G. I. Joe Fan Fiction ❯ A Snake with a Temper ❯ Chapter 4: Operation Little Antarctica ( Chapter 4 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Chapter 4: Operation Little Antarctica

Temper followed Snake Eyes from the passenger floor of the plane down to the cargo hold. They both hoisted their camping packs onto their backs. The cargo door opened and they jumped off, down to the snow covered ground of Russia.

The two walked towards the towering mountain in front of them.

"How tall do you think Mount Elbrus is?" Temper asked Snake Eyes.

18,510 feet, but the east summit is slightly lower, he answered.

"Well you certainly did your research," she joked.

Yes, I did. I wanted to know approximately how far we would have to climb.

"Right, climbing. Why do we always do the hard missions?"


"Separately, before this mission," she clarified.

You said you havent been on other missions.

"That was a lie, she admitted. Of course I have. I may have been in a beginner class, but Hawk knew what I could do. He put me on missions so I didn't lose my mind staying in the Pit. Besides they were classified missions. I cant speak about my missions, you cant speak about yours."

All we have to do is climb up the mountain, get the info and leave.

"And be quick because apparently a storm is coming," Temper added.

What would you want that would make this mission easier?

"Not being in the freezing cold," she said wryly.

I'm sure you can survive. It's a hit and run, yes we have to climb a mountain, but there's nothing to worry about.

"I'm not worrying, I'm complaining. Two different things." They started their trek up the mountain. "A hit and run for the Hit and Run Team," Temper mumbled under her breath.

What? Snake Eyes asked.

"Hit and run for the Hit and Run Team," she repeated louder.

Hit and Run Team?

"It's what Hawk named the team. It was in the file," she explained.

What time is it? Temper pulled her phone out of her pants pocket.

"One o'clock. We'll be at the Cobra Base by two. Sun comes up roughly around five-thirty to six."

Well you certainly did your research, Snake Eyes mocked.

"Yes, yes I did. You wanna know what I found out?"

What did you find?

"That there is a chairlift up to the top of the mountain."

We were given strict instructions to keep out of sight of civilians. Dont get mad.

"I'm not going to get mad," she defended herself.

I could tell you were getting upset by your body language.

"How can you even see my body? It's like we got swallowed by marshmallows!" Temper held her arms out in exasperation. They both were dressed in standard clothing for the harsh, freezing temperature.

You're exaggerating.

"I understand the whole trying to blend in, but I think we stand out more than we blend in."

You should talk to the higher-ups about that.

"This is no joking matter, we could get killed!"

You're exaggerating again.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know you could see the future," she said sarcastically.

I can't, but I can stop bullets with knives and swords.

"Ninjas," Temper muttered under her breath, he could still hear her.

You have something against ninjas?

"Maybe," she said grudgingly.

Or do you envy them?

"You wish."

They kept climbing in silence, walking against the snow that was coming down harder than before. They came to the middle of the mountain.

"GPS shows enemy base 20 feet up," Temper informed Snake Eyes.

Alright. Remember: I go in first, take out the front guards, you come in behind me while I clear the base, we get the information, we get out. Okay?

"Got it. You do your ninja thing and I follow you," Temper simplified. Snake Eyes nodded and kept climbing. Temper followed a small distance behind. When he got to the edge he peered over and jumped. Temper stayed where she was and waited as she heard yelling and gunfire. Snake Eyes looked over the edge and helped her up. The two walked past the bodies and entered the base; metal plates seemed to be welded to the walls. The base floor was still the mountain's natural rock; wires ran across the room, from one computer to the next.

Temper stood with her back against the wall, next to a doorframe, while Snake Eyes cleared the next room, and signalled to her to come through. She used an installation on her phone that Breaker had downloaded to find the main computer. When she did she had to look for an open USB port and plug in her flash drive. Snake Eyes cleared the third room as the download bar reached 50 percent. The sound of harsh winds beating against metal hit their ears.

Stay here, he instructed and left her for the first room. She watched as the bar reached 67 percent.

"Not like there's anywhere else to go," she grumbled to herself. Snake Eyes came back and tapped her shoulder, getting her attention.

We have a problem, he informed her.

"What? Wild Bill is coming early? He's gonna have to wait."

He's going to have to wait anyway, the blizzard is here.

"See what I mean by wanting an easier mission? Why couldn't they set up a base in the Bahamas?" she cried in outrage.

Because they're not stupid.

"Well setting up a base in a blizzard zone wasn't exactly smart either."

I can't argue with that.


Temper looked to the computer. The download bar showed 100 percent. She safely ejected the flash drive and turned back to Snake Eyes. "What now?"

We wait.

"How long do these thing usually last?"

Anywhere from hours to weeks.

"Well isn't that just great?" she asked sarcastically.

Patience is a virtue.

"Thanks for that Mr. Ninja. Where'd you get it? The 'lame sayings for martial arts masters' book or do those types of things just come to you when 'meditating'?" she put air quotes around 'meditating'.

'Meditating'? he copied her.

"I think we all know you sneaky bastards are really taking a nap so cut the bullshit." He looked straight into her eyes and came to a realization.

You don't like being trapped do you? Trapped by a person is okay with you. You can always find a way out, but this is nature. She tensed at his words.

"Yes," she admitted, "I don't exactly like the fact that I can't get out of this one." She plopped down on one of the few chairs in the room.

Whether it's hours or weeks they must have a stock of food here to prepare for a situation like this, you have nothing to fear. We may not be able to get out, but we have food and being stuck in here means that no one can come in. She nodded silently while he went in search of food.
Snake Eyes got to work piling all the weapons in the third room after moving the food to the second room where Temper sat. The two of them moved the bodies to the third room then shut the sliding door and locked it. Temper sat back down in the chair and Snake Eyes sat against the wall, facing her.

"Is there a reason why you wear the mask?"

To make sure nobody knows me.

"You hiding something?"

Ninja remember?

"Touche. Why don't you speak?"



Seriously. Just check my file.

"Smart ass."

You're the one who asked.

"What about the questions game?"

The questions game?

"I ask a question then you ask a question."


"Oh come on! You can skip if you really don't wanna answer it." He seemed to ponder this.

Fine, but you have to answer some too.

"Deal. You go first."



No last name?

"Nope. My turn. Are you absolutely sure you're male? No transgender or anything like that?"

No. What kind of question is that?

"A curious one."


"None by blood, but there are three people who considered close family. Two guys, one girl. They looked out for me. Siblings?"

One. Instead of complaining about his lack of information she kept silent about it, seeing his body language and knowing he did not want to delve in on the subject. Training?

"Martial arts. I told you one of my fears, what's yours?"

Being forced to watch someone suffer and not being able to do anything about it. Age you enlisted?

"18. You?"

18. Exactly how old are you?

"22. You?" That caught him off guard.

26. Why did you enlist?

"To hide I guess. Why did you enlist?'

To serve and do something different. What do you mean 'hide'?

"I was running from one of my brothers after he got angry. He sort of disowned me."

What did you do to make him that angry?

"I panicked and got someone hurt. I believe you owe me two questions." Snake Eyes nodded. He knew that there was a reason she was not telling him everything. "Weirdest thing you've ever been caught for?"

Hanging from the rafters in the kitchen and taking food when the cook wasn't looking. She giggled at thought of a young black clad ninja hanging from his feet and stealing food.

"That's the weirdest thing you've ever been caught for?" Snake Eyes nodded in confirmation. "Does the mysterious ninja have any addictions?"

No. That evens it up. Do you have any addictions?

"I guess you could say alcohol. Favorite person as a child?"

My master. How long did you train for?

"Around seven years." She thought about her next question, but came up with a blank. "I can't think of any more questions."

Favorite childhood memory?

"Going out to dinner with the three I told you about. We would make such a mess and laugh so much." Temper looked to her lap and smiled, remembering everything the three of them did. "What's yours?"


"Of course it is. What about training?"

The feeling you get when you do something right, learning something new, and power when you beat somebody.

"Never would have figured you for power hungry."

We all want power, we just have different ways of getting it.

"What do you mean?"

I get power through beating someone in a fight. Hawk may get power from making sure everybody does their job correctly. Some people try and get power through weapons, knowledge, even drugs.

"And me?"

I haven't figured that out yet, he admitted.


*Hit and Run do you copy?* Wild Bill interrupted.

"We copy," Temper replied.

*We are clear for pick up. I will see you in one hour*

"See ya soon Wild Bill." Temper and Snake Eyes got up and made their way to the entrance of the cave. Snake Eyes hit a red button on the wall and the door opened, revealing the snowy terrain of Mount Elbrus. "Still snowing," Temper pointed out.

Did you expect it to stop completely?

"Not sure what I was expecting, never been in a blizzard before."

Walking down the mountain was easier than coming up. They made it down to the bottom and walked to the pick up zone. Wild Bill dropped down and took off once they were safely on.
"You two need any medical attention?" Wild Bill asked. Temper looked to Snake Eyes who shook his head.

"No, we're good," Temper answered. Wild Bill closed off the cockpit.

Temper and Snake Eyes took off the camping packs and sat down.

"Wild Bill, how long till we get to base?" Temper questioned.

*About an hour and half* Wild Bill replied over the intercom. Temper nodded to herself and turned to Snake Eyes.

"Well at least we got what we came for."

You still think it could've been easier?

"Hell yes! I seriously hope it was worth it."

Did Hawk say what it was for?

"No, just told me to get what I could off their hard drive."

I respect Hawk, but do you always follow his orders blindly?

"He's my superior, and besides, I owe him a lot. So yes, I do."

You owe him?

"Yes, I do." Her tone made him rethink asking her any more questions. The two stripped to their normal wear; Snake Eyes to his black armor, Temper to her cargo pants and tank top. Silence fell over them all the way to the Pit when Temper fell asleep, leaving Snake Eyes to his thoughts.