Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 12

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A/N: -“Talk”- Means English is being spoken.
Shuichi awoke several hours later. He was surprised to see that he was alone in the room. At first he panicked thinking Eiri had abandoned him. But then he shook his head. No, he wouldn't have dragged him halfway around the world just to lose him…would he? Before Shu could work himself into a frenzy Eiri walked in with a couple of bags.
“Good, your awake. Put this on and we'll start searching.”
“What is it?” Shu asked opening the sack.
“What does it look like? Warmer clothes and a jacket, it's not raining now but the forecast is for it to later and be very cold. What you're wearing isn't warm enough.”
“What are we going to do first?” Shu said putting the sweater on over his clothes.
“We're going to try to locate Yuki's family.”
“Yuki? Is that your tutors name?”
Eiri decided that they'd start at the house he was at when he'd seen Yuki's family. Shuichi just followed. Eiri knocked on the door of the house.
-“Can I help you?”- A young woman asked.
-“I'm looking for the Kitazawa family.”-
-“Uh, well I bought this house from a Mrs. Kimoto. But I think her daughter's last name was Kitazawa.”-
-“Was?”- Eiri question. -“What happened to her? I'm looking for her husband.”-
-“Well my understanding was that the husband abandoned her daughter years ago. Her daughter was killed in a car accident a few months back. So she sold the house to me and my husband.”-
-“Can you tell me where to find her?”-
-“Oh, um no. Actually we only dealt with her real state agent. We never a knew her.”- The woman said.
-“I see. Thank you for your time.”-
After she closed the door Shu asked, “Um Eiri does she know where their at?”
“No.” Eiri said and started to walk away.
“Oh, well does this Yuki guy have any family? Maybe he's staying with them or they might know where he's at.”
Eiri stopped and stared at the boy.
“Uh, did I say something wrong?”
“Actually brat, you said something right.” How could he have forgotten about Yuki's brother?
“Really?” Shuichi said, just as his stomach rumbled.
Eiri laughed as Shuichi blushed. “Let's go kid. There's a café near were I last remember Yuki's brother working at. We'll get something to eat first.”
It wasn't easy to find. But the only record he could find of Yuki's brother was at a local bar.
They went into the bar and Eiri ordered a beer and a sprite for Shuichi.
“How come you didn't ask me what I wanted?” Shuichi asked.
“You're not allowed any alcoholic beverages till your 21 in the country.”
“Besides I don't want you drunk. You can't hold your liquor.”
“I wish you'd tell me how it is you know so much about me.”
Eiri refused to answer just drinking his beer. Then he called the bartender back over.
-“Refill sir?”-
-“Yes, I'm also looking for Yoshiki Kitazawa.”-
-“Sure, she's late but should be here soon.”-
Shu blinked did he understand him right? `Did he say SHE? But Eiri had said that they were looking for this Yuki guy's brother. Maybe it's my English.' “Eiri did that guy say she? I thought we were looking for a guy?”
“Don't worry about it. It'll be explained to you later.”
Shuichi didn't like it but what could he do? Eiri was totally mysterious.
As Eiri lit his cigarette Shuichi spotted something on it. He grabbed it and was shocked. “Hey! That's me! How do you have a picture of the two of us together?”