Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 22

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Eiri walked over and grabbed Tohma and pulled him away, “What the hell are you two doing here?
“Why Eiri we wanted to meet the new person you're sharing your life with.”
“The one you left Ayaka for.” Mika muttered having moved closer to overhear what Eiri and Tohma were talking about.
“So, what this is supposed to be like parents making sure this person is good enough for their child?”
Tohma smiled, “Of course not Eiri. We just wanted to meet the person whom you…”
“Threw your marriage away for.” Mika muttered.
“Is it so wrong to want to get to know the people in your life?”
“Yes. Besides if you really wanted to impress him you wouldn't have brought Mika, you'd have brought Ryuichi. He may like you Tohma but he's obsessed with Ryuichi.”
Shuichi was wondering what they were discussing. He wanted to go over there but at the same time didn't want to intrude on what seemed to be a private conversation.
“Well I'll call Ryuichi, I'm sure he'll be happy to come and join us.” Tohma then turned and said, “Well Shindo shall we go?”
Shuichi, though still finding it a bit strange to be in the same room with the Tohma Seguchi, still looked to Eiri for reassurance as the look on Mika's face was a bit on the scary side when she'd turn to glare at him.
Eiri seeing the boy wanted him to tell him it was okay said, “Wait for me in the car, I have to drop off the keys to this place.”
“There's no need for him to wait for you, Eiri. We could take him with us to the restaurant and you could meet us there.”
That terrified Shuichi. To be left alone with Tohma and Mika. Tohma, he felt he could probably handle but not Mika.
Eiri looked at Shuichi and said in a stern voice, “Wait for me in the car.”
Shuichi only nodded and bolted out the door and down to the car.
Mika glared at him, “You didn't have to scare him off. We wouldn't have hurt him.”
“You don't think your glaring at him didn't scare him? He looked ready run and hide behind me like a little kid scared of the big bad wolf every time you looked at him. Now you can wait for me at the car or we'll met you at the restaurant.”
“Very well, Eiri.”
After they left, Eiri pulled out his cell phone, if Tohma does bring Ryuichi, then he has a plan, the perfect way to get at least Tohma off his back temporarily by giving him something else or someone else to think about.
Eiri made it to the car and was happy to see that Shuichi had locked himself in to keep Mika and Tohma away from him.
“Where are we going? Or do I have to follow you the whole way?” Eiri asked Tohma.
“I was thinking, Chatier. Is that acceptable?”
“Sure whatever you want is fine.”
“Great, shall we go then? I called Ryuichi and he said he'd meet us there.”
Eiri didn't like how happy Mika seemed at this. Growing he said in a low threatening voice directed towards Mika. “If we get there and I even smell Ayaka's perfume we will turn around and leave. Get it through your head Mika, I do not know nor have I ever truly loved her. Our marriage was a sham and a business agreement. I do not wish to introduce her to Shu.”
Mika huffed, “Why do you keep insisting that?”
“Perhaps it was for the same reason that father signed the agreement for Tatsuha to take over the temple the same day we got our marriage license. If you don't believe ask Tohma, he was there. I didn't kiss Ayaka after the papers were signed, she tried to kiss me and I walked away.”
Mika turned to Tohma, “Tohma, tell me that Eiri's lying. Tell me that's not true.”
Tohma sighed, “I'm sorry, Mika. Your father didn't want you to know how he got Eiri to agree to the marriage.”
“So, it's really true that he was blackmailed into marrying Ayaka?” Mika asked stunned at this revelation.
“I can't believe Ayaka never told me.”
“Mika, I'm sure it's just she didn't want you the think less of her for agreeing to marry Eiri this way.”
Mika sighed, “I guess. We'd best get to the restaurant.”
Eiri got in the car but was less than pleased when Mika never said no, Eiri I didn't invite Ayaka to dinner with us.
“What's wrong, Eiri you look upset?” Shuichi asked.
“Mika, she invited Ayaka.”
“My soon to be ex-wife.”
“Oh. I-I thought you were divorced.”
Eiri growled, “Not yet. It should be a simple process as we have no kids or mutual property. The apartment we had together was only in my name and when I went to divorce her the first thing I did was have the landlord change the name on the lease to her name instead. But she's dragging this out with the lawyers. One minute she says she's demanding my give her alimony. The next she goes and changes her mind.”
“Ala money?”
“Alimony, it's a fancy term for spousal or wife support.”
Then as idea hit Eiri. “Brat, do you still have a way to reach Nakano?”
“Why do you want to talk to Hiro?”
“Do you know if he has a girlfriend?”
“Um, I don't think so. He didn't mention one I don't think the other day.”
“Good call him and tell him to meet us at Chatier.”
“Um isn't that place lie super expensive?”
“Not considering Tohma's picking up the tab. Now call Nakano and tell him to met you there.”
“Okay.” Shuichi still found it strange but did as he was told.
After Shuichi hung up Eiri asked, “Well, what did he say?”
“I told him I wanted you two to meet and to meet us there. He was reluctant at first, but then agreed. Eiri he says this place is like a super duper expensive authentic French restaurant.”
“You mention cost to me anymore brat and I'll tape your mouth shut.”
“I'm sorry I just want to earn my keep.”
“Don't worry brat you will.”
Eiri's mind was racing. With Ayaka dragging their divorce out he was going to have to get things settled one way or the other. The last thing he needed was for her lawyers to get wind of this loft building he was buying. They might demand him to fix it up and resell it and split the money with her. He was not about to do that. He had till the closing to make the divorce go away and the sell of their new home finalized!
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