Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 13

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A/N: -“Talk”- Means English is being spoken.
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Eiri pulled his hand away and put his lighter away. “What makes you think that's you?”
“What do you mean, `What makes you think that's you?' I know that's me!”
“Then get your eyes check. It's not you.” `No, it's my Shuichi.'
“Oh, so what it just happens to be someone who looks like me?”
All of this was making Eiri feel even more guilty for in his mind abandoning his Shuichi and his world. But he had to find Yuki! Opportunities like this don't come around everyday.
At that Shuichi stood up. He was fed up with this. First this guy seems to know everything about him, now he denies a picture he somehow has of the two them isn't really him! He was tired of it! He got up and walked towards the door to leave.
Eiri saw him leave but wasn't worried. The boy's grasp at the English language was minimum at best and dismal at worst. So he wouldn't go far without returning to his side.
Just as Shu yanked open the door he ran into someone and they were both knocked to the floor.
Eiri got up and walked over and helped up the person Shu knocked down, then turned and helped up Shu. “Be more careful brat. You could have hurt someone.”
“I'm sorry.” Shuichi said bowing to the person.
“It's all right.”
Shu and Eiri looked at the person who spoke. Eiri was surprised to see Yoshiki Kitazawa. Eiri didn't know he spoke Japanese. Shuichi looked up and was surprised to see a pretty girl.
“Yoshiki Kitazawa, just the person I was looking for.”
“Really? Do I know you?”
Eiri sighed he should have predicted this. Of course he wouldn't remember him. They met when Shuichi was working for XMR and he came to get him back. He had helped him to get the boy back.
“No,” Eiri said, “I was a student of your brother's.”
Shuichi looked between Eiri and Yoshiki trying to figure this out. Eiri had said they were looking for this Yuki guy's brother, but then the bartender had said she and now here Eiri was talking to a girl. He was confused on so many levels.
“Yes, I know you. You're the one who shot my brother.”
Shuichi's eyes bulged, `SHOT!'
“Yes, I'd like to talk with you.”
“Sure give me a few minutes to get a replacement in then we can talk.”
Eiri just nodded and went back to his beer.
Shuichi was still shocked. Eiri shot this tutor? This woman was this tutors brother? It was all becoming too much for his brain.
Yoshiki returned after her replacement showed up and invited them to her apartment.
-“So what did you want to discuss?”-
-“I wasn't aware you spoke Japanese.”-
-“Yes, my brother taught me.”-
-“Um, are you really woman?”- Shuichi spoke.
-“His English isn't very good.”- Eiri explained then corrected the boy.
Yoshiki then explained that she was still technically a boy. Which really sent Shu's mind spinning.
As Eiri looked around the room he noticed a picture of a little boy on the fireplace mantel. He walked over and picked it up.
“That's Riku.”
“You have a son?” Eiri question. He was sure that in his world that Yoshiki didn't have any kids and couldn't believe that since he hadn't changed unlike everyone else seemed to have, that that would be different.
“No that was my brother's son.”
“Was?” Eiri questioned and hoped the next words that Yoshiki said was that he meant Yuki's abandonment of his family and not meaning he was dead. No he refused to believe that he was dead. He gave him this second chance at life. Surely he wouldn't have thrown it all away!