Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 20

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Shuichi ran backstage and grabbed his backpack, then ran over to Akira.
“Caliban, you have to help me!”
“Why what's wrong?” Akira asked.
“I'm worried Eiri and Kyo will hurt each other?”
“Eiri? Isn't that your new boyfriend?”
Shuichi blushed “Yeah.”
“And you left him alone with Kyo? You're not too bright are you?” Akira said grabbing Shuichi's wrist.
“My names Kyo Tsuki, what's yours?”
“Eiri Yuki, what's with the pleasantries?”
“I just wanted you to know your killer in case you hurt Shuichi.”
Eiri resisted the temptation to roll his eyes. It wasn't much different from the threat Hiro gave him when he first started dating Shu.
Taking Eiri's non-response as an indication that he didn't think he was serious he grabbed his shirt. “I'm completely serious! You really should discourage Shuichi from even wanting to move in with you.”
Eiri then looked Kyo right in the eyes and said, “Oh, and why would I do that?” Then forced him to release him.
“Because it's better for him if he doesn't get attached to you anymore than he already has!”
“Why might that be?”
“You'll only end up hurting him!”
“I believe it's more like your thinking that now you know for a fact he's gay you have a better shot. All you have to do is make him believe I'm dangerous and you can just step in and have him all to yourself.”
“Now that you know you can just walk away. He's mine and you can't have him!”
“Really? When I kissed him he acted like he'd never been kissed before. He never once ever mentioned to me that you were his boyfriend, if anything the exact opposite. He told me he had no boyfriend, that you and he were only friends.” Eiri was getting a clearer picture of Kyo all the time. He could clearly see that where as Hiro wanted to protect Shu from Eiri and only cared about his safety. Kyo was acting out in the jealous rage of a jilted lover; despite the fact that Shuichi thought of him as nothing more than a friend.
“He knows how I feel about him!”
“Somehow I doubt that and for your information he didn't ask to move in with me. I asked him and he eagerly accepted.”
Kyo was taken back by that, then glared at him “You manipulated him into agreeing!”
“Funny, I thought that was your job.”
“What the hells that suppose to mean?!”
“It means all you give a damn about is getting into his pants and you'll try to run off anyone who could even possibly make him happy so that there's no one left for him to turn to but you! Instead of looking after Shu and only caring if he's safe and happy all you can think about is the fact that he's never looked at you the way he looks at me!”
Before Kyo could respond they hear someone yell, “Enough!”
Everyone looked over to see Akira with Shuichi standing behind him.
“It isn't true, is it, Kyo?” Shuichi timidly asked.
Kyo looked stunned wondering just how much of their conversation Shuichi and Akira heard.
Akira walked over to Eiri and held out his hand, “Akira Caliban, you must be Shindo's boyfriend.”
Eiri reluctantly took it. “Eiri Yuki.”
“Ah, yes, I'm a fan of your books.” Releasing Eiri's hand he turned to Kyo. “You and I need a serious talk! Mr. Yuki why don't you take Shindo and go out the back way, I'll take care of Kyo.”
Eiri wasn't going to complain, he'd had his fill of Kyo. “Let's go brat.”
“But…but…” Shuichi started to protest, as he wanted to find out more on what Eiri had said. They got there just as Kyo asked Eiri what he meant.
“No buts, do you want to see the place I picked out for us or not?”
That was all it took for everything Shuichi had heard or was planning to say out the window! He smiled brightly and started pulling Eiri towards the back so they could leave faster. “I can't wait to see it! I bet it will be the greatest place ever!”
Akira glared at Kyo. “What the hell was that about?”
“Nothing. It's none of your concern!”
“It is when it affects our singer! Now pull yourself together and get this head and not the other to working!” Akira said hitting Kyo in the head.
“What's your problem?”
“My problem is the fact that when it comes to Shuichi and anything that could remotely lead him to happiness you have to destroy it.”
“I don't know what you're talking about.”
“Let's see the waitresses here use to hit on him all the time. He always liked the attention even if he showed no interest in dating any of them. Then one day they stopped. I asked one that tried hitting on me and they told me that you told them to back off that not only was he gay but that he was yours. I should have said something to Shindo then, but I didn't. The waitress started to avoid him and he'd get depressed thinking he'd done something wrong. But I was stupid and instead of forcing you to tell him what you did, I handled it telling the girls that you and Shindo were not a couple that it was all in your head and that Shindo was happy being friends with them. I do if you remember telling you that if I so much as say one wrong thing to the waitresses that would cause Shindo to fall into another depression I wouldn't be so forgiving!” Akira said.
Kyo didn't respond he just turned away and crossed his arms.
“Listen you, now it seems Shindo's finally found someone who will make him happy. Even though it seems his new boyfriend isn't the type you can intimidate like the waitress and anyone else who looked his way, you're important to Shindo for some reason. I'm not entirely sure why. But if you don't want to jeopardize your friendship or your place in the band then you had better start learning to think with your head and brains and not other parts of your body.”
“What? You'd kick me out of the band? I was here years before Shuichi showed up!”
Akira smirked, “That may be, but the crowds don't come here for you, much to your disappointment I'm sure. If that were the case we wouldn't have needed Shuichi to begin with. When it comes down to the hiring and firing who do you think my parents, whom as you know own and operate this place are going to fire first? You or Shindo? Think about that next time there's a big party and listen to what name the girls scream out!” Akira said walking away leaving Kyo with a lot of things to think about.