Gakuen Alice Fan Fiction ❯ Time waits for no one ❯ Repair/broken ( Chapter 3 )

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This is totally Mikan & Natsume people! I love them together! And Ruka and Hotaru 2! Now that’s cleared up, thanks for taking the time to review. Also there may be a bit Ruka & Mikan in here but, I cant throw Natsume and Mikan together from the start, they need some hardships people!

Hotaru: Good thing you did review…although I want to test my new invention *pulls out new non-reviewer gun*

Mimi: Why are you here? Where’s Mikan and Natsume?

Hotaru: *glares* Something about a Baka writer screwing everything up…

Mimi: *vein throbbing* B---Baka?! *pulls out her own baka gun*

Hotaru: She’s trying to say she doesn’t own Gakuen alice…just this story *runs*

Everyone waited in class 2b, something was up. Natsume had walk in alone for one, not to mention he was blowing smoke out of his ears, literally. Secondly when Ruka walk in, he hesitated before he sat down next to Natsume. And usually whenever Mikan is late which she is Natsume is late to. The door flew open just as the sub. Took his place hiding under the desk.

“Hi everyone!” Mikan greeted, in her usual to happy mood. She look around the classroom, her eyes landed on Hotaru. “HOTARU!” she ran forwards arms open. Baka! Mikan fell back, but didn’t cry. She had come somewhat immune to the Baka gun, which made Hotaru think she made need to upgrade. She went to take her seat in the back. “Hi Ruka!” she said. Ruka smiled.

“Hi Mikan,” he said. She place her eyes on Natsume, and the light in her eyes fading for just a second.

“Natsume,” she said simply. He gave her a nod. Everyone gasp. Mikan never greeted Natsume so….casually. And Natsume never missed a chance to insult Mikan. Sumire was basically at the edge of her seat, her Natsume! Her Natsume was going to…Koko place his hand on her shoulder. Maybe Natsume wasn’t hers anymore…..she kept quiet. Hotaru frowned, Mikan was being quiet, which usually would delight her, but it was a sorrowful silence. On the board they were instructed to read chapters 9 & 10. Mikan open her book and started reading. Hotaru did to, acting like she didn’t care. Ruka did some of his work, but he kept peeking at Mikan. And Natsume was his usually self reading a Manga.

After class Hotaru stop Mikan.

“Mikan..” she said. Mikan smiled at her, a fake smile.

“Hotaru! What’s up? Want to go to central town with me?” Hotaru shook her head.

“I have to work on my new invention. Mikan, what happen between you and Natsume?” Usually Hotaru wouldn’t waste time asking, but since she didn’t feel like snooping today surprise! she figured she just ask.

“What do you mean? Were fine, except him being a jerk, pervert, and a ..”

“You read the same page in your reading book for a hour and you didn’t even say hi to him.” Mikan felt her smile waver, oh well Hotaru was her best friend. Mikan eyes filled with tear.

“Hotaru!” she leap into her arms, crying on her shoulder. Hotaru sighed, now she wouldn’t finish her invention in time.

Natsume sat under his favorite Sakura tree having a mental fight with himself.

Are you happy? She’s never going to talk to you…us again!

Yes, I am happy. Didn’t you see what she did to herself, she’s to stupid anyways.

You can’t do this! I won’t let you keep her away…

She’ll die, Persona knows she cares about me….even if it isn’t the way he thinks…..if he finds out I care too, she’ll die.

You care?

I don’t know

I think you do

I know

Then just…

Shut the fuck up! Just leave me alone!

Natsume sighed, finally the voice had faded. He knew where he stood in life, why couldn’t she see where he stood to. He stood in the darkness, and when anyone step into his world there life was threatened. But still , she didn’t say hi. She didn’t turn the page, and she cried. Even he wasn’t so cold not to feel distressed over Mikan crying. Making a girl cry is one thing, but Mikan cry…. Mikan, little Miss go ahead insult me, I’ll still smile Mikan?! Who was he? He didn’t know, he knew he should have never step in the light, it just makes it harder to see in the dark… *sniffles* NATSUME!!!]

“Thank Ruka for coming with me!” Mikan exclaimed, now bright eyes and smiley again. Ruka blushed.

“No problem, I wanted to come here anyways..” she smiled, he smiled back. Mikan look to the sky, she wouldn’t think of him…he was just a boy anyways….a perverted one at that…a sakura tree sitting, panty peeking, hard but soft, fire casting…. “So what are you getting here anyways?” he ask her, snapping her out of her thoughts.

“Oh, um. I ant fluff puffs…” she drooled happily, fluff puffs……

“You spend all your allowance on fluff puffs don’t you?” Mikan got a sad look.

“No, Hotaru takes half my allowance, I owe her some series rabbits! She said she would take all of it if wasn’t for the fact I would have to borrow more money from her t buy anything.” 0ikan sighed, she could have two big boxes of fluff puffs instead of one if it wasn’t for Hotaru.

“How about I treat you today then? That way you still have some rabbits left.” Mikan eyes shimmered.

“Thanks Ruka!” she hop to the fluff puff store, the puffy man behind the counter.

“Back again Mikan?” she smiled and nodded.

“Fluff puffs please!” he chuckled and got a box from behind the counter, a secret Mikan box he kept so she could still get her fluff puffs even on busy days. Ruka handed him the rabbits while Mikan stuffed herself. In-between gobs she look up and shoved one in Ruka’s mouth. He was caught off guard and swallowed, he blushed ten shades of red.

“Uh. Thanks,” he spat out. By now they had taken seat on a bench. Mikan smiled, she already felt better. Ruka was always there to cheer her up when Hotaru was gone, he was basically her third best friend. She mentally slap herself, she met second….her second best friend.

“No thank you Ruka, I’m glad you came.” he blushed, could his face get anymore red? Mikan suddenly realized something…Ruka liked…Ruka liked….FLUFF PUFFS. And he must have been to embarrassed to ask her for one which is why his face was all red. *falls 2 the ground* what u didn’t think she would actually get it did u? She shoved another in his mouth. “Ruka, if you like Fluff puffs just tell me!” she said. He nodded, she was so clueless…..

Hotaru smiled, Natsume. That fire caster was going to pay, you can’t just mess with her best friend feelings and get away with it.

“Natsume,” she said in her monotone voice. He look up, how did Imai know about the sakura tree?

“Imai, I don’t feel like talk..”

“Mikan,” she said. He shut up, what now she was going to pester him too?

“You don’t know the full story. Do talk to me tell you know the story of the scar on her arm.” Hotaru tilted her head, what scare? She didn’t respond, instead she walk off. Someone was keeping secrets.

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