Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 11

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Shuichi was stunned he didn't even know this man's name and yet here he was inviting him to New York with him. He knew he shouldn't go with him. But instead of saying no he said, “I don't know, my English isn't all that hot. I would have flunked it in school if Hiro hadn't helped me.”
“You mean if you hadn't cheated off Hiro's.”
At that Shuichi just stared at the ground confirming Eiri's theory. `Why am I not surprised?' Eiri wondered. The boy begged him to teach him English. When K became his manager he started to constantly bug him to help him learn more English, as K would constantly yell at him and spout things in English. Shu wanted to have a better understanding of what K was saying, so he asked Eiri to teach him. Eiri had agreed just to keep the brat from begging and pleading. There were times during the teaching that Eiri wanted to pull his hair out.
“You let me worry about doing the talking. So do you want to go or not?”
“If I agree to go will you at least tell me your name and what we're searching for?”
Eiri thought for a moment before he said, “Call me Eiri and we're searching for my tutor.” He chose his first name over Yuki, which is what the brat usually calls him. But since he told him he was searching for the real Yuki, it'd take longer to explain why he has the same name.
“Ah, that's so sweet! You want to find and thank your tutor for all he's done for you.”
“Whatever you want to think, kid. Do you want to go or not.”
“Sure! I'll go.” He still knew it was wrong to just up and leave not just town but the country with someone who is virtually a complete stranger. He knew if Hiro or Kyo ever found out about this they would kill him! But something about Eiri told him go for it!
Eiri bought tickets for them both. It was a long flight and he was actually glad he brought Shuichi with him. It was helping to calm his nerves some. Even though this wasn't the Shuichi he knew and dare he admit it, love. It was still Shuichi. He wasn't all that different. He wasn't entirely sure what to do when he did find Yuki. How could he possible choose? There would be no way for him to realistically be with Yuki. He did have a wife and kid and Shuichi…well he basically was a kid. Eiri tried to think why he was truly doing this.
After Eiri got the tickets he noticed Shuichi was just staring out the window at the planes. He let it slide till their flight was called. “That's our flight, brat.” But it was like Shu was in a trance and not listening. “Shuichi!” Eiri called thinking that his name would get his attention. It always did.
Startled Shu looked up.
“That's our flight. Let's go.”
“Right, sorry!” Shu ran to catch up with Eiri.
It wasn't till they were seated that he realized that Eiri really did know a lot about him. He knew his name!
Eiri noticed the funny look on the boy's face. “What's your problem brat?”
Shu grinned at him, “You called me by my name!” Then hugged his arm.
“Ack! Get off me!” It seemed something's about the boy just never seemed to change.
After a long flight all Eiri could think of was getting a hotel room. He hailed a cab and they were at a hotel.
“Um, Eiri. I can't afford to stay in this fancy of a hotel!”
“Don't worry about it, kid. I invited you, I'll deal with the bills.”
Shuichi felt a bit strange letting him pay for everything. But what choice was there. He was a lowly struggling musician and part time worker at CD World. If he had to stay in a hotel he was sure it'd have to be close to a roach motel before he could ever afford it. Probably an ant hotel since he had no clue as to American prices.
Seeing Eiri head for the elevator he raced to catch up. There was even a doorman in the elevator. He said something to Eiri but he didn't understand anything. But since the man pushed a button Shu assumed he was simply asking what floor. Once in the room Shuichi was in awe of it all. Then he saw the king sized bed. “Um, Eiri there's only one bed.”
“There's a Convention in town. We're lucky to get this. It was one of the few rooms they had left. You can sleep on the couch. I am going to take a nap.” Eiri said handing the boy the comforter off the bed. “You do what you wish. But we're going to have a long day of searching tomorrow and its best to get as much rest as possible.”
“Why would it be a long search?”
“If I knew where he was, we wouldn't be here, we'd be there.” Eiri said climbing into bed to try to sleep.
Eiri had done a bit of research on the plane. He didn't have much else to do after stressing over whom he would ultimately chose, despite the complications that came with Yuki. He still loved him and had to at least see him! But he could find no records of Yuki or his wife Sora. The schools all had some kind of safe guard to keep people from hacking into their system. So he'd have to try harder if he wanted to locate the kid. He should be at least in kindergarten if not first grade by now. Eiri figured if he found the kid he'd find his mother and hopefully find or figure out how to find Yuki!
Shuichi sighed as he sat on the couch. He couldn't believe he really did this. But he was stuck now. His grasp on the English language was minimum at best and even if he tried to leave. He had no American money. But the upside he saw was that Eiri didn't try to take advantage of him. Which really surprised him. He thought after that kiss Eiri would take the first chance he got to seduce him into going to bed with him! Then he wondered if he still might after his nap. After all Shu did notice he seemed awfully tired after the flight. Ah well he'd cross that bridge when he came to it. He still couldn't believe he was falling for this man! Yeah his sister had always asked why he never got a girlfriend and even set him up on dates. But nothing ever seemed to suit him. Could this be the reason? He wasn't exactly gay. I mean sure he and Hiro often teased the girl that they were a couple but that was just friends goofing or at least that's the way he saw it. He never thought a guy was cute or even looked twice at anyone male or female. So why is this man so different? Shu wondered as he decided a nap wasn't a bad idea after all.