Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 18

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

After dropping Shuichi off Eiri returned home and just before he could open the door it was pulled open. Eiri glared at the person in front of him.
“What the hell are you doing here, Mika?”
“Waiting for you! Tohma's spies say you went to New York again and this time took some kid with you!”
Eiri pushed past her, “Where I go and who I go with is my business not yours, not Tohma's, not anyone's!” He said taking off his shoes and setting his bag down.
“And what about your wife?”
Eiri picked up the mail Mika had picked up and said “Soon to be Ex-Wife.”
“What?” Mika asked shocked.
“Before I left I dropped off a couple of documents at my lawyers, by now Ayaka should have gotten hers and father his.”
“What documents?” Mika demanded to know.
“Well Ayaka's were divorce papers. I've been planning it for a while, but now I have a reason.”
“The boy Tohma's spies saw you with.”
“Yes as a matter of fact we're going to move in together in the next week or so.”
“What? Aren't you going a bit fast I mean how long have you known this kid? What do you know about him?”
“Enough.” Was all Eiri had to say. Then as he took a cigarette out and then brought up his lighter and looked at the picture rubbing his thumb over it. Something told him, not a voice or anything just a feeling really that all he had to do was say the word and something, though he wasn't sure what, but something would happen. He let it slid for now he had a few other things he wanted to do here first then he'd learn the meaning of this funny feeling.
“Well at least tell me what the papers were for father.”
“Those were injunctions.”
“Injunctions?” Mika questioned.
“Yes, it's to prevent father from trying to put the temple in my name and trying to force me to take it over. After he learns of my divorce to Ayaka, I'm sure that will be the first thing he'll do. He's dead set that I should be running the temple rather than Tatsuha. However I do not now and I don't foresee ever will have any interest in taking over the temple. I tried several times in the past but I couldn't get a judge till now that would grant me a permanent injunction. Now that it's been granted so is this sham of a marriage.”
“Eiri don't say that, please reconsider. You and Ayaka have been married for almost 2 years.”
“And in that 2 years can you truly say that either of us have ever truly been happy?”
Before Mika could answer there was a banging on the door. Eiri got up fearing it was Shuichi. The last thing he needed now was his sister and Shu to meet. He opened the door and was slightly surprised to find Ayaka instead.
“What are you doing here?”
“Mika called and told me that you were back in town. I waited an hour or so to give you time to get back here, so that we can discuss these papers.” Ayaka said holding up an vanilla envelope.
“There's nothing to discuss.” Eiri said returning to the living room.
Ayaka slammed the door and marched over to him. “What do you mean nothing to discuss? I got these documents that say you want a divorce but when listed as the reason all you say is irreconcilable differences!”
“What part of that isn't clear?” Eiri asked leaning against the arm of the couch.
“Why? We've been married for 2 years!”
“You may have deluded yourself into thinking that this was a marriage made of love and that I would never leave you and all that other romantic crap I reserve only for my books. But the reality is I married you to keep father from shoving the temple at me. Now I have found a way to resolve that problem. I listed it as irreconcilable differences so that you may save face in front of your family and friends. However if you wish to push me and force me into revealing the truth I will be more than glad to do so. However I seriously doubt you wish to return home to your family and friends with the news that I do not now and have never loved you and only married you as part of an arranged business agreement marriage. That's all, nothing more nothing less.”
Ayaka and Mika were both stunned by his cold attitude towards this situation.
“Eiri is that true? You never loved me?”
“When did I ever say I did? In all the years we've been married how many times have we made love? How many times have I said those three words to you? Did I even say them at the wedding?”
Ayaka was crying even harder now. Truth was he had never told her that he loved her, ever. They'd had sex every so often but true love making, well in her heart she knew that the few times he was gentle there was never any love in the action, but she'd tried hard to convince herself all this time that it wasn't true. At their wedding they were told to write their own vows. She did, and put her heart and soul into it. Eiri simply said he would marry her now and remain with her till the bell tolls. Everyone especially her had thought it strange, but he never promised to be faithful or hell even care for her. But she let it slide feeling it was just his way. Now she realized till the bell tolls meant that it was till he found a way out.
“Look you and Mika can go cry somewhere else all night as far as I'm concerned. So just sign the damn papers. I have an apartment or loft to find.”
Ayaka gasped, “You're moving?”
“Moving out of your place and here, yes.”
Mika prayed he didn't mention Shu. But Eiri had no intention of telling her.
“And Mika, I do not want a visit from Tohma with a message that I must return home to visit father to discuss this. What's done is done. I also do not want to hear any lectures from him on marital bliss, since you called off your own marriage simply over his helping me in my search for Yuki.”
Mika simple nodded dumbly unable to think at the moment and trying to console a crying Ayaka.
“I want those papers signed before you leave or I'll change my mind on the reasoning.” Eiri said slamming the door to his office.
“I think it best to do as Eiri asks.” Mika said sadly. “At least this way you can save face and your family won't think you a failure.”
“What did I do that was so wrong that he could not love me?” Ayaka asked.
Mika sighed, “I wish I knew the answer to that. But my brother's mysterious that way.”
“Do you know why he's moving?” Ayaka asked and seeing Mika's face freeze, she asked, “Do you know who she is? What does she look like is she pretty?”
Mika was unsure how to exactly answer. Should she tell the truth or lie to her? She knew she'd be hurt more either way.
“Please Mika, tell me the truth, I have to know! If you don't tell me I'll demand Eiri to tell me.”
Now Mika knew she had no choice but to tell. Eiri might bite her head off if she tried to talk to him again and she feared he'd tell her, but do it in a way that would either make her feel worse or that it was her fault. Either way she didn't want either scenario to happen.
“Tohma said he met some young boy, and that's who he went to New York with and plans to live with.”
“Who is this boy?”
“I've never met him or seen him. All Tohma's told me is he's a 19, year old kid. But that's really all I know. Don't peruse this anymore Ayaka. You'll only get hurt. Eiri doesn't make threats idly. What he said about the divorce I believe him. I also believe that even if the papers go through if you continue with this he'll make sure to tell reports television, radio, newspaper anyone willing to talk to him. You know he's a charmer, he'll tell everyone just exactly what he told us here. Then the whole world will know.”
“What's to stop him from doing it anyway?”
“I don't believe he will. He has his own kind of honor. I don't believe he will tell anyone the true reasons for the divorce if you drop everything now and just sign the paper and try to move on.”
Ayaka sighed, she knew Mika was right; so with a lot of pain and reluctance she signed the papers and left them on the coffee table.
“Come on let's go back to my place and we can talk some more.” Mika said helping Ayaka up.
With a weak smile, Ayaka said, “I'd like that.”
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A/N: As I'm not lawyer or know a lot about the law I am going a little bit by what wikipedia had to say on a permanent injunction. Now whether or not this action is legal in Japan or against the action in question, I have no idea and don't care really. It's a fan fiction, so details will often be fudged or made up. To read about injunctions go to: