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Chapter 4
Sakuma had dragged me around town all the way to the park where Shuichi and I had first met. The place I always find him when he's depressed.
Sakuma lets go of my hand with a bright smile, his precious Kumagoro under his arm.
“It's safe to talk, now!”
“What was it you said at the hospital?” I ask.
“Well…” he looks at the view of the city.
“Tell me!” I growl. “What happened to Shu—"
The little bastard covers my mouth, again.
“Shh!” he hisses. “You can't say the pink one's name! This is the only place he doesn't know about and saying the pink one's name would send out a signal to him.”
His hand slowly comes down. I can see that he's serious about this. I nod, cautiously.
“Who is this he?” I ask.
“The one who has the pink one! He is hiding him, somewhere.”
“Where? Where is my brat?”
His face becomes childish as he says, “If I knew that, I would have told you!”
“Then where can I find him?” The singer shakes his head. Damn. That's when I realize something. “Hey, wait a minute! Why is it that only you and I remember the brat?”
Sakuma sighs and puts his doll on the railing.
He can't control you—at least, not yet,” he answers, softly. “And me, he thinks I'm one of his creations. I'm not, though; I'm as free as you are, here. Whatever you do, don't reveal my secret or this place when you're in the city.”
I nod.
“Fine, then, but why am I here? What does he want from me? Did I really try to commit suicide over some deadline?”
Sakuma stares at me, shocked.
“Of course you didn't; you loved the pink one too much! And I don't think you'd ever do something like that! It's just his little cover story for why you actually fell.” Sakuma walks closer to me and whispers in my ear, “You're only here because he wants you, Yu-Yu.”
I begin to breathe deeply as I try to take in all this information. Me? Why does he want me?
“Only you, alone, can save the pink one, Yu-Yu,” Sakuma continues. “I'm just your self-appointed guide. You should relax, though.”
“Relax? How can I do that?” I yell, angrily. “Some bastard kidnapped my lover and you want me to relax?”
He takes his Kumagoro and hits me over the head with it.
“Yes, I want you to relax! You're still recovering from the lake accident! If you aren't careful, you will die and all hopes of saving the pink one will be gone!” He walks behind me and massages my shoulders. “Another thing you need to do is stop thinking about the bad things in your past! It will give him an easier time trying to control you; his powers on you work through grief. Don't succumb to him when he shows himself. Don't trust anyone except me.”
I nod at these instructions as the tension leaves my shoulders.
“How do I go about searching for my lover?” I ask.
“I don't know! Go about town as you usually do, just don't be suspicious.”
“Mika and Seguchi want me to be supervised wherever I go.”
“We could make it so that I drag you all over the city, then.” He stops working on my shoulders and grabs my hand. “Speaking of which, let's go to the candy shop near here!”
I look down on him. He looks so much like a child. It still amazes me that he's older than me. I pull my hand from him.
“No,” is my firm answer.
“But Yu-Yu! It would make the perfect alibi!”
I sigh deeply at this predicament. He can be so much like Shuichi. I just wish he'd stop calling me “Yu-Yu”.
In the candy shop, the singer went berserk and wanted to buy everything. I tried to convince him into buying just a few things. I bought everything he got, not really seeing what went into the large paper bag Sakuma is now carrying.
We're in front of the Bad Luck room, listening to the ravings of that one Sakami guy. Sakuma smiles at me, very cheerfully.
“Now, remember what we said and act casual!” he instructs.
I roll my eyes at him.
Inside, Sakano is spinning around while K is trying to shoot him into stopping. Nakano is watching with a laugh coming close. Fujisaki is at a corner of the room, sighing in exasperation. None of them seem to notice that their missing singer and I had entered.
Sakuma, in his child-like form, yells, “I'm back!”
Sakano stops spinning and melts into a puddle, saying with relief, “Oh, Ryuichi, you're back!”
“Sakuma-san, where have you been?” Fujisaki asks.
“Yu-Yu and I went to a candy shop far, far away! We got some treats for all of you!” He reaches in the bag and brings out a smaller bag of lollipops and gives it to Sakano's solidifying form. “For you because you're a strong producer who cracks under pressure…” He pulls out a bag of peanut M&M's and hands them to K. “For you because they hurt if you throw them at people.” A bag of peppermints… “To Fujisaki because he's smart…” Then a bag of snickers… “For Hiro because everyone seems to like them both…” Then a small box of strawberry pocky. Sakuma hands it over to me. “And for Yu-Yu because he needs to get sweeter!”
His eyes are sending me a different message, though. I stare at the box in my hand. Shuichi…
Just then, the door opens and Seguchi steps in. Quickly, I hide the box behind me. Sakuma smiles and digs around the bag.
“I have something for you, too, Tohma!” the singer chirps as he pulls it out. “Twizzlers because you're twisted!”
A/N: If this is weird in any way, it's because when I wrote this down, my head was frying up under a blow drier and I couldn't think of any way to change it. And the candy… result of a fried brain and my sister's B-day. I don't think I was in my right mind at the time. Oh, well! Too late, now!
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