Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Searching for Shuichi ❯ Chapter 3 ( Chapter 3 )

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Chapter 3
Someone else's P.O.V.
“Why? Why did you kiss me then?” a voice asks.
There are two figures before me, but I can't tell who they are; their faces are all blurred. One has his arms on the other's shoulder… But what's going on? Where am I?
“Why didn't you reject me?” the voice continues. “If you hate me, just hit me like you want to. Maybe it's just a meaningless kiss to you, but not to me! I mean it! It's true that Mika told me she would have Seguchi support me. But . . . but I don't care about some reward! I wanted to know more about you and even if it wasn't much, I thought I was helping you.”
Who are these people?
Yuki's P.O.V.
“Wake up, Eiri, it's time to go home,” calls the voice of my sister.
I roll over in bed, trying to find the warmth I always feels at my side every morning. It's not there. Damn, not again.
With a quiet sigh, I slowly open one eye to see Mika smiling happily at me. I prefer seeing that damned brat's cheerful face than anything else.
“Come on, Eiri! I've checked you out and everything.”
She takes off the blanket and sets some clothes at the foot of the bed. She turns around. I sigh again and begin to dress myself.
“There's some more good news, Eiri!” Mika continues. “You'll be living with me and Tohma for a while.”
“Hell, no!” I state, firmly, as I button up my shirt.
“Oh, yes, you are! We'll be keeping a close eye on you so you don't try to commit suicide, again.”
I freeze. Suicide? Why the hell would I try that? I was happy! I was living a good life with… Shu…
“Tohma and I will make sure you are with someone at all times. I'm busy today, so I'm taking you to NG Studios.”
“Why can't you take me home so I can lock myself up in a room and work?” I ask.
“Because work is what got you into the accident! Besides, you need the fresh air.”
“I want to search for Shuichi, then.”
Mika turns back to me, eyes glaring. I shoot a glare at her, too, only stronger. She sighs.
“Why do you insist on finding this `Shuichi'?” she asks, cupping a hand to my cheek. “There's no such person. Eiri, I would know if you've met someone like him.”
I growl at her. How can she not remember? Shuichi is one person who is very hard to forget.
Mika drags me out of the hospital and into her car. She drives me to the studio and leads me all the way to Seguchi's office. He's just sitting there with that smug smile on his face.
“I leave him to you!” Mika exclaims, surprisingly cheerful.
“Thank you,” Seguchi says and turns his attention to me once the door clicks shut. “So, Eiri, how are you feeling?”
His eyes become worried.
“Please understand, Eiri, we're all worried for you!” I close my eyes, annoyed. “I know you're still wound up about that deadline… and still upset about the incident in New York…”
“Shut up!” I bark. “You think that's what this is all about? You know nothing!”
And I don't want to remember Kitazawa, anymore… Damn it, my head! I begin to fall to my knees… What's wrong with me? Seguchi comes around his desk to help.
“What's wrong?” he asks.
“Where's Sakuma?” I groan.
“He's working with Bad Luck. Why do you need to know?”
Without another word, I stumble out of the room. Luckily, the manager of the band is walking down the hall, polishing a gun. I grab a hold of his shirt.
“What's wrong, Yuki-san?” he asks.
“Take me to Sakuma…”
“And why should I?”
I glare at him. The door opens behind me.
“Oh, K!” Seguchi says. “Can you watch over Eiri for me? It seems he needs to cool down, a bit, and I don't think I'm helping.”
The manager shrugs and pulls me up. Once we reach the Bad Luck rehearsal room, he opens the door and sets me down in the closest chair. The other four occupants of the room stare at me. Then that Sakuma practically flies toward me for a suffocating embrace.
“Welcome back, Yu-Yu!” he chirps.
I frown at him and nod to the others. When he tries to get off of me, I pull him closer.
“What was all that crap you were spouting about at the hospital?” I inquire.
He suddenly smacks me with that stupid rabbit.
“Kumagoro says it's not good to swear!” he cries.
I growl at him and pull the fool even closer. “Answer me!”
Tears begin to well up in his eyes. He leaves the room, crying, “Yu-Yu is a meanie!”
My jaw drops. Is that really an adult? I stare at the others for help, but they all shrug. With a heavy sigh, I go after the child.
In the hall, the headache returns, but I walk on to where I hear annoying sobs. Sakuma is curled up in a corner, that bunny bent over on his head. I move toward him and pat his back. He turns around and quickly hugs me, again.
“Yu-Yu isn't mad, anymore, Kumagoro!” he squeals.
“Yeah, I'm sorry about that,” I grunt to assure him. “Now, can we talk about what you said at—”
He clamps a hand over my mouth and looks from side to side. He lifts me up and drags me around the studio, yelling, “Tohma! I'm taking Yu-Yu out!”
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