Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 2

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Eiri went home and hoped to get a few hours worth of work done before he had to deal with his brat. However after his lunch with Mika and Tohma he now couldn't concentrate. He cursed them for his writer's block! So he took a walk and after a long smoke and avoiding a few fan girls, he found himself sitting on a park bench. What captured his attention was a young couple. At first they seemed all cuddly and lovey-dovey, then something was said or done, Eiri was too far away to hear what was said and the girl slapped him and stormed off, he had to smirk as they had just given him the inspiration he needed! Even though he didn't know what had been said or done his mind supplied a scenario that would work perfect for their fight and fit into his current story. He was on a role typing like a madman losing himself in the story and forgetting the time. Before he realized it Shuichi was coming home.
“Yuki! I'm home!”
As usual Eiri ignored him, knowing that the brat would find him one way or the other, with or without his acknowledging him. Eiri kept a watchful ear while trying to type to listen for the boy's entrance. When it didn't happen within seconds of the boy's announcement that he was home, he thought it strange but didn't question it and got lost in his writing so he was unprepared for when a few minutes later the boy did strike!
Shuichi burst into the room and threw his arms around Eiri's neck. “Happy Birthday Yuki, I love you!”
“Damn it brat be more careful. I could have gone through my laptop the way you lunged at me.”
Shuichi backed off, “I'm-I'm sorry Yuki.”
Eiri sighed, it wasn't that he was really upset with the boy; truthfully he'd been expecting this. But after lunch with Mika and Tohma he'd turned the ringer of his both his cell and house phone off but when he took a break to get coffee or something he saw it flashing and though he didn't look at the id or listen to the messages, he just knew that there were only two people who would be calling him. One would probably be Mika to continue bitching and moaning at him to go visit their father, which he would do at his father's or Mika's beck and call when hell froze over. The only other person who would call would be Mizuki, his editor to once again remind him of his deadline in two days. It was just one stress filled day after another. Still he didn't want the brat moping around thinking he was mad at him.
“It's not your fault brat, I'm just stressed out.” The boy had taken longer to attack than he expected which is why he snapped as he'd let his guard, so that when the boy did strike he was caught off guard.
Shuichi beamed. He knew that that was as close to an apology as he'd ever get. “It's okay, Yuki. Oh I got your present all ready laid and dinner on the table!”
“I told you brat I don't celebrate so you didn't have to get me anything and we've discussed your cooking skills. I thought we had a rule about you're being in the kitchen to cook anything!”
“Meanie! I can so cook!”
Eiri saved his program to then turned a faced the boy who shrunk back.
“Okay, so my cooking needs some work.”
“Some? It needs a lot more than some brat.”
Instead of arguing Shuichi simple stuck his tongue out at him, “Come on Yuki trust me, you'll love dinner!” Shuichi said pulling the reluctant author up.
Eiri wasn't exactly looking forward to whatever horror the brat had cooked up. If he had to eat anymore of the brat's cooking he might not see another birthday. But it did seem strange, as he didn't think the boy had been home long enough to cook anything and he never heard any explosions, which usually follows the boy's attempts at cooking. In fact instead of smelling something burned and awful, what he did smell, actually smelled good, very good in fact.
When he got to the dinning room the table was perfectly set with a white tablecloth, that he didn't know how the boy knew about it. Mika had given it to him for Christmas one year with the hint of inviting them over sometime to use it. To keep her from dropping more hints in the future and to insure that he didn't forget, he invited them over the next day and fixed one of his gourmet meals. It was one of many things that Yuki had taught him. Yuki was a wonderful cook and had trained him to cook. Of course when asked where he learned he'd simply lie and say it was natural. He'd learned on his own with no help.
Eiri couldn't believe his eyes besides the tablecloth there was also a lit candle and a bottle of wine. He wasn't too sure how much he'd give to the boy though, he can't hold his liquor at all. One glass wouldn't even give him a slight buzz, but the boy was a whole other story.
“You didn't make this did you brat?” It was too looked and smelled way too good to be anything the boy could make.
Shu glared at him, “NO! I knew you'd never eat it if I made it.”
“Then what did you do, force Nakano to cook it?” According to Shu he was an excellent cook. But the boy always said that his was superior to Hiro's.
“Of course not! I wanted this to be extra special! I went and ordered it from Le Chav…chev…ah whatever restaurant. You always said it was your favorite.”
“That's La Chavelion brat.”
Shu just shrugged, “Whatever.” he didn't care what the name was. “All I knew was that it was one of your favorite restaurants. I'd have preferred to go there myself.”
That earned him a glare from Eiri.
“Yeah, yeah you don't want to go out in public together, I know. I knew if I'd ask you'd never agree. As much as I'd have preferred going there, I just knew that the odds of my convincing you to agree to go, without a lot of begging, yelling and screaming. Even then the odds where slim to none that you would agree, I'd have been kicked out of the house first. Beside I've heard that getting a reservation to actually eat inside that restaurant usually takes months, unless you're famous. They said that they didn't normally do takeout but when I explain to them who I was, hoping to convince them to make an exception, they still refused! Can you believe that they said that they'd never even heard of me?”
At that Eiri had to laugh. It was a bit hard to believe that they hadn't heard of him as much as the two of them had been in the news but then again seeing the way the boy dressed and walking into an expensive restaurant, not many would believe he was an up and coming pop star.
“So how'd you eventually convince them to let you take it to go?”
“Well first I told them it was for you, I don't think they believed me, but then when I showed them proof that I had more than enough money to pay for it, they, if not a bit reluctantly let me have it. I did have to ask Hiro to get the wine for me. They refused to sell it to me till I turn 20 in a few months!”
Eiri said nothing and sat down and was surprised to find all his favorites.
Shuichi picked up the wine bottle and said, “Would you like me to pour you some wine, Yuki?”
“Careful and don't overflow it brat.” Eiri said holding up his glass.
Shu carefully filled Eiri's glass then, set it back on the table and when he picked up his glass Eiri noted Shu was pouring something into his glass that was the same black color.
“You're not drinking wine too are you brat? I'm not going to deal with K, if you turn up with a hang over in the morning.”
Shuichi showed him a bottle without a label and said, “I got it from the refrigerator, I guess the label came off. It's grape juice. The wine is just for you, I knew you wouldn't want me to have any.”
“You're right there.”
The rest of dinner pretty much went off without incident. The boy between mouthfuls talked about his day and for the most part Eiri was silent.
“So what did you do all day Eiri?”
Eiri shrugged, “Nothing life altering, I had lunch with Mika and Tohma, then walked through the park for a bit.”
“Yuki! I want details! What did you discuss over lunch? Did anything interesting happen in the park?”
“Nothing interesting enough to repeat and I witnessed a couple fighting and used them for my novel, happy.”
Shu huffed disappointed. He practically recounts his day practically word for word and all Eiri had to say was nothing interesting! He wanted more! But he knew he'd never get more!
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A/N: According to the Legal drinking age in Japan is 20, so if its anything like the US then that probably also means you're unable to buy it until you're that age.