glare.
“Yes…calm.” Serenely smiling once again, Master Haji asked, “Now, it would be better to be upfront and declare the forfeiture, however, if you feel that strongly on the matter, we can certainly elect another to replace him.”
Replace Sohma Kyo?!” retorted incredulously the chairman. “As much as I respect the members on your team, they are expecting three Sohma to compete as they have proven to be the very best…Sohma Tetsuya, Sohma Hatsuharu, and Sohma Kyo. Our COUNTRY is counting on your dojo to honor us with victory! To lose now at the pinnacle of victory to foreigners—”
Master Haji continued relentlessly, “Chairman, we may not necessarily need a third participant…it's very likely that we can win the first two matches—”
“LIKELY is not for certain, sir. And even if you were to elect another, it would have to be a qualifying member that has yet to compete.” The man was clearly panicking as he paced the room. “All the other members at your dojo that had competed in this tournament had lost their three matches which disqualify them from participating in further matches. You have NO others.
“I disagree, Chairman. There is one qualifying member that has not participated.”
The serene voice stilled the frantic pacing of the chairman as all stunned eyes were now upon the gray-haired teen. Said teen continued to look squarely at the committee chairman, determination clear in his stare. “I may be a substitute teacher for the dojo, but I am technically an equal member at the dojo.”
“Yuki, you weren't training like the rest of us…it's crazy for you to even volunteer for this,” declared Haru worriedly.
Sighing heavily, Yuki smiled assuredly to his close friend before turning to the elder men even more committed than before. “True, I was mainly at the dojo to provide direction and advice when needed. But I can do this. Aside from that, I am a Sohma. That should be more than enough to satisfy your sponsors and the audience, correct, Chairman?”
The ominous cloud of despair over the chairman's head had cleared completely as the words came forth from the Sohma clan head. Lingering concern remained, though, as he hesitantly replied, “But…Sohma-sama…are you sure? Are you positive you wish to go through with this? It is true your match may not happen at all but—”
“I would have to agree with Haru, Yuki-sama,” interjected Tetsuya, his frown evident of his disagreement with the developing arrangement. “The opponent you'll be tasked to take on will be on par with Kyo's level if not beyond. Whatever talent you possess comes to nothing without proper training. You have not trained for this sort of match…the risk to your health is not what this family is prepared to take.”
“All of you worry needlessly. If Yuki had said so, then it must be so.”
Interruptions came in droves at this hour, this time in the form of the still-seated Sohma head. Akito had waltzed in with Kureno in tow, a small grin gracing her delicate features, oblivious to the deep bows of respect from the elder men in the room. “My, my…what a sad predicament my beloved Kyo has left behind. I must have words with him later.”
Master Haji swiftly stepped in to handle the escalating situation. “Akito-sama, we were just—”
“Am I really the only one who is confident in Yuki's abilities?” She stared hard at both Sohma sensei, prompting both to look away with slight shame as they knew that their failed efforts to calm Kyo and now with rejecting Yuki's offer of help only made them look all the more foolish in the current clan head's eyes. “Master Haji…Kazuma…surely the both of you would agree how fortuitous it is that Yuki is able and willing to help you in your time of need, which is more than I can say for another individual, ne?”
Her remarks struck hard and to the point, as is usually her way. She also let them know with no uncertainty what she thought of the Neko and his abandonment with as few words as possible. Kazuma understood all too well what it all meant…
`Our next meeting will not go well, I'm afraid…it certainly won't.' Kazuma felt pained inside as he pushed forth the words from his mouth, “Hai, Akito-sama…Yuki's help is always welcomed and appreciated. Arigatou gozaimasu.”
Master Haji felt the same and with no small amount of guilt for having participated in any way with Akito but also extended his reluctant thanks. “It is an honor, of course, to have Akito-sama greet us personally but even a greater honor that Yuki-sama will be lending his assistance to our family's dojo in our hour of need. Arigatou gozaimasu.”
With both Sohma sensei giving their blessing on the proposed arrangement and with the Sohma head approving no less, the chairman was ecstatic as he repeatedly bowed lowly with immense gratitude to Akito. “Sohma-sama…Master Haji and Sohma-sensei…and of course, Sohma Yuki-sama…ARIGATOU! It is the greatest honor to have the assistance of such a revered individual! No measure of thanks can ever convey—”
Thank you for your generous patience, Chairman. It's best that the matches start without further delay, ne?” Kazuma quickly gestured to Tetsuya and Haru. “The both of you will need to come along with me now so that no further rumors are spread about the continued delay.”
Haru felt within him the spirit of the Ox furiously rebel against that course of action, but one stern look from the Nezumi was enough to deter him from staying. Disappointed, he along with Tetsuya reluctantly replied in unison, “Hai, Shihan.”
As his students filed out after the ecstatic chairman, Kazuma respectfully bowed to Akito and tactfully made his way to follow the others. His silent retreat was stopped by one lone voice.
Sighing softly, Kazuma turned to face him fully. “Yes, Yuki?”
The dojo master looked to him with an air of calmness that Yuki was certain he didn't possess. Feeling his mouth dry, he carefully swallowed and quietly remarked, “I think it is best that the other members of the team remain in the dark about Kyo's absence. Morale is very important now…they will find out in due time of my sudden involvement. Wouldn't you agree?”
It was difficult, so very difficult to look Yuki straight in the eye. Kazuma may have very well lost his son and here stood before him the very epitome of his son's despair. It wasn't fair to Yuki, he knew, yet…he was a father. He was Kyo's father.
“Of course…as head of our family, you decide what is best. Please excuse me.” And with a final bow, Kazuma left quickly with Master Haji solemnly walking alongside.
Over the years, Kureno had developed the art of being the `living wall'. Walls…they see it all…hear it all…and never speak. Yes, he was the wall that Akito had around her at all times…her silent pillar of support that never wavered in its existence. At times, it was not something he enjoyed but had to endure.
On this day, at this moment, looking to Yuki's forlorn expression when the men walked out, Kureno wished very much to break from the confines of the wall…to speak out, offer comfort. Yet it was not his liberty to take, not when Akito herself was there.
Turning to her, Kureno softly asked. “Shall you want me to escort you back to the suite, Akito?”
Sighing heavily, she sank down on the benches, waving him off. “Not at all…that suite and all the security are like a cage that's as suffocating as my bedroom. I'll be making my own way to the exhibit hall. I'll be at the sixth floor if you absolutely must need me.”
“Hai, Akito.” He bowed lowly to her and prepared to leave before pausing momentarily by the eerily silent Nezumi. The whole problem with this day was that too much had been said, for better or for worse. So he didn't bother to spare any more words and merely reached out and softly ran his hand over Yuki's bent head. No response was forthcoming yet he hadn't expected any. He silently walked on, praying that the worst of this day had come to pass.
Akito stretched her limbs, sighing heavily now that it was only Yuki with her. “Mmmm…thank goodness they left. It's so much better when the fools of the world leave you alone.”
Yuki brusquely began unfastening the fasteners on his clothing, thankful that his brother didn't bother to use buttons on this outfit. With the force he was using to remove his clothing, the buttons would have popped right off. With a tight voice, he quietly began.
“Why did you do it?”
“Hm? Do what?”
So casual, so indifferent was her response. She was as always herself. And he was damn sick of it.
“Why, Akito?” He turned to her with a firm glare as he chucked the outer layer of his clothing onto a bench. “If any word is given in this family that no one likes, it usually comes from you. Why did you do it?”
She looked at him with a soft gaze, unfazed by his sudden antagonism. Her remark further expressed her continuing indifference. “Why would it matter what the family likes or doesn't like? I do what I do as I see fit. You know this already.”
“You really don't get it, do you?” he retorted as he angrily planted himself right in front of her and looking down on her with growing agitation. “This whole…catastrophe can only be one of your making! How can you just SIT there and not feel a thing about it?!”
Taking a deep breath and closing her eyes momentarily, she then sternly locked gazes with his. “I feel plenty about seeing you in a match you're not prepared for, Yuki. I DON'T see how I made this happen, but trust my word that the Neko WILL answer for this. I refuse to be as forgiving as I have in the past. This dilly-dallying with that…brat and his caretaker ends TODAY.”
With an incredulous stare, he loudly remarked, “I'm talking about what you had done with today's `production' of parading me around as the new owner of Shihan's dojo! Master Haji certainly didn't look up to the task when the time came for me to `shine'! And I KNOW that Shihan would never do anything to hurt Kyo, least of all flaunt me around like some damn trophy for his dojo!” He paused in sudden realization as her remarks finally hit home, his gaze becoming haunted. “How were you `forgiving in the past', Akito? And your `dilly-dallying'…I thought you were through interfering with their lives!”
She then narrowed her gaze, her lips in a firm line. Standing up, she briskly replied, “I had only given permission to the tournament staff that you be introduced as the owner of our family's dojo, which YOU ARE. The `theatrics' of your introduction today were not of my doing. If you're that upset about it, then be thankful it's all about over. Just finish your match and be done with it all.” She turned away as she started to walk off. “I'll meet you at the sixth floor of the exhibit hall.”
She swiftly turned on her heel then, her infamous glare now adorning her beautiful face. And for once, she was shocked to see the bitterness in his eyes that were never leveled at her before. Her tone though was even with his soft tone. “I will not have this conversation with you now, Yuki.”
“Fine…because there really isn't nothing much to say anymore. You've said…and done enough.” Turning his back to her, he looked through various lockers before finding a spare uniform from Kazuma's dojo. He began to undress with little care that she still stood there looking at him, only feeling the ache of how hollow his chest felt.
To be ignored by the sole individual who was second only to her father was something she never had to bear...and it hurt. She has had many hurts in her short life, many lingering aches, both physical and emotional. Having to endure them all was her assigned task in life it seemed, especially considering her role in the Jyuunishi circle. But to have this come down on her…this hurt…no…
NO. It simply will not be.
“I've only said and done as I should have…then and now, as it should be.”
“And that includes ruining the few dreams of those that have little hope to begin with?!” He rounded on her then, inches from her face as he glared down at her. “We were all given one hell of a curse to carry for life, Akito, but YOU purposely RUIN what little shred of dignity or hope we manage to find ANYWHERE! KYO had his hopes and dreams invested in this dojo and you just gave free license to have that all taken away IN HIS FACE! DO NOT STAND THERE AND TELL ME IT'S AS IT SHOULD BE! DO NOT!
“It's NO fault of mine what dreams or hopes that MONSTER comes up with! If that fool Kazuma had raised him better, he would have known all along that EVERYTHING in this family from the damn tulips in the garden to the highest reaches of our tallest buildings belongs to the position I hold! So I WILL NOT BE SORRY FOR WHAT IS SAID OR DONE IN THE PAST OR NOW AS IS MY RIGHT TO SAY OR DO IT!!!”
Both Sohma clan heads seethed in anger, their hard stares clashing with one another. And as suddenly as the words charged the atmosphere with rage, it extinguished itself just as quickly when Yuki turned away with resignation in his posture. He quietly finished dressing and began walking away before Akito's authoritative voice broke the oppressing silence.
“This is merely an impasse, Yuki…the first of many you'll come across in life as the head of this family. It's what you do and don't do that will determine how best to overcome each one with success. You will learn…in time.”
He stopped.
“Yes…you're right. I will learn…I have learned. And so I'll do just as you've said…” He looked over his shoulder to see her still standing tall and proud, her now calm gaze on him, observing each movement of his very carefully. It was how she became so good at reading him. It ends now. “I'll finish this match and be done with it all. Everything that has to do with this tournament and everything that has to do with you…I'm done with it all.”
Her knuckles were white as her hands fisted together at her sides when he was done speaking in his soft tone. Her heart racing, she bitterly declared, “You can't EVER cut your ties to me, Yuki.”
“No…but I won't have to, will I?” He looked at her fully now with no trace of emotion in his eyes as he spoke next. “Your death will be enough to do it.”
Marching off then, not once giving Akito another thought in his eerily hollow mind, he never suspected how true those words would be.
She was standing a ways from the locker rooms, in an obscure corner where she drew no attention to herself. She observed from afar the comings and goings of many Sohma, noting a few that left with their tempers riding high. Others merely walked out with barely a flash of emotion across their faces. When the last one left, she chose to follow, keeping her presence undetected.
`The most opportune moment to end your tyranny is now, you unfeeling bitch. I won't waste the opportunity…regardless of the cost.'
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