Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 23

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

They arrive at the restaurant and Hiro's standing outside smoking.
Shuichi ran up to him. “I thought you said you quit cause it was a bad habit to have as a doctor.”
“I tried but I couldn't do it. I try to avoid having to do it at the hospital or around the doctor.” Hiro said throwing his cigarette down and stepping on it, then stepping up to Eiri who had moved just a few feet behind Shu. “So are you the one my little Shu's planning to shack up with?”
“Hiro! That makes me sound like a girl he got pregnant! I am not shacking up with him! Living together yes, but I'd hardly call it shacking. That makes it sound like I won't be doing anything!”
“He'll be pulling his own weight if it kills him.” Eiri said.
“Hiroshi Nakano and you are?”
“Eiri Yuki.”
“Ah, yes. I should have recognized you. Shu's mother and sister Maiko are huge fans.”
Shu gasped. “Y-you mean, Eiri…Eiri is the one?”
“I thought you knew that.” Hiro said frowning.
“No, I…I mean I knew Eiri wrote romance novels but I never thought…I mean I never bothered to look at the books Mom and Maiko always drooled over. Wow, that's weird.”
“Yeah, well I don't want to be you when your mother and sister finds out.”
“EEP! They'll kill me!”
“Yea, I'd say that's about right. First you plan to just move in with him, without introducing him to them and you're in a relationship with him. Yep, but if your lucky maybe after you've introduced them, maybe Mr. Yuki here could convince them to let you live.”
Shu sighed, “I didn't even think about them.”
Eiri knew Shu's mother and sister loved his books but he never knew they were that obsessed. But then again he wouldn't really know. As he got to thinking about it, he realized that Shuichi had met his family, whether he wanted to or not. But as he thought about it, he realized that he'd never once met anyone from his family. The boy didn't talk a lot about them, but was still as far as Eiri knew close to them. He looked around a bit upset that the person whom he called hadn't showed up yet. Then he spotted the person whom he knew would be here.
“Tohma, why don't you and Mika take Shu and get us a table. Nakano and I will be there shortly.”
“Um, Eiri…” Shuichi asked being unsure about being alone with them.
“They won't eat you brat. You'll be fine.”
Shu reluctantly went with Mika and Tohma.
Hiro turned to Eiri. “So now will you tell me the real reason you wished to meet?”
“I have a problem and I felt you could handle it.”
Hiro eyed him suspiciously. “Couldn't you just hire someone to take care of this? And why me?”
“This isn't exactly the type of job you're thinking. Besides I'm sure you'd rather your friend happy than depressed over my going to jail over hiring someone to kill.”
Well Hiro couldn't deny that one. “So what did you have in mind?”
“Follow me.” Eiri started towards Ayaka with Hiro in tow.
Ayaka saw Eiri and popped up smiling brightly. “Oh, Eiri! I missed you so much! When Mika called and asked that we meet, I just knew you had changed your mind!” She tried to throw her arms around him but Eiri had stepped aside and Hiro moved in quickly to keep her from hitting the ground.
“Why did you do that she could have been hurt?” Hiro scolded Eiri as he set Ayaka back on her feet.
Eiri just shrugged. “I thought you two might get along and perhaps you might even convince her to sign the final divorce papers so that we can both move on.”
As Eiri, Hiro and Ayaka were talking Tohma, Mika and Shu were sitting down and just ordered drinks.
“That's strange, I can't reach Ryuichi's cell.”
“Are you sure he even knows how to work it?” Mika asked.
“Mika, now you know Ryu acts like a child at times but he is smart.”
“That's debatable. So Shindo, how did you and my brother meet?”
“Oh, um well I had some writers block and I went for a walk.”
“You are a writer?” Mika asked surprised.
“Singer, actually. I was working on some lyrics when the wind blew them away. Eiri caught them.”
“So that's how you two met by Eiri giving you back your lyrics.” Mika said.
Shuichi huffed crossing his arms remembering that time and muttered, “Actually Eiri read them and then intentionally let the wind take off with them.”
“So, how long after that did he ask you to go to New York with him?” Tohma asked.
“Well after he kissed me I was in such shock that I didn't notice he'd left at first. Then after I snapped out of it, I…I don't know. I can't explain it. I just, I just felt like he needed me, so I followed him. He caught me at the airport then asked me to go with him.”
Tohma and Mika were stunned.
“You're telling us that you knew Eiri all of maybe 10-15 minutes and you just up and agreed to leave town with him?”
Shuichi glared at them. “I don't need a lecture from you! I've already had my share of them, thank you!”
Tohma smiled, “No lectures Shindo. We're just surprised that's all. Now I have a deal I'd like to make with you.”
“A Deal? What kind of deal?”
“A quite simple one actually. How would you and you're band like a recording contract?”
Shuichi was stunned. “What? Really are you serious?”
“Perfectly serious.”
“Wow, I…I don't know what to say. But I'm not so sure I mean the whole thing with Kyo and not playing with Hiro…”
“Well we can discuss options for whom you wish for your band at a later date if you wish.”
“Yeah, that'd probably be for the best.” Shuichi said, then remembered Tohma had said something about a deal. “Wait, didn't you say this was based on a deal?”
“Yes, I did. You have a good memory.”
“So what exactly does this deal involve?”
Tohma smiled and leaned forward and said, “Nothing too serious really. All I ask is that you break up with Eiri and get out of his life. I shall help you with that if you should require it. After you've confirmed you've broken up with him, then I will give you a recording contract and together decide whom you want for your band. So what do you say?”
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A/N: I know I'm cruel leaving you hanging like that. What do you think of Tohma's proposal? As if no one knows by know who Eiri called and what happened to Ryuichi, any thoughts on it? Or if you don't know, why not? Who else would Eiri know to call to take care of Ryuichi?