Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 25

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Eiri walked over to Shu and the others, “What the hells going on over here?”
Tohma smiled and said, “It's nothing Eiri, everything's fine. We were just having a quite discussion, right Shindo?”
Shuichi ignored him and stood up and wrapped himself around Eiri, “Can you take me home, Eiri? I don't feel so good.”
Eiri wasn't sure what it was but by the looks on the boy's face something happened between him and Tohma and it obviously wasn't good. He'd have to deal with Tohma later, though. “Sure Shu, let's go.” Eiri said so softly that only the boy heard what was said.
Shuichi smiled and nuzzled his nose into Eiri's chest. Eiri had called him Shu, not brat or kid or anything, but Shu!
Tohma's smiled faltered seeing Shuichi wrapped around Eiri, “Um Shindo what about our deal?”
This only upset Shuichi more, knowing his one and probably only chance at stardom was gone. However, he didn't like this deal at all, he didn't want to give up Eiri. But it was more than that really. Even if he had been willing to give up Eiri and realize his lifelong dream, Tohma stated clearly that he couldn't remember ever hearing him sing or seeing him perform. He didn't want this deal if it was only as a tool to force Eiri to do something. He wanted it because he was talented. But the way Tohma was offering it to him, it seem as if it didn't matter if he could even sing his way out of a paper bag, much less if he had any real talent. So how could he accept a deal that was based more on Tohma's wants than on his talent.
“Can we go now, Eiri.” Shuichi asked ignoring Tohma.
Seeing as the boy was just planning on ignoring Tohma he simply put his arm around the boy and tightened it while glaring at Tohma then he guided the boy out to his car.
“What the hell just happened here Tohma?” Mika demanded to know. “I thought this was a fool proof plan!”
“I did my best Mika. I can't force the kid to give up Eiri for a recording contract.”
“You swore to me that he would!”
Before Tohma could answer his cell phone went off. -“What? Oh Ryuichi where are you, you're late.”-
-“Neh, Tohma, I don't like fancy restaurants, I'm going to… Oops heh, right Tats, sorry I almost blew it.”-
Tohma blinked not wanting to think about who Ryuichi was referring too. -“Ryuichi who are you talking to?”-
-“Oh my new friend Tatsuha. You never told me Ms. Mika had two brothers, Tohma. Tatsuha seems like fun!”-
Tohma paled, -“Ryuichi you get into this restaurant now! You stay away from Tatsuha!”-
Mika blinked, “How the hell did Tatsuha…Eiri! He said he was going to return a key. He probably called Tatsuha instead!”
-“Ryuichi where are you?”-
-“Me and Tats and Kuma are on our way to dinner!”-
-“Tell me where so I can come and get you!”-
“Mmm…can't Tatsuha was right. You'd only want to spoil our fun. See ya later Tohma.”-
“What the hell just happened?” Mika asked.
“Tatsuha it seems has run off with Ryuichi, somewhere.”
“And you can't track them?”
“No, every time I try to put a GPS locator on Kumagoro or his cell phone he always seems to find it and get rid of it. I've tried to convince him to keep it with him incase something happens but he won't listen to me.”
As they were driving to Shuichi's place, Shu just stared out the window. Eiri didn't say a word the entire drive. He stopped and surprised the boy by getting fast food takeout. Then they finally pulled in front of Shu's building.
“Thanks Eiri, I'd better go.”
Eiri was surprised by this. “Sure kid whatever.”
Shuichi looked at him and couldn't help himself. He looked over and pulled Eiri into a deep kiss, then he pulled away. “Will you stay, for a little while?”
Eiri simply nodded and took the keys out of the ignition.
They were cuddling and relaxing on the couch and watching the rain of the sudden storm.
“Eiri, do you think that maybe…”
“Maybe what?”
“Maybe we could go on a date somewhere? Like dinner or something?”
Eiri blinked but the kid was cuddled close with his eyes closed. “We'll see kid.”
Shuichi smiled knowing that was the best answer he was going to get.
The storm knocked out the power and as he sat there watching the storm he remembered the last time he and Shuichi in his old life went to dinner…
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A/N: Sorry for a depressing 2 chapters as the next chapter will also be a bit depressing. Sorry that's my mood at the moment. I had to make a heartbreaking choice of putting my favorite cat one that was always with me to sleep on Friday. But I hope to maybe do Ryuichi and Tatsuha at Steak Haven by ch. 27