Gakuen Alice Fan Fiction ❯ RAxEG ❯ The Truth Behind Her Dream ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
ÿþA young girl, just about the age of 3, with a shock of brunette hair on the left of her face, was sleeping peacefully. She had an enchanting smile on her graceful face. It was obvious that she was having a fantastic dream, one that made the young maiden smile so brightly.

When the girl awakened from her slumber, it seemed as though the dream was so great, that it made the her frown slightly, when sunlight blinded her gorgeus topaz eyes. The 3 year old sighed in distress, for it seemed her dream was a dream she had long been waiting for.

A young woman, around the age of 26, knocked politely at the 3 year old's door. The young girl put on a smile when she saw her personal maid come in, only, her smile faltered a bit, when she remembered the previous events.

The maid frowned, seeing the smile on her mistress' face darken with sadness. "What happened, Young Mistress?" she asked, putting her hands in a position she was taught to do ever since she was young.

The latter only smiled yet again, shaking her head. "It's nothing, Mia. It was just," the young girl hesitated.

"Go on," Mia, the maid, urged.

"I had this fascinating dream, which seemed to be about my future. I'm not sure, though." the child said unsurely. "But I do know that I feel like I've been waiting for this one dream all my life. After all, it does seem pretty familiar."

Mia nodded, understanding the young girl's feelings. "I understand. Now then, what would you like for breakfast, Mistress?" Mia asked, changing the topic successfully.

"Let's see. 5 pieces of french toast, medium-warm chocolate milk and a piece of milk candy would be fine, Mia!"

Now then, as you may have been wondering, who is this girl? Well, to start things off, her name is Kaorin Yumika, the heir to: AngelxxDevil Webs, YumiGods' Leader, Kaomi Dojo, Moonlight School Boards, Sunlight Athletes, KRBJ Banks- oh, there's more than a hundred things Yumika is heir to. But to name the centre of control of all those other things, Yumika is heir to the Top 1 company, Starlight Dream, AKA Sutaraito Yume. Yumika is the daughter of Kaorin Hikaru and Amamiya Mikarin. She is the younger sister of Kaorin Yutoru, and the best friend of Itsuro Kanon. This may shock you, but Yumika thinks Yutoru is heir since he's older than her. Little did she know that SHE was the heir...

*At School*

"Good morning everyone," the teacher, Hisano-sensei called out. "Good morning, Hisano-sensei! Good morning everyone!" the students replied. Hisano-sensei smiled and nodded in content. 'What a great class I have,' she thought.

"Today we have a new student. Please come in, Hinamori-kun!" Hisano-sensei said. The class looked automatically at the door to their class. A boy came in and he stood with a wide grin on his face.

"Hi! My name is Hinamori Yuki! Don't tease me because of my name, please! Anyways, I'm 3, the same age as you guys! I hope you'll treat me well!" he said, a smile plastered on his face at every line. The class whispered to eachother.

"Ne, Yumi-chan, he looks cool, doesn't he?" a friend said. She looked at Yumika, who stared out the window.

"Yumi-chan?" her friend tapped her shoulder.

"Hm? Oh, uh, un!" Yumika said absentmindly. Her friend frowned but shrugged it off.

The class started to crowd Yuki and he laughed at his new classmates' reactions. Then he noticed Yumika, and he blushed instantly. The boys glared at him when they noticed Yuki's blush. Yumika looked over at Yuki and smiled.

"Hi, um...?"

"The name's Y-Yuki," the latter stammered.

"Oh, hi, Yuki-kun! I'm Kaorin Yumika!" Yumika exclaimed.

Yuki gasped in shock. "EH! You're K-Kaorin Yumika!" he shouted. Everyone in class, except Yumika, sweatdropped. Each time a new student learned the name of Yumika, they'd have this reaction. Yumika's face fell. "So you're one of them too," she said sadly.

Yumika sighed and started walking back to her seat, only to be held back by Yuki. "Eh, Kaorin-san, it's alright. I won't be like them. I promise!" Yuki told Yumika determinedly. Yumika looked back in surprise. Tears started streaming down her face. She jumped onto Yuki, hugging him, which surprised Yuki.

"Arigatou, Yuki-kun," Yumika said, looking up at Yuki, who was in shock and blushing...

The two children became best friends after Kanon moved away, and Yuki cheered Yumika up. Over the two years, they exchanged presents and invited eachother to parties. But one day...

"Yumi-chi! Yumi-chi!" Yuki came crying to Yumika. Yumika was surprised, for it was rare for Yuki to cry. She immediately knew something was wrong. She just didn't know what.

"What is it, Yuki-kun?" she asked him instantly. Yuki looked at her and bit his lip.

"I have to move to Tokyo. I have an alice. I have to go to Gakuen Alice!"

Yumika was shocked. "You can't! Iie! Iie!" she cried. Yuki looked at her. "Yumi-chan. I love you," he said as he kissed her. "We will definitely meet again. We will!" he said with determination, looking into Yumika's topaz eyes. With that, he ran away, leaving a flushed Yumika in the treehouse they built together.

"WAIT!" she yelled, nearly falling. But Yuki ran on. "Wait, Yuki-kun," she said more softly, but still with tears streaming down her face.

*5 Years Later*

A now ten year old Yumika, is sleeping on a Saturday morning. "Matte, Yuki-kun," she mumbled in her sleep. Then her alarm clock rang. She opened her eyes instantly, tears streaming down. "It was just a dream, Mistress," a now 33 year old Mia told Yumika.

'It's more than just a dream to me,' Yumika sadly thought. On the outside though, she said brightly, "You're right!" Mia knew that her mistress was faking her smile, but she played along anyway.

"So what do you want for breakfast?" Mia asked. "I'm not sure. Maybe a vanilla ice cream cone, vanilla and strawberry milkshake, a warm strawberry mix vanilla cupcake, 2 pieces of french toast and milk candy," Yumika said. Mia frowned.

"You've been eating that for a week, but I guess I'll go with your orders anyway," Mia shrugged.

*A few hours later*


"Kisura, can you get the door please?" Yumika asked one of her favourite maids.

"Yes, Yumika-sama."

When Kisura came back, she was holding an envelope with a red ribbon on it. Kisura handed the letter to Yumika, who examined the envelope. The envelope said, To Kaorin Yumika. Yumika took off the ribbon and opened the envelope carefully. She was sure where the letter was from, but she had to have it confirmed. Yumika took out the letter and opened it to read. It said:

Dear Kaorin Yumika-sama,

This is Gakuen Alice. You are invited to our school, Gakuen Alice. How were you invited, you ask? We have gathered photos of children all over Japan to check if they have alices by our high school principal, and you are one of the lucky children. Yes, we sent this letter to inform you that you are an Alice. We hope you like this idea, because if you do not agree, we will sadly have to force you to come here. But even if you escape, you are an Alice, and if you are not coming to the academy, the enemy of all Alices will take you to their organization and make you do dirty work. Anyways, if you intend to accept and in case you want to know more about our school first, we will gladly tell you.

Alice Academy is a school for children age 3-25. Teachers who are alices work there too. In our school, we have 3 buildings for school. The smallest building is for the littlest kids who are around the age of 3-8. The middle sized building is for elementary students who are around the age of 9-13. Everyone else is in the biggest and widest building, which is for high schoolers and up. Everyone in Gakuen Alice calls them the 3 sections.

In our academy, the everyone lives in their own dormitory. The dorms surround the school the students go to. We have 2 dormitories for each section. One for girls and one for boys. Teachers have their own floors. For example, one of our teachers live on Floor 2, and another on Floor 3. No teacher lives in the same Floor as another. Students are welcome to visit teachers, and teachers are allowed to invite students in their room. Of course, teachers can let students sleep in their Guest Rooms too, if needed for personal reasons.

Secondly, in our academy, we need not use yen. We use, what we call, rabbits, which is a replacement for yen, because some people who are rich might get sent money, and it would be unfair to all the poor people. The amounts of rabbits given to everyone depends on their star rank.

Star ranks are decided by the teachers. If one doesn't have good impressions on all of the teachers, they are to be No Star. Otherwise, they can be 1 star, 2 star, 3 star or the best- Special Star. Even if you may not understand what is being said, you will likely understand when you are in the academy. You shall understand, but not know how to explain. Our school is complicated like that.

Oh yeah, entering our school is free. In addition, both your family and school recieve $300 each month.

Well, that's about it. You will learn the things you want to know from the representatives of your class, who will be your guides when you first enter the school. We hope you accept our offer, and have a good day.

We will be expecting you, Kaorin Yumika!

From the Gakuen Alice Committee

Yumika was so happy when she read the whole letter. Then, she noticed that in the envelope, there were a few more things. She found a card, a map of Alice Academy, a list of the students in her class and her schedule. She checked all of these stuff out and smiled when she finished. It was a dream come true. She had nothing to lose. At all...Right?

Later that day, Yumika told her family about the offer from Gakuen Alice. It was quite a conversation, as Yutoru, Yumika's brother, had put it. It went like this:

Yumika was in her room, examining the stuff from Gakuen Alice yet again. She smiled each time she read the first paragraph of the letter again, for she knew now that she was going to be in the same school as her childhood friend. Even though she felt that she knew other people there already other than Yuki, she ignored it and imagined being in Gakuen Alice.

Yumika decided to do a little work instead of neglecting it and jumping around with joy. So she did just that.

Mia came up 20 minutes later to announce that it was dinner time. Yumika nodded and put down her pen. She changed into a light blue gown and matching headband, leaving her hair down, which was quite rare.

The said girl went downstairs and into the dining room. Yumika glanced at her family. Seeing all members there, she sat in her usual spot. The servants asked what they wanted for dinner, as usual, and the family started eating.

"So, Yutoru, which school are you going to enroll to this year?" Mikarin asked. Yutoru shrugged. "I dunno. Mayb- OH! I know! There was this school I've been wanting to go to. It's called Konami High!" he exclaimed.

Yumika then remembered about the letter. "Okaa-san, otou-san, onii-chan, obaa-san, ojii-san. Speaking of schools, today I got a letter from Gakuen Alice. They're inviting me there! Should I go? It said that the school fee is free too!" she said.

Her parents glanced at eachother. 'Uh-oh,' they both thought. They were trying to protect Yumika from being found out that she was an alice, for she was the heir to their company. They had thought Yutoru would get an alice, so they made Yumika heir, but now they can't change that. She already went through the ceremony, and so they had to hide her instead.

Yumika took one look at her parents, and she felt tears brimming. "Please! My childhood friend is there! I don't want to lose my one in a gazillion chance to see him! Also, the AAO will catch me!" she pleaded. Then she immediately covered her mouth.

"AAO?" Kisura, who was in the kitchen, said. "I read the letter over your shoulder and nothing there said AAO. Just that some organization will make you do dirty work."

Yumika shook her head in disbelief. "I don't know why, but I feel like I know tons about alices and, and this whole world. Ugh, just ignore what I was saying about the Anti-Alice Organization," she said, sighing. Then she realized what she said, yet again. "Why do I keep blurting out nonsense!" she groaned.

"I'm finished with dinner. Please bring up dessert," Yumika said, closing her eyes in frustration.

Yutoru looked at his parents. "Speaking of Gakuen Alice, I too, got an invitation there." he said. His parents just moaned in distress. "Just accept. There's nothing else we can do about this. We're alices too, blah blah blah. Don't wanna explain," Mikarin whined childishly. Hikaru nodded in agreement, while everyone else left the usually calm and cool family.

And, although not noticable, Yumika was watching the whole thing from the stairs. And she screamed with joy, while her family just gawked at nothing.

Yumika just smiled yet again, thinking about it. She was currently lying on her bed, staring at the ceiling. 'I'm finally going to see you, Yuki. I'm going to reply with all my heart, that is, if you still love me. But I know you must hold somefeelings for me still, for I have, after these 5 years without you.' she thought happily.

*The Day When She Arrives*

"Ano, Narumi-sensei, will Kaorin Yumika-sama be arriving soon?" a young girl asked. Narumi smiled down at his favourite student. "Hai, Mikan-chan! You're gonna love her when you meet her!" he replied.

Mikan narrowed her eyes while her teacher wasn't looking. "A new student, eh? Someone I don't know?" she murmured. "Tch." she said softly. She yawned and told Narumi, "May I go to the infirmary? I don't feel well."

Narumi just nodded. Another girl came up to him. "Will Kaorin-san be here today?" she asked. "Ahahahaha! Mikan-chan just asked that a while ago!" he chuckled. He stopped laughing. "But the answer is yes, Sakura-chan!" he smiled warmly. "Arigatou," the said girl turned around to look at the window.

"She's arriving in 10 minutes," she whispered. Narumi heard this and raised an eyebrow. "Heh. So they remember," he said as he went near the door, not forgetting to put on his hat, and lower it. Under it, a gleaming eye was shown.

He closed the door, while a certain girl smirked. "Why would they forget dear Yumi? Or should I say, why would we?" she whispered.

The teachers were rushing around, the students' talks were getting louder, the DA students were rushing to the gate to protect her, the guards were being rude, the- wait what? Let's look into that.

It turned out that the guards didn't know how Yumika looked, so they were being rude to her and not letting her in. Just then, Persona appeared.

"She's Kaorin Yumika, idiots," he said. With that sentence the guards gasped and apologized over and over, banging their heads on the ground.

Yumika quickly got out of the car and kneeled beside them. "Please stop. You have done nothing wrong, sirs," she said kindly. The guards were taken aback, but then they opened the gate and Yumika went into the car again. She scrolled down the window and smiled while waving. "Thanks alot!" she exclaimed.

The guards smiled. "Now I know why she's popular. And it's a good type of popular too," one said, fainting with- was that pleasure?

Persona turned around and stopped at one point. He took off his mask for a while. "Welcome, Yumi," he said, spotting Yumika. The said girl turned around. Her eyes widened. "Wait. Are you-" Before she could say anything, a boy with crimson eyes stepped in front of her. "Stay away from him, Kaorin Yumika. He's dangerous," he declared.

"Ah, Hyuuga! Oof! Ah, gomenasai, nii-chan!" a brunette stepped into the scene. "MIKAZ-" Before Yumika could say what she wanted to, she fainted. Luckily, she fell onto Natsume.

Mikan was staring at Yumika, eyes wide in shock. "No, no, no, no, oh no, no, no, NO!" she shrieked. Natsume looked at her in confusion, of course, not showing it. "Why so loud, polka?" he asked nonchalantly, knowing Mikan would scream.

Of course she screamed, but not to him. "DON'T REMEMBER! YOU CAN'T!" Mikan fell to the ground, on her knees. Narumi appeared. "Oh dear. I was expecting this to happen," he muttered. Natsume, with his training, heard the words.

Sakura appeared. "Mi-chan! Why are you-" Before she could say anything, Mikan cried and launched onto Sakura, who nearly stumbled. Mikan pointed. "Who made you cry, Mi-chan!" Sakura demanded as she stared at the person Mikan was pointing to. At the sight of Yumi, she gasped.

"Y-Yumi?" Sakura said, letting Mikan and herself fall to the ground.

Narumi cleared his throat. "She doesn't remember, girls," he said. Sakura glared at him, which was unusual and unexpected. "HOW DARE YOU! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW YUMI! ABOUT HER, ABOUT US! YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ROY-" Mikan covered Sakura's mouth, but also glared at Narumi. "Sakura, you're right. But I don't think we should spill about US." Mikan stated.

Natsume was watching the whole scene, and he was shocked to see the school's most cheerful girls, Sakura Mikan and Kinomoto Sakura, glare at, of all people, Narumi. "What is going on?" he whispered in shock. The two girls heard him, and snatched Yumika. "We will finally be our true selves, Mi-chan." Sakura said. "Un, Kura-chan," came the reply from not one, but two girls.

A girl with a bright blue hoodie on, revealed herself. "You going to school starting now, Star-chan?" Mikan asked. "Hai. How's Yu?" 'Star' said.

"Star? Yu? Mi? Kura?" Natsume repeated, in a certain order.

"Did someone say StarYuMiKura, the group of now, not three but four girls? You know, Royale Angelz?" a voice came. "Imai, shut up," said the one that was most unexpected to say.

Imai Hotaru's eyes showed shock and confusion, for the first time in her life. For once, she didn't know something important, about her dearest, bestest, best friend...