Gakuen Alice Fan Fiction ❯ RAxEG ❯ Quite A Surprise ( Chapter 2 )

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ÿþChapter 2: Quite A Surprise

Mikan was glaring at her so-called best friend, Imai Hotaru. Hotaru stared at her in shock. Sakura turned and glared, while Hotaru felt a third glare, although unseen. "I don't intend, and never have, to be your best friend. I was acting, Imai," Mikan said coldly. Hotaru felt tears.

Yumika woke up. "Huh? What happened?" she asked. "YUMI!" Sakura and Mikan gasped, hugging her. The said girl looked at them with confusion. "Um, excuse me, but who are you all?" she asked. Mikan and Sakura's faces paled. "Yu-chan? What do you mean, who are we?" Sakura gulped.

"She doesn't remember, girls," Narumi said.

"Oh yeah," Mikan said softly. "And she's not supposed to."

"What are you talking about, Mi-chan! Why wasn't I notified of this?" Sakura asked. "And if she doesn't remember us and is not here for us, why is she here? She doesn't make descisions so rashly!"

"She came for Yuki, Hinamori Yuki. They met eachother earlier than we met her," Mikan said, bangs covering her eyes. Sakura stared at her, while everyone but Narumi was staring at them in confusion. Mikan glanced at the others. "It's nothing, Hyuuga, Imai, nii-chan," she said.

"Nii-chan? Who's your idiotic brother, polka?" Natsume asked boredly. "Rei Serio, AKA Persona, the DA teacher," Mikan stated calmly. Natsume's jaw dropped. Persona was glaring at him. "Whoops. Erm, uh, er, you, you're *cough* n*cough* ot *cough* idiotic," Natsume said, but Persona thought Natsume said he was idiotic, so he punched Natsume and, said person fell.

"EH! YOU KNOW YUKI-KUN!" Yumika gasped in delight. "Ha? Uh, un!" Sakura said nervously. "I suppose so. He IS my classmate. But-" she tried continuing.

"Where? Where!" Yumika shook Sakura. "You'll see him in class. Come on, kids. Let's get to class," Narumi smiled gayly, yet again.

*In Class*

Yumika was standing in front of her new class and grinning. "Hi! My name is Kaorin Yumika! I am 10 years old. I hope we'll get along!" she exclaimed cheerfully. Most of the class' eyes widened, except one was for another reason.

"Any questions for Yumika-chan!" Narumi asked.

"Can you marry me!"

"Wanna be my girl?"

"You're cute!"

"Let's be friends, Yumika-chan!"

"Sit with me, Yumi-chan!"

At that last sentence, the guy who said it was punched into the wall. "Only one person can call her Yumi-chan, and that's Mikan and I!" Sakura yelled, glaring. The class was shocked.

"Eh? But as I said, I don't know you. Right, Narumi-sensei? I don't know Kura-chan and Mi-chan!" Yumika said. She covered her mouth, eyes wide in confusion and shock.

"Yumi-chan, I didn't want to say this, but please stay away from Hinamori Yuki. He's not someone you should hang out with. You'll get hurt only more," Mikan said softly.

Yumika tilted her head in confusion. "What do you mean?" she asked. "Hinamori Yuki. He has a dangerous alice, and he has a girlfriend who's a bitch," Mikan said nonchalantly, while some people looked at the supposedly innocent and dense girl. Yumika understood why Mikan put it in an introduction way. "I get it. How about Imai Hotaru?" Yumika asked, playing along. "She's an evil girl, titled the Ice Queen, who hits people with a Baka Gun," Sakura answered, instead of Mikan.

At the back, a boy said loudly, "Yumi-chi?" Yumika turned to the owner of the voice. She pretended she didn't know him. "Who are you?" Yumika asked. Yuki felt a slight pain in his heart. "Hinamori Yuki, remember me?" he called. Suddenly his girlfriend jumped onto his lap and hugged him. "He's mine, Kaorin!" she yelled. "Well, I say we break up, then," Yuki declared. "What! You just met her!" the girl raged. "I knew her since age 3," Yuki smirked. "And I confessed to her."

Yumika looked at him with no emotion. Then she turned to the girl. "Nice act, but your anger is faked," Yumika smiled. "Huh? But they did go out!" someone called out. "No, I mean her anger towards me. Ne, Itsuro Kanon?" she smiled. "How do you know her?" Yuki asked.

Yumika rolled her eyes. "Who used to be my best friend before you were my best friend?" she questioned. "Itsuro," Yuki looked, shocked, at Kanon. "Kanon!" Kanon sighed, giggling. "Finally you notice! I've been trying to get your attention, not as your girl, but friend!" Kanon grinned.

"I told you he's dumber than a bull," Kanon smirked at Yumika. Yumika only smiled back. "KANON!" she jumped onto Kanon. "Woah! Where'd you learn to jump from 20 meters?" Kanon said, nearly stumbling. Yumika's eyes widened. "Ro-" she began. "Roya- Roy... I can't say it. I seem to know it, but at the same time, I don't!" Yumika looked confused.

Sakura and Mikan giggled nervously. "There's something else too," Yumika looked at them. "Prism Stream," she muttered. "Prism Stream!" she shouted, eyes wide. Sakura and Mikan gasped. "Prism Stream is one," Yumika fainted. "YUMIKA!" Yuki yelled, panicking.

*Yumika's Dream*

"Mi-chan! Mi-chan!" a younger Sakura called.

"What, Kura-chan?" Mikan asked.

"There's a crying girl in our bushes."

"EH! Let's go help her!"

"I needed your help anyways."



In the bushes, a young brunette was crying. Mikan walked up to the girl. "Are you all right?" she asked. The young girl gasped. "How did you find me! This is the Yu Territory!" she exclaimed, suddenly in a defence stance. "Eh? Yu Territory?" Mikan raised an eyebrow. "I feel like I've heard that before," Sakura frowned in confusion, looking at Mikan.

"EH! THAT'S IT! THE GIRL AND GUY WHO FIGHT BULLIES OUTTA HERE!" the two girls said in unision.

"You're the girl?" Sakura asked.

"Where's the boy?" Mikan questioned.

Yumika, the girl, as you may have guessed, only cried yet again in her arms. "H-he left for Alice Academy," she sniffled. "Eh? Alice Academy?" Mikan blinked. "Isn't that the school for geniuses?" Sakura tilted her head.

Yumika looked at them. "You guys are kinda like he and I," she said sadly. "Eh?" the two girls said in unision, surprised. "How so?" they said yet again together. "We would think alike and talk alike and finish eachothers' sentences. We would finish eachothers' food and- and do everything together!" she started crying, and soon she wept on the ground.

Mikan and Sakura looked at eachother, not knowing what to do. Then, with her bangs covered, Mikan said, "W-we'd like to be your friend." And, if you looked closely, she was smiling a rare, gentle smile.

Yumika slowly looked up, surprised. "B-but aren't you afraid I'll hurt you or something?" she asked timidly. Sakura and Mikan shook their heads. "Of course not!" Mikan grinned. "I have my onii-chan!" Sakura smiled. "And I have Hotaru-chan!" Mikan giggled.

Sakura pouted. "Hmph! You like her more than me!" she whined. Mikan sighed in distress. "Oh, c'mon! We now have Yumi-chan to be with us anyway!" Mikan smiled.

Yumika sweatdropped. 'Are they using me?' she thought, sighing.

The two other girls noticed Yumika's sigh, and simulanetously scratched their heads. "Gomen! We were so into our, erm, conversation, you see... Heheheh!" they chorused.

*End Of Dream*

When Yumika woke up, she was a totally different person. She didn't recognize anything about her surroundings, her classmates or anything at all related to Yuki. Anything that was even a tiny bit related to Yuki was gone from her memories.

All she remembered was she was invited to GA, she was the heir to the Kaorin's Companies and everything about her life. But what she remembered most was Sakura and Mikan. The first thing she did when she woke up was ask for where Mikan and Sakura were. Nothing else.

She didn't answer anyone's questions about if she was alright, if she would marry them, if she wanted to eat, how did she feel, if she wanted to change into more comfortable clothes... Ahem, ignore the second one.

Anyways, all she did was look for the two. Yumika didn't have a hard time searching though. "Kura-chi, Mi-chi, what's Yu Territory?" Yumika asked.

Sakura and Mikan looked at eachother in confusion, then in realization. "She forgot about Yuki now?" Mikan murmured, so quietly that only Sakura and herself could hear.

Sakura nodded solemnly. Mikan took a deep breath. "What's of the past is of the past. What you need to worry about is not the past, but the present," she declared.

Yumika sighed and then nodded, agreeing with Mikan. "I guess so."

Meanwhile, Yuki was eavesdropping. He gasped slightly. "She forgot about," Tears streaked his face. "" Yuki ran out of his hiding place and hugged Yumika. 'You can't forget! I love you and I still do!' he thought frantically.

A bright light blinded the eyes of all those who saw it. It encircled Yumika. She opened her eyes. When she saw who was holding her, she pushed him away with a blank expression. "I don't want a guy like you to come near me," she stated.

"Yumika?" Sakura, Mikan and Yuki said in unision, all in confusion.

A young girl, about two years younger than them, jumped onto Yumika. "Eheheheh! Yumi!" the girl giggled, while Sakura and Mikan watched, concentrating on the two.

"Eh? Um, your na-"

"Watashi wa Starlian Dream," the girl stuck out her hand cheerfully.

Yumika stared at the young girl before her. "I know you," she whispered, loud enough for only Starlian to hear. At the same moment, Yumika and Starlian's hands touched.

Starlian smiled mysteriously at Yumika. "I think my name gives it away," she murmured as she and Yumika hugged eachother. Yumika's eyes widened. She had intended to make this young girl be confused, yet it had the opposite effect.

Starlian smiled her mysterious smile yet again and walked away, leaving an unsolved mystery for Yumika. How Starlian knew Yumika was a big mystery. They both had, after all, arrived today.

Suddenly, Sakura gasped. "RA Leader!" she whispered excitedly to Mikan. Mikan's eyes widened and she nodded, as if knowing what Sakura meant. Mikan and Sakura turned to Yumika. "You remember, right?" Mikan asked. "Okay, so transform!" Sakura exclaimed, not letting Yumika answer.

Yumika nodded, a determined look shown on her face. She turned to look at both Sakura and Mikan. Then, she remembered that Yuki was there. "Um, I need to go to the washroom. Can you two show me where it is, Sakura, Mikan?" Yumika lied.

Sakura and Mikan understood what Yumika was getting at, so they ran to the washroom. "Okay, I don't think anyone will be watching, so let's transform. Quick!" Mikan exclaimed in a rush.

Mikan made the palm of her left hand face the ceiling, as did Sakura and Yumika. They slowly brought the hand to their side, closing their eyes. When their hand and body made contact, they instantly opened their eyes and spun around. Mikan spun and jumped into the air, twirling. Sakura spun and did a pose in the air. Lastly, Yumika spun, and jumped into the air, doing an elegant back flip.

"Scarlett Rose!" Sakura said as she was in the air.

"Marina Dream!" Mikan exclaimed, as she was twirling.

"Yumiru Diamond!" this one was Yumika's voice.

The girls landed on the ground, which now seemed to be a bluish, pinkish and orangey place with sparkles. The girls held each others' hands and spun, as if they were playing Ring Around The Rosie.

"Royale Angelz!" the trio yelled together.

They did what seemed like their signature pose with 3 people. The two people on either side of Yumika, doing something similar to what seemed like one hand on the ground, the elbow facing outwards, one leg kneeling and the other leg straightly touching the ground, while Yumika pointed with one hand towards the middle.

"Time to fly!" they said in unison yet again, everyone spreading their wings, and in the air. Yumika put both her hands behind her back, beaming happily. Sakura winked at put a hand on her hip, while the other hand was a peace sign in front of her eye. Mikan had one leg behind her back and she spread her arms, looking like she was doing ballet.

Their happy aura faded soon enough. Suddenly, another girl who seemed to be in a bathroom stall started chanting something. She jumped out of the stall, her hood covering her face. As she was jumping, she exclaimed stoically, "Starian Moon!" When she landed, she shouted softly, "Royale Angelz", and she landed on the ground. The transformation shocked the other 3.

This girl's transformation was exactly like their transformation. Her clothes had changed before she said 'Royale Angelz'. Just like Mikan, Sakura and Yumika. What were they wearing, you ask? Their clothes suited each girl's aura perfectly.

Scarlett Rose, AKA Kinomoto Sakura, was stunning. She had her usually short, now long, hair let down with a green headband that had a heart on a side, which was opposite from her usual style, mini-pigtails. Sakura wore an emerald green tank top that had a few pinkish and whitish feathers on the top left side. She wore a matching plaid green skirt. Sakura wore a brown belt that, where the silver part was, had a hot pink heart in the middle of it. For shoes, she had something similar to tap shoes, except that these were in the color pink. Her wings' flapping caused illusional jewels to surround her. If only she wore a smile, it would complete her look. If so, she would've probably been the center of attention, if not for her companions.

Marina Dream, known as Sakura Mikan, was completely different from her usual self. Mikan wore her hair in a high ponytail, and nothing else, except that her hair was marine blue, which fitted her code name perfectly. Her hairband was a dark blue with a moonstone coloured cloud on it. She wore a light blue dress which had a few ruffles at the top and bottom. The design of the dress included a pink heart at the very middle at the top part of the dress, a belt like Sakura's, except with a night blue heart, and at the bottom of the dress, a thin, white line was seen just before the ruffles came in. Where ever her wings were flapped, sparkles were visible. All in all, Mikan looked beautiful, and anyone who would've seen her couldn't agree less that Mikan looked like a princess, if only she wasn't beside a few other princess-looking girls.

Yumiru Diamond, as you have guessed, Kaorin Yumika, was angelic. Of course, though. She is an angel, considering her power. Anyways, Yumika's hair was in a side ponytail, which was held in place by a light pink hairband. Her dress was also light pink, with side straps that were connected to the dress (like Jasmine's, from Aladdin). She didn't have much of a design on her dress, unless you count the ruffles at the bottom of her dress as one. Her wings created simple and normal objects- angel feathers. That was not surprising, seeing she transformed into an angel, like her friends. She could be stampeded over if she weren't with these other angels.

Finally, there was this mysterious girl, who, as the other 3 angels recognized, was their leader, Starian Moon. Starian was an elegant angel with faintly blonde hair and a few bright orange highlights, which seemed to camouflage with her blonde hair. Starian's hair was put in pigtails, making her look cute, childish, and still mature at the same time. Her pigtails were held with star hairbands. Starian wore an orange top that had a few stripes and a skirt that had a rainbow pocket and a heart at the bottom right of it, and it also had slight ruffles to it. She left stars and sparkles wherever she went. Starian, although the cutest, was the center of attention out of all the other girls.

"Starian! I can't believe you go to our school!" Scarlett gasped. (A/N: I'm going to use their code names up until they transform back. If you can't stand it, sorry!)

"Um, I don't. Trouble was calling me so I transported here," Starian said, her bell-like voice being heard for once.

"Woah! You actually spoke to us!" the other 3 angels exclaimed in amazement.

"Well, I decided I should reveal my talking voice, not singing voice, for once," Starian said shyly. Sometimes she hated being the center of attention. "Anyways, Angelz, we should get going to the crime!"

Her fellow Angelz nodded. When they spotted the scene of crime, they looked at eachother and nodded. They jumped down from the tree they were on.

"Girls who will save the day! Royale Angelz!" the four said, doing their signature pose of four people. (Sakura and Mikan doing the same as before, while Yumika and Starian are backs facing eachothers' backs- is that a pun?-, both pointing at the cause of the crime)

"R-Royale Angelz! But didn't you guys go on vacation or something!" the man gasped in horror.

"We'll never leave a person that's in trouble!" Starian declared in determination. "We automatically hear a cry of help, anytime, anywhere! We can tell if it's fake or real! That's why we're here! That's why we're alive!"

The man gulped and the knife he held clattered to the pavement. He ran away as quick as a man like him could, but would the Angelz leave him running? Oh no. They were going to turn him in to the police. As easily and quickly as possible, they captured the man and, as they promised, sent him to jail.

The police thanked the girls. The officer who took the man in grinned at the 4 Angelz. "I heard about what happened before. So you guys are altogether now, huh, StarYuMiKura?" he asked.

"Oh no, it's still StarMiKura. Also, we have yet another member," Starian smiled, which confused Yumiru. "Huh?" she dumbly blinked. "Oh right! We didn't tell you!" Scarlett and Marina exclaimed together. Yumiru felt a pain in her heart, but shrugged it off.

Scarlett and Marina explained to both the officer and Yumiru about their new 5th member. They thought that their signature pose with 4 Angelz wasn't good enough, and also, before Yumiru came back, they needed another member to back them up in case one of the Angelz couldn't make it, or was occupied. They thought it was useful to have a 5th member as well.

When the two finished explaining, Yumiru and the police officer turned to the leader of Royale Angelz to ask about her opinion, only to find the latter having disappeared. The Angelz sighed and turned to the officer.

"Sorry, she always disappears like that," Marina giggled weakly.

The officer shrugged it off. "I'm lucky enough to have talked to you three," he grinned.

Of course, even though Sakura and Mikan knew about Yumika's secret, it didn't mean no one else who saw what happened was suspicious. Yuki didn't understand why Yumika had gone to the washroom so long, and was also curious to why Yumika forgot him, then was cold to him. Hotaru, who was spying on them, was confused to why and how Mikan knew Sakura and Yumika in the past, seeing as she saw every conversation between the 3 girls, and was the best friend of Mikan ever since 4 years old. Another suspecting person would be Hyuuga Natsume. He didn't know why Mikan's personality changed so suddenly, and he was not going to accept the fact that Mikan wasn't cheerfully annoying anymore. Ruka was wondering how Mikan knew Yumika, seeing he was one of Mikan's childhood friends too, ever since age 3 and a half. These 4 suspecting people wanted to find out the answers to their questions, and none had a clue to the answer.

One day, the 4 people met up and asked eachother their own question. Natsume asked Hotaru, since she always knew everything. Hotaru asked Yuki, who was Yumika's childhood friend. Yuki asked Ruka, who was Mikan's childhood friend. Ruka asked Natsume, who always observed Mikan and get to the correct conclusions of his wonders on Mikan. But neither had the answers, or a hint. Since that day, which was November 6, they started conjuring plans to see if they can figure out the answers, or at least a clue. But Lady Luck wasn't ever on their side.

Now, it was nearly the end of winter, and there wasn't even the tiniest clue to any one of the fours' questions. By now, Sakura, Mikan and Yumika had figured out what those four people were thinking, and they were always cautious around them, although not noticable.

Since their avoiding the suspecting people would make them even more suspicious, that's all the girls could do. But it still made the fours' plans unable to be carried out. At first, the three girls thought that Hotaru, Natsume, Ruka and Yuki were crazy. Now they knew the plans...

...And now was March 15th.

Finally, on June 29th, they finally got a clue. There was only one clue, and the four people knew that if they didn't upgrade their plans, it was going to take 50 years to figure out the answers. For they had used up a whole school year just to find out, not two, or three, or four or more clues, but only ONE clue.

But still, the clue they found out gave them quite a surprise...