Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Kin no Shuichi ❯ 2: Only idiots Catch Colds ( Chapter 2 )

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Kin no Shuichi Written by:Chochowilliams Disclaimer:I do not own Gravitationor the characters from it.  I do not make any money from the writing of this story. Summary:  Things were good.  Or so Shuichi thought, but one mistake by Eiri could throw everything they’ve worked so heard for out the window. Chapter Summary:  During some time off, Shuichi gets worried about how much he has been pigging out. Warning:M/M, romance, angst, OOC-ness, language, Shuichi/Eiri, implied Eiri/oc, implied Shuichi/oc A/N:  This is a series of one-shots that evolve around a storyline.  Hope you enjoy it.  Thank you to Yaoi’s Girl, coffee-house-girl, fahaar, Zakuro Haruno, Acherona, sonata hirano, Jade-t9 for your reviews.   +---+---+---+   Chapter 2: Only Idiots Catch Colds   His screams shattered the peaceful silence that had settled over the apartment.  Knowing it had been too good to be true, Eiri sat back with a heavy sigh.  Slipping off his glasses, he pinched the bridge of his nose and squeezed his hazel eyes golden like the sun against a looming headache that was threatening to split his head in two.   “Yuki!”   Eiri winced.  Here it comes, he thought as he set his glasses on his desk and out of harms way.  He pushed his chair back towards the wall.  How he could have possibly fallen in love with a bi-polar, energetic, depression-prone moron who just so happened to have the voice of an angel and the body of a god was beyond him.  “Three…two…one,” he mentally counted.   Right on cue, the door to his study, which Eiri could have sworn he locked, burst open and his pink-haired partner streaked in and latched himself around his waist.   “Yuki,” whined his brat.   Sighing, Eiri pat Shuichi’s head.  “What is it this time?”  He knew more than anyone, Shuichi needed what little down time Bad Luck got.  The last thing anybody needed was for Shuichi to collapse from exhaustion.  That would put Bad Luck on hiatus for an undetermined length of time, which would not make for very good business for NG Productions.  Unless that is, Hiro and Suguru decided to hire a new lead singer for the band to replace Shuichi.  Knowing his brother-in-law, Eiri would not put it passed him to do something do deviant.  But while this down time was necessary, at the same time the singer was causing Eiri to go through his medicine a lot quicker than normal.  So, why did he continually put up with the migraines and ulcers and the plain annoyance that was currently squeezing the life out of him?   Shuichi large violet eyes were swimming in tears.  Snot was drooling from his nose.  His lower lips jutted out.  His chin trembled.   He would not admit it, but in that moment Eiri’s heart skipped a beat.  It took everything he had to keep from dissolving into a puddle of goo.  Damn brat, he cursed silently.  Steeling himself, Eiri pried Shuichi off him.  Or tried to.  Shuichi was like a bad rash.  “Idiot!  Get off.  You’re getting my shirt dirty.”   “B-but Yuki!”   Eiri rolled his eyes.  I need a cigarette, he thought.  He inched his gaze towards the far side of his desk where his pack of smokes and lighter with its printed sticker of Shuichi and him from their first date sat.  Just out of reach.  Son of a bitch.   The headache was getting worse.   “But what?” Eiri snapped impatiently.  “I’ve got to finish this blasted chapter.  I don’t have time to put up with your crap.”   A tear rolled down Shuichi’s misery masked face.  His chin was trembling violently.  It reminded Eiri of how aggressively their bed was shaking this morning.  He smirked smugly at the thought.  It gave him a few ideas that had his jeans feeling uncomfortably snug.   “T-the, t-the…” Shuichi stuttered, pointing over his shoulder.   This was getting old.  “The what?”   “The s-scale…”   Whatever else he was trying to say was lost amongst sobs, but Eiri could not live with and worship Shuichi’s lithe, sexy body day after day without picking up a few things.  So even thought he could not understand the insistent ramblings, Eiri did get the gist.  Basically, their bathroom scale was broken.   “Bullshit.  It’s brand new.”   “B-but Yu~ki…!”   “But what?’ Eiri bit.   Shuichi cowered under Eiri’s intense anger.   Eiri sighed and tried to reign in his temper.  “What makes you think the scale is broken?” he asked in a more calm tone of voice.   With tears streaming down his face, Shuichi explained nearly incoherently, “I went to weigh myself because I’ve been pigging out these last few weeks because Mr. Seguchi gave us some time off because he said we’ve been working so hard and when I went to weigh myself the scale said…”   His voice trailed off into sniffles.   “Said what?” Eiri prodded gently.  It amazed and surprised him that he understood every single word of that rambling monologue.   “It said I was fa~a~at!”  Shuichi dissolved into a torrent of tears.   The corner of Eiri’s lips twitched in amusement.  Cocking an eyebrow, he regarded his hysterical lover.  “You?  Fat?”  The brat, as the saying went, was as thin as a rail.  If Shuichi turned sideways, he disappeared.  Being not only as hyperactive as a child with ADHD on a sugar high, but also having an unnaturally high metabolism, there was no problem of Shuichi ever becoming fat.  A sudden thought stilled Eiri.  His eyes narrowed.  He studied Shuichi a new.  “If you broke that thing, I swear to God…!”  Knowing Shuichi, Eiri would not put it passed him.  All Shuichi had to do was touch something and the damned thing broke.  It was like a curse.   Shuichi’s face crumbled.  His loud wails filled the tiny space.   Eiri swore he was going to go deaf before he reached thirty.  Sighing, he massaged his temples as his head continued to pound.  It felt like a drum solo was beating inside it.   Pushing out of his chair, Eiri stepped around his blubbering mess of a lover and out of the study.  He made his way down the hall to the bathroom.   Scrambling to his feet, Shuichi scurried after him.   Eiri strode across the travertine tiled dressing room towards the scale located in the corner across from the toilet.  Crouching, he picked up the scale and studied it carefully.  It did not look broken.  But then again looks could be deceiving.  Setting the scale back down, he glanced over his shoulder at Shuichi who was standing in the doorway with his head bowed gnawing on the hem of his shirt with a mixture of emotions playing across his face.   He crooked his finger at the younger man.  “Shu,” he called standing up.   Hesitantly, Shuichi dropped his shirt.  There was a wet spot where he had been nibbling.  Shuichi gulped and took a deep breath before starting towards Eiri.  Fear was outlined on Shuichi’s face and shinned in his eyes.  He stopped before Eiri with his head bowed.  Playing with the wet hem of his shirt, he studied his slippered feet against the speckled tile floor.   Eiri hated it when Shuichi acted do submissive.  It made him feel like a tyrant.  “Get on with it,” he ordered.   Without question, Shuichi stepped around Eiri and onto the scale.   Sighing, Eiri crouched back down and pressed the button on the side to activate the scale.  Immediately, a red blinking light appeared and raced around the screen.  It took several moments, but finally numbers appeared.  Three numbers.  Eiri frowned.   “See!  See!”  Shuichi shouted, pointing at the evil contraption.  “It’s either broken…”  His lower lip started trembling.  Tears filled his eyes.  His voice broke.  “Or I’m fat!”   Grabbing the scale. Eiri yanked it out from under his lover, which sent the singer flying back onto his backside.  Turning it over, Eiri studied the bottom of the device.  Immediately he saw the problem.  Idiot, he thought.  Rectifying the problem, Eiri then set the scale back down and got to his feet.  “There.  Try it now.”   Shuichi looked skeptically at Eiri, but complied.  Once again, the red cursor blinked to life and chased itself around the screen.  Only this time, the outcome was much different.  Instead of three red numbers flashing onto the small screen, there were only two.  Violet eyes went wide.  Shuichi gasped.  “Yuki,” he whispered in awe and wonder.  “You fixed it!”  Clasping his hands together, he turned towards Eiri with hearts in his eyes, but Eiri was already starting out the door.   “No, I didn’t,” Eiri denied.  “You had the damn thing on pounds.”  Then he was gone.   Shuichi stared after him in confusion.  Pounds?  He glanced down at the sleeping scale.  It hadn’t been on kilograms?  How in the world-?  Then it hit him.  “Maiko.”  His baby sister had been over visiting the other day with her American pen pal who had come to Japan for a visit for a few weeks.  She must have changed it and forgot to change it back.  A rush of relief swept through Shuichi.  So this meant he wasn’t fat?  And he was not responsible for breaking something else?  A laugh bubbled up inside of  him.  “Yahoo!” he shouted.   Eiri shook his head with an amused chuckle as Shuichi’s exclamation echoed down the hall.  Stepping into the study, he shut the door behind him.  It really was too bad the brat was just an idiot.  He had been looking forward to punishing his Pink Devil for breaking the scale.  Though if Shuichi had, by some strange flip of a coin, put on a little weight, it would have been a lot of fun trying to get him to shed all that unnecessary weight.   “Oh, well.”   …But then again…   He turned towards the closed study door with a sly smirk.  A loudly singing Shuichi passed by.  The song did not sound familiar.  But by the time he was finished with Shuichi, the brat would be singing the old classic that they both knew so well.   ---TBC---   Preview:  “That Sweet Lil’ Badonkadonk”   A/N:  Hey guys.  Me, again.  This would have been out last week, but with it being Christmas, things were a little crazy.  Anyway, what did you guys think?  There are a few more light chapters, and then it gets dark for a little bit, but then it’ll become light again…hopefully.  We’ll see, huh?  Anyway, Happy New Year!