Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 16

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

“What?” Eiri asked.
Shu blushed, “I want you to call me by my name at least once in a while.”
`Well so far, nothing drastic.' “What else?”
“Um, well I know you'd never tell me how you know me, but since the flight back is so long would you at least tell me a little more about you? It's embarrassing for someone to say something then ask me about it and not know the answer. Besides I want to know more, for me! Then I would prefer an apartment that we could have together. That way I know there's no one else you've been with living there!” Shuichi said. “But I'm not sure how much I can contribute. My rent is $200 and that's a no bedroom apartment! I'm not sure if I could afford to pay half of an even bigger place. I do make a lot more at the bar than at CD World but still…”
“Don't fret over it so much brat. I'll handle the rent you can deal with the groceries, cable and your cell. Anything more we can discuss later.”
“Really?! You mean we'll get cable? I've got a small TV but I couldn't afford a bigger one or cable. But this way I can afford it!”
Well Eiri was glad to see him happy about this.
Then Shu thought for a moment, “Let's see it should have at least two rooms.”
“Of course there has to be two rooms idiot, I need one for my office.”
“Office? See this is why I want to know more about you! Why do you need an office? No, wait don't tell me. That's something more we can discuss on the plane.”
“I'm a romance novelist, remember? I work from home not some office.” Eiri answered anyway.
“Right, sorry. I forgot. But that's cool you get to work from home and don't have to worry about traffic or anything to get to work! Okay then three rooms it is then!”
“Why three?”
“Well I'd need a room for all my Nittle Grasper Stuff. I could put all the stuff in my room at home there and feel like it's my room! This way it won't be in the living room and it's not in your bedroom. It will be all mine! I could even put my clothes and stage outfits in that closet.”
Eiri blinked, he'd never thought of it that way. He knew the boy didn't have a lot of his things at the apartment. But he never realized that it was because he didn't feel he belonged. Then as he thought about it he remember all the effort the boy put into his birthday and though he showed his gratitude for it in the bedroom, afterwards wasn't exactly the best end of the day. The boy still slept on the couch. He kept his clothes…wait where did he keep his clothes? He couldn't think. He knew that he didn't use all the dresser drawers so the boy asked for it and he saw no reason not to give it to him, but that one drawer wouldn't be enough for all his clothes and stage outfits and he knew the boy didn't store any of his things in the closet. He'd have remembered and remembered giving the boy permission, which he didn't. So where did he keep them and most of his stuff? He was seriously starting to question what kind of lover he really was. He allowed his pride to rule over his wants and needs. He decided he was going to try to change that.
Shu noticed a boy carrying a balloon that said Happy Birthday, “Say when's your birthday? Mines in April.”
“It was a few days ago.”
“What? Really? Then let's go celebrate!”
Before Eiri could react Shu started to drag him away.
At the same time in Tohma's office Mika was screaming at him for once again breaking his promise.
“I did nothing to break my promise Mika. I didn't tell Eiri anything I haven't already told him in the past. I have kept up my end of our deal!”
“Then where the hell is he now?”
“My spies confirmed he went New York.”
“Why can't he get over this?!”
“Perhaps had you let me tell Eiri of Yuki's death then he wouldn't be missing now. I fear he was in an accident and doesn't remember.”
“Is this more on your theory that he's acting weird?”
“It's more than a theory. He somehow knew that Yuki had a wife and child.”
“And you still contend that you didn't tell him that!”
“It would have only upset him, so NO I did not tell him.”
“Where could he be? Surely by now he's learned of Yuki's death. So why hasn't he returned yet?”
“I think it may have something to do with a boy my spy saw him with.”
“A boy?”
“Yes, my spy said that when Eiri talked to him the boy seemed to blush a lot. But Eiri only smirked at him. However…”
“However what?” Mika demanded.
“However Eiri took the boy with him to New York.”
“WHAT? WHY? Who is this kid?!”
“My spy sent me a picture, the boy is 19 year old Shuichi Shindo. As for why Eiri took the boy with him, I don't know. We'll have to ask him about that when he returns.”
“Don't you dare tell Ayaka any of this! I cannot and will not believe my brother is cheating on her with some kid! There has to be another explanation!”
Tohma smiled, “Of course Mika.”