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Stanza 4
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Sakuna watched as Ryuichi and the others passed by her and the band and she stared at his back for a moment, in a daze before snapping out of it and blinking. She blinked again, this time in surprise as Sakura's hand shot out, grasping the 26 year old singer's wrist and tugging her forward. Sakura beamed at her, only adding to Sakuna's confusion.

" You can see them better from here ~ !" she chirped before turning to watch them. Mr.K stood by Yuna, his arms folded across his chest and his eyes closed. Sakuna stared as she watched Ryuichi's expression go from carefree to serious in a split second.

" Hey ! He's like you, Sakuna-hime !" chimed Kokoro, slinging an affectionate arm around said girl's shoulders.

" Eh ?" was her intelligent reply as she blinked. Mikomi scowled, walking over and whacking Kokoro over the head.

" Don't be mean to Sakuna-hime." was her answer as she ignored Kokoro's whining. Sakuna and the others looked over as Ryuichi began to sing. Against her will, Sakuna felt her heart skip a beat and she turned away, covering her face with her hand as a blush spread across her cheeks.

' Wh-what's wrong with me ? Why am I blushing ?' she thought, hoping no one noticed her sudden behavior. Unfortunately, Sakura noticed and she turned to the aquamarine haired girl.

" Eh ? Sakuna-hime, are you okay ?" she asked in concern, seeing the girl's back turned to them. Pulling the brim of her page boy cap to shade her eyes, Sakuna answered with a quick,

" Y-yeah, I'm fine. I'm just going to get some fresh air." She moved towards the stairs quickly, dashing down them and out the door. Once outside, she let out a breath she didn't know she was holding as she leaned against the wall, leaning her head back and closing her eyes. Her eyes snapped open and a light frown graced her features. She shook her head, sending her aqua colored locks swishing against her back and shoulders.

" I wonder if they thought I was acting weird.." she spoke softly.

~*~ Back in the Concert Hall ~*~

" I wonder what's up with Sakuna-hime..." said Sakura, staring at where the young singer had been moments before, before dashing down the stairs and out of the building. Yuna didn't reply, her eyes remaining closed as she thought of possible reasons for her little sister's behavior. A slight frown graced her lips. Was Sakuna sick ? With a sigh, Yuna stored it away in her mind to ask Sakuna later if she was feeling alright. Mikomi blinked as Ryuichi,Shuichi and Hiroshi came back, joining them in their little group.

" Eh ? Where's Sakuna-san ?" asked Shuichi. Ryuichi blinked before looking for the aqua eyed singer. Kokoro smiled, bouncing up.

" She said she was going to get some fresh air and then ran out of here like a bat out of hell !" she chirped, grinning. The rest of the group sweatdropped.

" Seriously, how can you stand to say it like that ?" asked Mikomi, giving her a blank, dull stare. Shuichi blinked as Ryuichi moved towards the stairs.

" Ah, Ryuichi-san, where are you going ?" he asked curiously. Ryuichi smiled at him.

" Me and Kumogoro are going to see if Koyashi-san is alright." he said, pulling out the familiar stuffed rabbit out of his pocket. ( A/N : He can't be Ryuichi with out Kumogoro ! ) He waved over his shoulder before going down the stairs.

~*~ With Sakuna ~*~

Within a few minutes, Sakuna's nerves were settles and she rested comfortably against the wall. She vaguely heard the door open, but she paid it no attention.

" Koyashi-san ?" asked a familiar voice and Sakuna internally panicked as the blush fought to rise to her cheeks as she turned to face the 31 year old blue eyed boy. ( Yes, I did my research and found that Ryuichi is, indeed, 31.)

" Y-Yes, Ryuichi-san ?" she answered, her aquamarine eyes locking with his cobalt orbs. Sakuna felt the breath leave her lungs, and she tried to look away, but couldn't.

" Why are you out here ?" Ryuichi asked. Sakuna looked away.
" I...I came out here for some fresh air." was her quick reply, a light blush crossing her face. Ryuichi smiled as he watched Sakuna blush as she looked away. He had to admit, it was cute. The door opened again and Yuna stepped out, followed by Sakura,Mikomi,Kokoro, Shuichi,Hiroshi and Mr.K. Yuna walked over to Sakuna, grabbing her by the wrist and pulling her closer, putting a hand to said 26 year old's forehead. Sakuna blinked in confusion.

" Eh ?" she said, voicing her confusion.

" I'm making sure your feeling okay." was Yuna's answer as she pulled her hand away from her little sister's forehead.

" I'm fine." said Sakuna, smiling. Kokoro bounced over to Sakuna, clinging to the poor girl as she whined, anime tears streaming down her face.

" I'm hungry ! ~ " she pouted. Mikomi scowled in annoyance.

" Too bad, we're not-" she was interrupted by the soft growling of a stomach and she turned to Sakuna, who was looking away with a blush on her cheeks as she rubbed her arm.

" S-sorry." she apologized. Mikomi's scowl softened.

" Alright, we'll go get something to eat." said Yuna. She turned to the boys. " You are welcome to come with us if you wish." she offered.

" Yay !" cheered Ryuichi as they headed down the street towards a sushi shop. Sakuna's expression was thoughtful as she stared at the blue sky overhead with a smile on her lips, her hands intertwined behind her back.

" Sakuna-hime, come on !" cried Sakura. Sakuna looked up, having stopped walking to stare at the sky.

" Ah ! Coming !" she cried, catching up quickly.

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Kokoro blinked, struggling to focus on the beat of the drums and she gasped as her vision swam. Vaguely, she felt herself slide off the chair she sat on, the drumsticks falling from her hands as her eyes slid shut as she hit the floor with a thud.

" Kokoro-chan !?" cried Sakura, setting her guitar on the floor before running to the blue haired drummer, followed by Sakuna,Mikomi and Yuna, who had dashed out onto the stage.

" She's just exausted, that's all." said the doctor, making Sakuna burst into tears, her shoulders shaking as she buried her face into her hands. Yuna looked on as Ryuichi and Sakura tried to comfort the distressed singer.

" I don't know I would have done if she..." Yuna trailed off as tears welled up in her eyes as well, and she shook her head, resting her forehead on her palm. Mr.K looked at her.

" Kobashi-san is okay, is she not ?" he asked and Yuna nodded, hiccuping.
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