Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Kin no Shuichi ❯ 1: A Gravitation Christmas ( Chapter 1 )

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Kin no Shuichi Written by:Chochowilliams Disclaimer:I do not own Gravitationor the characters from it.  I do not make any money from the writing of this story. Summary:  Things were good.  Or so Shuichi thought, but one mistake by Eiri could throw everything they’ve worked so heard for out the window. Chapter Summary:  It’s Christmas and Shuichi wonders why they’ve never celebrated it. Warning:M/M, romance, angst, OOC-ness, language, Shuichi/Eiri, implied Eiri/oc, implied Shuichi/oc A/N:  This is a series of one-shots that evolve around a storyline.  Hope you enjoy it.   +---+---+---+   Chapter 1: A Gravitation Christmas   “Hey, Yuki?" called Shuichi from the breakfast bar early one evening.  He was sitting on one of the brand new bar stools in their newly renovated kitchen with his chin resting on his cupped hands.  His slippered feet swung freely.  Violet eyes watched his golden eyed lover move about with practiced ease.  It bewildered Shuichi how Eiri could do a hundred different things at once and keep it all straight.  If it were him, he would have burnt something, broke something, completely screwed up some basic technique even a mentally challenged individual could do in his sleep.  Not to mention, he would have cut and/or burnt himself numerous times.   “Nn,” was Eiri’s non-committal reply.   “Why don’t we celebrate Christmas?”   The question startled Eiri.  He blinked at his pink-haired idiot in surprise.  “What?”   Shuichi glanced briefly at the steak Eiri was frying in the non-stick fry pan.  His mouth starting watering.  It looked so good.  If it wasn’t for Eiri, he probably would have gone hungry by now.  A man could only go so far on pocky and ramen.  “Christmas.”   “What brought this on?” Eiri asked curiously, turning back to the steak.  Out of the corner of his eyes, he checked the rice cooker.  It was still streaming.  A quick check of the time assured him that the rice should be done any time now.  The vegetables still needed to be cooked, but they would take only a couple of minutes.   “Well, you know that easy rock station that plays Christmas music for like a month before Christmas?  Well,” Shuichi continued without bothering to wait for a reply, “they started earlier than usual this year and all the stores have their Christmas stuff out and little Chiori was at the studio the other day and she was telling me what she was asking Santa for and it got me thinking-“   “So that was what that smell was,” Eiri interrupted with a smirk.   Shuichi glared at his writer lover’s back.  Then glanced about.  Nothing.  It was too bad.  He really wanted something to chuck at Eiri’s head.  Bastard.  Pulling at his eye, he stuck out his tongue.  He than squealed when a semi-frozen piece of broccoli whacked his forehead.  “Ow,” he whined, rubbing his head.   Eiri snorted.  “Baka.”   With one last scowl, Shuichi tossed the frozen vegetables into the trash can.  Yes!  Three points!  He was amazed it even made it.   Sighing, he turned back to watch Eiri tip the pan over the butcher block cutting board set on the counter before him.  The steak, well-done knowing Eiri, slid out with ease.  Shuichi’s stomach growled.  Blushing, he laid a hand over his stomach.  It felt like it was imploding.  God, he was hungry.   “What was Chiori doing at the studio?”  Eiri returned the open to the stove, setting it on an empty back burner.  Then ripping open a bag of frozen stir fry vegetables with his teeth, dumped the entire bag into the wok.   Chiori was the only child of Mika and Tohma.  The three-year old was spoiled beyond belief.  She was also quite a talker, much like her uncle Shuichi.  Or would that be “aunt”?   “Uh?  Oh, uhm, I guess she and Ms. Mika were taking Mr. Seguchi out to lunch, because Mr. Seguchi’s such a work-aholic that he tends to forget to eat but when they showed up he was in a meeting so Ms. Mika brought Chiori down to visit while they waited.”   It always amazed Eiri that Shuichi could manage to say so much with one breath.  But then again, the brat was a singer after all.  With his astonishing lung capacity, anything was possible.  With a devilishly sly glint in his eyes, Eiri smirked.   “She wants this Barbie make-up head thingy.”   Eiri rolled her eyes as he dumped the vegetables into the waiting bowl.  He carried it to the breakfast bar and set it before Shuichi.  Picking up a knife, he began slicing the steak into thin strips.   Shuichi raised his gaze from the mouthwatering steak to Eiri’s face and then back down.  He fiddled with his hands in his lap nervously.  “Eiri?” he called cautiously.   Eiri sighed.  Finished chopping the steak, he moved the strips of meat onto a platter already on the bar besides the vegetables.  “Shu…”   “Please, Eiri?”   Raising his head, against his better judgment, he met hose large tear filled eyes and that trembling lower lip jutting out in a pout and cursed at the power of his baka’s cuteness.  “Shu…Why?  We’ve never celebrated it before…We’re not even Christian.”  Weak response, but still true.   Shuichi dropped his gaze.  He slumped down in disappointment.   Heaving a disgusted sigh, Eiri went to check on the rice.  It was finally done.  Grabbing a spoon out of the drawer, he scooped out the rice and transferred it to a second bowl which he brought to the counter and sat down next to the others.   It was not exactly true that they did not celebrate Christmas, but neither did they actually celebrate it.  Maybe if they had children it would be different.  As it were, they exchanged gifts with friends and relatives and even bought each other a present or two, but there was no tree, no lights, no mistletoe waiting to ambush him, no garland, no stockings hung by the chimney with care and since they were Buddhist and not Christian, there certainly were no figurines representing the birth of Christ.  It just was not a holiday Eiri particularly cared for.  In his opinion, the whole thing was overrated.  Eiri studied his depressed lover as the singer listlessly dug into the white rice he had drowned in soy sauce.  Christmas may just be an over commercialized fiasco, but if it was that important to Shuichi…   “I’ll think about it.”   Shuichi’s head snapped up, surprise was written clearly across his face.  Then a wide grin slowly appeared.  “Really?”  Without waiting for a reply, Shuichi tossed his chopsticks down and threw his hands into the air.  Hopping off the stool, which tipped over and fell over, clattering noisily against the travertine tiled floor, Shuichi began jumping up and down shouting ludicrously.  “Yes!  Yes!  Yes!”   “I only said I’d think about it,” Eiri tried to say above the migraine inducing din.   “Oh, thank you Eiri!” Shuichi gushed, turning towards his lover with hearts in his eyes and his hands clasped before him.  He leapt around the counter and standing up on his tiptoes, quickly gave Eiri a peck on the lips.  “I love you!”  Then he went skipping out of the kitchen.  “This means we need to go buy a tree.  Maybe Ma’ll know where to get one?  Then there’s lights and tinsel and garland and mistletoe and I can have Hiro drop me off at my place to pick up my ornaments and things and…”   Shuichi continued to prattle on as he made his way across the house to his home studio where he left his cellphone.  The door shutting behind him cut him off mid-sentence.   Apparently Eiri’s warning that he had not agreed to celebrate Christmas, but had in fact agreed to merely think about them celebrating the holiday had not penetrated Shuichi’s thick skull.
Eiri sighed heavily.  What had he gotten himself into?   ---TBC---   Preview:  “Only Idiots Catch Colds”   A/N:  Merry Christmas!  ¡Feliz Navidad! Joyeaux Noel!  Happy Chanukah.  Whatever it is you celebrate, have a good one!