Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 21

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Eiri took Shuichi to the loft where the real estate agent met them. Eiri had told the agent in not so subtle tones that he wasn't one of those people who wasted their time looking all over town for the perfect place. He expected the agent to find him the perfect place. So the agent not use to this took dozens of pictures of each place she felt looked good needed little to no repair to move into and submitted it, the address and the dimensions of the place. Eiri looked through them and would usually find something wrong with them. He didn't want a major fixer upper. One he wasn't handy, two there was no way in hell he was letting Shu anywhere near a hammer and three the kind of people you would have to hire to do things like this usually overcharge, especially if you're famous! He could live with it if only a few small things had to be done and even then he would make sure they understood that he wasn't a nice person and if they caused any additional damage they would be fixing it and they would not be paid extra and he had no quorums telling the press all about how good or poor a job they did!
As Eiri expected the real estate was waiting for them.
“Ah, Mr. Yuki, I was so happy you called. This place hasn't gone on the market just yet, so there won't be any competition.”
“I see you brought a friend with you. I'm Melody Parks.”
“Shuichi Shindo.”
“Great, so shall we go in then?”
“Yes! I can't wait!”
Melody smiled at the boy's enthusiasm, while Eiri just sighed and followed behind them.
Shuichi was running around the huge empty living room.
Eiri smirked seeing this and said, “Don't get overly excited about it till we see the whole thing.”
Shuichi turned towards him and said, “But Eiri this living room alone is about the size of my whole apartment!”
Eiri finally convinced him to look around. The three followed and listened as Melody told about each room. The kitchen was bigger than the one's in either of Eiri's apartments Shu even felt it was just a bit smaller than his apartment.
“So, brat what do think will this place do?”
“Do? Are you kidding? I think my whole apartment would fit in here twice!”
“I'll take that as a yes.” Eiri said and then turned back to Melody, “I presume you have the paper work all ready?”
“Oh, yes of course. Here you are.” Melody showed him what all to do and what she recommended for him to bid for the place. Eiri bid just under the asking price and told Melody to make sure they know that he's willing to pay cash to get it settled quickly. “Well I'll just go and submit this to the sellers agent and let you know their decision as soon as it comes in. However I do know that they're being transferred to another country so with luck they will accept this quickly, especially since you're willing to pay cash, that way they won't have to worry about the property anymore.” Melody said and quickly gathered her things and called out to Shu. “It was nice meeting you Shindo.”
Shuichi ran over to her and bowed and said, “It was nice meeting you too!” Shuichi then looked at Eiri, “How did you find this place?”
“I told that lady to find us a place that was large 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and it had to be close to either the bar, the cd shop or preferably both. This is only a few blocks from your current place and the pictures she showed weren't bad.”
“So is it ours?”
“Sorry Shu, not just yet. We still have to wait for the owners to agree to sell it to us, but I'm positive they'll accept.”
“Really?” Then once again his insecurity over everything took hold. “Um, Eiri are you really sure about this. I mean it just doesn't seem right to not help with the rent.”
Eiri didn't tell the boy that he was planning to buy the place outright and that there would be no rent. “We discussed this already didn't we. Do you want to move in with me or not?”
“Yes, of course I do!”
“Then stop your complaining and worrying.”
“Good, now are you hungry?”
Shuichi smiled brightly, “Yeah, let's go.”
However just as Eiri opened the door his nightmare came true. Mika and Tohma both were standing in the doorway.
Eiri let out a growl, “What the hell are you doing here and how did you find me?”
Tohma smiled, “Why Eiri you of all people know it's never hard for me to find you.”
Unfortunately Eiri knew that. “That doesn't explain why you're here now!”
“Well we heard you were with him and well we wanted to met him.”
“Absolutely not!” Eiri yelled.
“Um, Eiri, you know them?” Shuichi asked peeking around.
Taking that as an invitation Tohma pushed past Eiri and held out his hand. “Greetings, you must be Shuichi Shindo.”
“T-Tohma Seguchi?”
Tohma smiled, “I'm honored you remember me.”
“Of course I remember you! I'm a big Nittle Grasper fan! But why are you here?”
“We came to meet you.”
Shuichi frowned, “Why?”
“Didn't Eiri tell you? I'm his brother in law.”
“His…” Shuichi was speechless at that point.
Tohma smiled, “What do you say we all go to dinner?”
Shuichi looked at Eiri, “Can we?”
Mika smirked at her brother; “You wouldn't want to disappoint Shindo now would you, brother?”
Eiri growled having no choice. Shuichi would question him on why they couldn't go and it might depress him and that's the last thing he needed was a depressed Shu.
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