Gakuen Alice Fan Fiction ❯ RAxEG ❯ Their Lives ( Chapter 3 )

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ÿþChapter 3: Royale Angelz- Their Lives

The clue was a very important clue, as Hotaru had said. Wanna know more? Well, read on.

"Can't you see? Now that we understand the clue, we can easily gather more information!" Hotaru exclaimed, which was unusual. "Hn," Natsume boredly yawned. Hotaru glared at him icily. "If you don't want to know the answer to your own question, you're free to leave," she said.

"Who made YOU in charge of us?" Natsume sneered, unaffected by the glare he recieved.

Yuki and Ruka coughed a little and put their hands up. Natsume grumbled, "Fine, fine!" Hotaru smirked in victory and sat on her couch. From that, the 4 people started to realize more clues pretty easily.

Little did they know, that the clue they got was FAKE...

*Somewhere else*

At the same moment that the four were speaking, a young girl stood on top of the tallest building in Japan, which was close to the clouds, but not close enough. The young girl had a bright blue hoodie and a smiled graced her face.

...But that smile was fake.

Soon enough, tears started strolling down her face and her smiled immediately disappeared. She knelt to the ground and hugged her knees. The young girl's hood fell of, revealing her face.

She had eyes of the colour icy blue and blonde hair that wasn't quite as bright as Ruka's. She now wore a sad smile on her face as she slowly looked up to the sky.

"Daddy, why me? Why must I be the-"

------------------------------------ ------------------------------------- -------------------------

Currently, Mikan, Sakura and Yumika are sitting on a bench of the elementary building. They were smiling happily, although the smile had a secret as well. Yumika looked at her friends, and immediately recognized them as two of the four girls she had seen in her dream when she was young.

Yumika gasped, causing Mikan and Sakura to look at her with worry and panic seen on their faces. "What is it, Yumi-chan?" Sakura asked worriedly. Yumika shook her head, gulping. "Nothing, it's just," she hesitated. "Never mind. It's not quite important."

Sakura and Mikan looked at eachother. Sakura nodded, as if looking at her best friend meant talking. She took a deep breath. "Yumika, how about I take you on a ride? I bet you'll feel better," Sakura smiled at Yumika.

Yumika smiled brightly, but then the smile on her face turned into an expression of confusion. "A ride? We don't use cars in AA. And we're not allowed to go out of the academy through the gates," she pointed out.

Sakura smirked playfully. "But there's a weak point in the barrier surrounding the academy. There's always a loop to everything. There's always an escape in this world," Sakura told Yumika, recalling someone's words, closing her eyes as her hair blew in the wind. "Always," she said, opening her eyes and looking at Yumika. "A wise young person once told me that," she smiled.

Yumika nodded. "Okay. So where's the weak point? I'd like to escape on my own one day," she joked.

"Well, you know how the barrier surrounds the whole entire school?" Yumika nodded. "Not really. At the very top of the barrier, there's a weak point. Nobody, not even the students with the flying or floating or anything to do with being in the sky or whatever alice, can go that high up. Also, the teachers can't make that strong a barrier, and so they think that the students can't escape. They are also relieved to see that nobody knows of the weak point," Yumika raised an eyebrow at this. "But only from their resources. Because otherwise, how would I know of it? Some other super secretive people know too," Sakura ended her explanation.

"Eh? But you shouldn't be able to reach it. You don't even have a flying alice or anything similar. If they can't reach how can we?" Yumika asked. "And, we can't get our wings until there's a real crime. Even if we can transform."

Sakura smirked. She snapped her fingers, while saying something in her mind. Mikan giggled. Wings appeared on Sakura's back, but only wings. No transformation whatsoever. Yumika was shocked. "EH! HOW!"

------------------------------------ ------------------------------------- --------------------------

"-official daughter of God? Why couldn't Yumiru, Scarlett, Marina or even Chizura be it! They're older than me. I like having thatposition, but why me?" she murmured, whispering the last sentence. Tears streaked her beautiful face.

The girl got up, wiping all evidence of her crying. She put on a stoic face and opened her wings. She sighed, and looked back up at the sky. "I'm sorry," she whispered. Then, she flew in the sky, camouflaging with clouds. She closed her wings and put a sleeping spell on herself that lasted 30 minutes. She hoped she'd die.

Meanwhile, an Alice who escaped the AAO saw the girl. He realized what she was doing, and without hesitation, he ran to save her. He had no idea why he did it, but he carried the girl to a treehouse he had built a few years ago. It was in a secret hideout he had found.

The young boy finally noticed the now fading wings on the girl's back and he immediately thought, 'She's an angel? Why would she try to commit suicide?'

The said angel stirred in her sleep, and woke up suddenly. The first thing she saw was the young boy's shocked face. She looked to her back and sighed. "No helping it then," she shrugged, snapping her fingers and her wings appeared again. "Who are you? Why did you save me?" she turned to the boy.

"Is that any way to be treating your saviour? Anyways, I'm Shunsuke Yuito. Call me Yuito or something. I don't care. Also, I myself don't know why I saved you. I did it unconciously, don't ask me. But, seeing I already saved you, might as well continue to help you, Angel," Yuito said, lying on the bed the young angel was on.

The girl bit her lip. 'Shunsuke-san seems trustworthy, but he's an AAO member,' she thought. "How can I trust you? You're from the AAO!" the girl pointed out her thoughts. Yuito narrowed his eyes. "Are you a student of GA?" he asked cautiously.

"Nope. As an angel and the official daughter of God, I know everything that's going on... Except romantic stuff. It's not my specialty."

"Okay. Mind telling me your name, then? Or at least give me something to call you."

"I'm kinda making this up. Let's pretend my name is Ayuwara Hoshiko Ran."

"Eh? Hoshiko as in 'Girl of the Stars'? And Ran as in 'Waterlily'? Then can I call you Star or Lily? Hoshiko is your middle name, right?"

"Ah, if you really want to know, then, most people call me Star. But Hoshiko is fine as well," the girl smiled a little, which was rare, for she did not smile for someone whom she just met. Realizing what she did, her smile disappeared.

Yuito smiled. "Ok, then how about your disguise name be Hoshiko Hikari? You know, to other people other than me. I'll call you Hoshiko!" he hugged Hoshiko. Hoshiko pushed him away. Yuito noticed what he did, and he turned the other way. "Sorry, that didn't seem like me. I really don't know what happened. It's just like when I saved you," he murmured, blushing.

Hoshiko shrugged. "Not my problem," she said, not caring at all. Yuito raised an eyebrow, then shrugged too. "But, your name isn't Hoshiko, right?" he said, glancing at Hoshiko. The angel looked to the side. "You're right," she admitted.

Yuito sighed and hugged Hoshiko. "I know I'm from the AAO and I'm someone you just met, but I wish you'd be more honest with me," he said. His bangs covered his eyes, and then he suddenly felt funny. He looked at Hoshiko and pushed her down on the bed, forcing a kiss on her. Hoshiko's eyes widened, and immediately pushed him away, getting off the bed. Instantly, Yuito grabbed her hand and pushed her back.

Hoshiko didn't know what was happening. She was just a beginner as a Goddess, and hadn't learned everything yet. She didn't know what Yuito was doing. "Shunsuke-san, what are you doing?" she managed to say between kisses.

Yuito snapped back to conciousness. "W-what the?" he said, looking at Hoshiko and his position. "A-ah! S-sorry!" he apologized. Hoshiko glared at him. With that, she went to the wooden door and flew away.

"WAIT! HOSHIKO!" Yuito ran to the window closest to where Hoshiko flew away from.

Yuito flopped on the bed, and face palmed himself. "Why did I do that?" he pondered on this for a while. "Oh no. I-it can't be! I- I like her?" He tried convincing himself it wasn't true, but the YES side always won. He gave up, knowing that it was true. It wasn't a lie.

Yuito, who is now frustrated, decided to search for Hoshiko. "I just met her," he sighed, unable to believe he fell for a girl who's actually a real angel, within an hour.

Sakura giggled along with Mikan. "Sorry, Yumi! We hid this from you, but we'll explain now!" they said, not at all sorry. Yumika pouted at this. Sakura noticed it, and smiled warmly. "Sorry," she apologized sincerely.

Yumika nodded, and smiled to show Sakura that she accepted the apology. "So, can we explain now?" Mikan interrupted. Everyone looked at eachother. "I don't think I need one. I knew about it all along. I'm glad I don't have to listen to your long explanation," Yumika proudly boasted.

Sakura and Mikan stared at her. Yumika laughed. "I'm joking! I'm joking! I just wanna get outta here now!" she honestly said. The two nodded.

"Let's go!" Sakura grinned. Then, she took her 'necklace' out. "The key that holds the power of the stars. Reveal your true form to me. I, Sakura, command thee under our contract. Release!" she chanted.

Now, she was holding her Star Wand. "I can shorten the spells now and since I'm the Card Mistress, I can say them in my head without the wand!" Sakura proudly told Yumika.

With that, they flew off.

Yuito was running through the city, trying to find Hoshiko. 'Where could she be? Wait, did she possibly go back to Heaven?' he wondered with panic.

His heart ached. He didn't want Hoshiko to go back to up above! He needed to see her again. He swore to himself he would find her, even if it meant killing himself to go to Heaven. Yuito sadly approached the last place he knew of in Tokyo. The big forest his treehouse was in. He doubted Hoshiko would go back here. But he wanted to try.

Just then, he saw-

------------------------------------ ------------------------------------- -----------

Since Sakura and Yumika were out of the Academy, they could transform and get their wings, seeing outside the Academy had tons of bad things happening.

"Let's do this in a record of less than 30 minutes!" Yumika declared happily. Sakura agreed, "Let's do this!"

As the two angels had declared, they'd solved every problem and crime there was in a mere 30 minutes. All over Japan, the police were happy that most of the criminals have been turned in.

Yumika and Sakura were satisfied with this, and high-fived eachother. They were tired though, so they went to the nearest forest there was.

As you have probably predicted, yes, Yuito saw Yumika and Sakura in his treehouse. He noticed the wings on Yumika and Sakura's backs, and thought of an idea.

Yuito shook awake both Yumika and Sakura. The two girls awakened. They noticed Yuito. "Ara? Doushite Sakura ko watashi ko desu wa? (Why are Sakura and I here?)" Yumika wondered aloud.

"Um, there's this angel I met a while ago. She told me to call her Ayuwara Hoshiko Ran, but I suggested to call her Hoshiko Hikari or something. I kinda went unconcious and kissed her. Please tell me where she is. She said she's the official daughter of God," Yuito stated.

Yumika and Sakura looked at eachother in horror. "Oh no," they both whispered, the colour draining from their faces. They faced Yuito. "You fell in love with Sta- I mean, Hoshiko?" Yumika gulped, fearing the answer. Yuito blushed, and the two angels knew what this meant.

Yumika stood up. Yuito immediately recognized her. Sakura also stood. Yuito finally realized who he was talking to. "Eh! Anata wa Yumiru Diamond and Scarlett Rose of Prism Stream AND Royale Angelz!" he gasped.

"Shunsuke Yuito-san, I have bad news," Yumiru said, biting her lip. "You fell in love with our leader," Scarlett added. Yuito's expression turned into one of confusion. "But she looked different," he pointed out

"That's because the way she usually looks on concerts and stuff aren't her real self. She uses yet another transformation," Yumiru explained. "She has 5 official main transformations. Prism Stream, Royale Angelz, Human Disguise, Angel Form and Goddess A. Form," Scarlett continued for Yumiru.

"Goddess A?"

"You see, she's an apprentice because God is still not dead yet. Unfortunately, before the official baby boy angel was born from Goddess Hikari, she died. Our leader has a twin, but he's a bad example for God. Well, that's his bad boy act in front of everyone except Leader. He loves her, but he knows that they can only be twins. However, he's still overprotective over her. You can probably call that sister-complex. But he says it's not and that it's real love. Only God knows what he's thinking. I mean, whoops! God doesn't!"

"Anyways, I'll continue, Yumiru. Yuito, Hoshiko doesn't love anyone in that way. You have 1 out of 100,000 chance to making her love you. The one who has the highest chance would be her brother. He's struggled his way up the walls of loving Hoshiko. Oh yeah, her name isn't Hoshiko, but I guess that's what you call her. Anyways, Hoshiko isn't a merciful person. Even if she was to love someone with all her heart, she wouldn't spare a second to kill that person if he/she betrays her. She's merciless. She'd only give chances to the members of Royale Angelz, her brother and her father, I mean, our father. Argh! You explain, Yumiru!"

"Okay. So, you see, the official children of God Hikaru and Goddess Hikari are Hoshiko and her brother. Royale Angelz are also children of God, but he wasn't the God that time. Goddess Hikari was forced to give birth to babies by God's brother, Haruto. Hikaru killed his brother when he found out. But he treats us nicely, so Hikaru is still our father. What doesn't make sense is that Hoshiko was born WAY after us, even though she was the first baby. So we don't know her identity. Anything else to tell him, Scarlett?"

"I think that's all we should tell a... human."

Yuito was shocked to hear all this, and it was hard for him to take it in all at once. "Oh my effing god. Is Hoshiko really like this? Oh, and how come those names, except Hikari, sound so not like their names?" he said as soon as he recovered.

"Is that the first thing you ask?" the two angels chorused.


"Well, Yuito-san, Hoshiko will come back soon. Just hold in your hormones!" Yumiru teased as she and Scarlett went to the door. They jumped a little and flew back to the Academy.

Yuito flushed and went to bed. "Is that really how their life goes? Her life seems so mysterious. No wait, I mean their lives," he murmured as he pulled the covers over himself.