Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 17

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Back in Japan Shu was sad to say goodbye to Eiri but knew he could go visit, especially after that kiss that Eiri gave him, that once again left him stunned as Eiri had dropped him off here. He knew it'd only be a few days till they found an apartment together. He couldn't wait! He was so excited!
Just after opening the door he heard the shower running. He glared at the closed door to the bathroom. Shu's parents live on the other side of town, so after he got the job at the bar he chose to moved into this apartment between CD World and The Lucky Spur Bar so he wouldn't have to pay for a cab back and forth or begging for rides like he'd been doing.
Kyo on the other hand lived mostly in his parent's basement, but more often than his friends like, they'd have a fight and Kyo would be on their doorstep begging to sleep over. He also had a sixth sense for when his friends with apartments are either out of town or going out of town without being told and begs to house sit. Of course with Kyo, it'd be better to just say no, but for some like Shu it wasn't that easy. Especially since he usually tends to overstay his welcome and isn't good at or blatantly ignores hints to leave!
A time or two when Shu had gone out of town for possible band gigs he'd come home to find Kyo in his house. Like now he suspected he was here, despite the fact that nothing seemed out of place. He hated to yell at his friend but he didn't like him invading his home when he wasn't there! He knew it had to be Kyo, who else could it be. Buglers wouldn't stick around and take showers; their guitarist Akira wouldn't be caught dead in this place. His parents owned the bar he worked at so he worked there for fun. He didn't really socialize with his coworkers at CD World and it'd been well… too long since he'd seen Hiro and he doesn't talk to him much anymore. He doubted he even knew where he lived.
He readied himself to hear Kyo's excuse for being here. It could be more whining about how he had another fight with his parents and no one else would let him stay or turn it around and yell at him for going missing for a few days and that he stayed here to wait for him.
Then the person who came out of the shower was drying his hair and well he looked a lot taller than Kyo.
“Kyo?” Shuichi questioned.
The person in front of him pulled the towel off his head and said, “Is that the guy you ran off with?”
Shuichi didn't respond he was too shocked by the person standing before him. Then he snapped out of it and yelled “HIRO!”
Before Hiro knew what hit him he was tackled to the floor in a hug. Hiro hugged back. “Hey ease up a bit Shu I missed you too.”
Shuichi quickly sat up facing Hiro and excitedly asked. “What are doing here? How did you get in?”
“Well Mika Seguchi, she's a friend of Dr. Solomon's, her brother showed up to a party she was throwing him and he was acting weird and Mr. Seguchi asked Dr. Solomon to look at him. I've told you about Dr. Solomon before, he's the doctor I got an apprenticeship with. He's helping me with medical school and instead of doing a long internship at the hospital I'll just train during and after Medical School with him. Of course I won't be allowed to treat patients till after medical school. But still Dr. Solomon is a well-respected and high-class doctor. He was once considered the best of the best.”
Shuichi then remembered why he'd stopped calling to talk to Hiro. All he did was go on and on about his medical school or that doctor that took his best friend away from him and music! It got to the point that Shu couldn't handle listening to anymore of it, so they'd lost touch. This time with a bit of annoyance in his voice he asked again, “I asked you what you were doing here and how you got in?”
“Huh? Oh um well I know you. I knew you'd keep a key above the door so I let myself in. As I started to say but got off track was Mrs. Seguchi's brother somehow knew I knew you. He asked me about Bad Luck and you! And who is Kyo?”
“Eiri talked to you? How do you know where I live? Last time we talked I was still living at home.”
“After Mrs. Seguchi's brother left after knowing so much about you, I left the party and called your mother to talk to her and she told me where you're living. Why did you move out and you never told me how you know Mrs. Seguchi's brother or who this Kyo guy is!”
“Well…” Shuichi then decided since Hiro was here why not just tell him everything. So he started with his reasons for leaving home and on up to the day he met Eiri to his going with him to New York. And judging by the reaction he got out of Hiro over telling how long he knew Eiri before running off to New York with him, he could only imagine Kyo and Akira's reactions. He had a feeling it was going to be a long night ahead of him. He also suspected that band practice would be about the same.