Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 26

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As Shuichi fell asleep curled around Eiri, Eiri continued to watch the storm rage outside. As he did Shuichi's question about a date started to make him remembered his Shuichi. He remembered the end of their first date at the amusement park.
Shuichi sat in Yuki's car anxious to get the amusement park! Despite the fact that Yuki had declared on national television that they were lovers they rarely went out in public together. They hadn't even gone to restaurant together. Not from Shu's lack of trying, especially after Eiri publicly announced their relationship. But Eiri had always rejected any attempts at wanting to go together. He always said they'd never get any peace. The two of them together especially would draw more attention and they'd be mobbed by fans.
Eiri would never admit that he too was looking forward to this date. Though he seriously detests roller coasters and amusement parks, seeing how excited the kid was made this worth it.
They pulled up and Eiri paid to park and they were there before the park officially opened so they were able to get a space not that far from the gate.
“First things first kid, we are and are not on a date.” Eiri told him after they got out of the car.
Shuichi cocked his head, “What do you mean Yuki?”
“You've been here with Hiro before haven't you?”
“Yeah, so?”
“So, you will treat me like you would him. No hugging, no holding hands not even to drag me around, which will not happen.”
“But Yuki! This is supposed to be a real date!”
“I said no brat!”
Shuichi sighed, “Fine, whatever you say Yuki.” Though he wasn't happy about it he knew he had to accept it. Yuki wasn't big on affection, especially in public. But he wasn't about to let that dim his excitement on both being here and riding rides with Yuki! “I can't wait, this will be so cool! I know all the rides I want to do. First we'll ride the Electric Giant.”
“Electric Giant?” Eiri questioned.
“Yes, the Electric Giant! It's a Huge Roller Coaster! It's so much fun!”
Eiri lit a cigarette and said, “Good, have fun I might even wave as you go by.”
“What? But Yuki!” Shuichi tried to protest then grumbled, “What's the point of coming here then?”
“I promised I'd bring you here, didn't I? I'm keeping that promise.”
“But…but if you're not going to ride with me…”
Eiri sighed seeing how the kid was just going to sulk and not even try to enjoy himself unless they rode together, `Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to ride with the brat. Besides K will probably kill me if the kid shows up for work tomorrow and complains that he didn't have fun.' Throwing his cigarette to the ground and stamping it out he says, “Fine, I'll ride with you.”
Shuichi looked surprised but the happily grabbed his arm, “Really? Yeah!! Let's go Yuki! I can't wait! This is going to be so much fun!”
Eiri couldn't believe the brat was already breaking one of his rules. He stopped refusing to be dragged and grudgingly allowed the boy to continue to hang off his arm at least until they got in line to hand in their tickets then he made the boy get off. By that time it didn't phase him as he was anxious to get inside the park. Despite his rule it was the kids day and since it was so early there weren't that many people and most ignored them, anxiously awaiting for the park to open in about ten minutes, give or take a few minutes.
Eiri saw a girl leaning against the wall of a ride and playing a video game on her cell phone. He leaned over to the boy's ear, “You did leave your cell at home didn't you, brat?”
Shuichi saw the girl Eiri had and smiled sheepishly and said, “Um, no. K, would kill me if he ever found out I came here and left my phone at home. But I promise not call anyone and I have it turned off just incase someone tries to call me. Besides if you find a ride you really refuse to ride and I can't find you afterwards I can call your cell and we can meet up.”
“Fine, just make sure it stays off just incase.” Eiri wasn't pleased that the boy disobeyed him and brought his phone but since he promised to leave it off he wasn't going to argue.
“I promise! I wouldn't want anyone to ruin this!” Shu said hugging his arm.
Eiri growled, “Get off me, aren't you forgetting my rules?”
Shuichi just smiled up shyly at him as he heard no real anger or anything in his voice. “But Yuki, rules are made to be broken.” Before Eiri could respond to that, Shuichi spotted some kids laughing and singing with a person dressed as an Elf. “Oh Yuki, let's get our picture taken with the elf!”
“No, you stay here.”
“But Yuki!”
“No, knowing you, you'd get over there and you'd want to start singing and dancing with those kids.”
Shuichi pouted, “Why would that be so bad?”
“Do you want to attract attention to us? Doing so means someone will recognize you, then me, then we'll probably be mobbed by fans, which in turns means no more amusement park, no rides no nothing. It means calling K to get us out, end of date, period.”
Shuichi looked wide eyed at that. He didn't want to admit that Eiri was right and that if he did start laughing and singing he would only draw attention and though he usually loves being the center of attention, he'd rather have all of Yuki's attention and have a fun day together than spend the day signing autographs or having to explain to K, that he ruined his one and probably only date with Yuki cause he wanted to play with some kids. So that calmed him down till he saw the attendant show up and take down the string officially opening the park for the day. Then he grabbed Eiri's arm and started to drag him, which of course Eiri put a halt to.
“Come on Yuki, we have to hurry! We want to get to the Electric Giant before it gets too crowded!”
Eiri sighed and followed the boy. Though he really didn't want to ride it after seeing how fast and rough the ride seemed to be by watching the empty car they ran as a tester. But in the end he found it not that bad. There were a few others that though Shuichi loved Eiri hoped to never see again! One in particular, you went straight up, stayed there a few minutes, then went straight down. Shuichi admitted he was a bit scared of it every time they get on and most especially when it stops at the top, but that the thrill of the ride made it worth it in the end.
Then after lunch Shuichi had wanted to go and do several other wild rides but Eiri curtailed that.
“Let's give our stomachs some time to settle down first.”
“Okay then let's go to the arcade!”
They ended up playing a game where they had to destroy the zombies before they got you. Yuki was content watching Shuichi, his eyes were wide and he was gripping his gun and shooting wildly to try to kill the zombies. Finally, after seeing how miserable the kid was doing and how he was freaking out, Eiri picked up his gun and with cool precision, he took out all the zombies. He wasn't surprised by the perfect score that flashed on the screen. Though the look of `my hero' on Shuichi's face was a surprise. However, he just rolled his eyes. It's not as if the brat was really being attacked or that Eiri did anything special. It didn't exactly take a lot of skill or brain power for that matter to kill off a bunch of video game zombies.
From there the boy insisted on Ice Cream, so they ate that and then went to a costume shop. He refused to admit it but he was amused when the kid started trying on hats, he thought the pirate hat was the best. Though he'd never tell the boy that.
“Hey Yuki, let's take a picture!”
“Please!! You've scared off all the park photographers. I want a picture to remember this!”
“Fine we'll take a picture.” Eiri said not wanting to bother arguing over it.
“Yeah!” Shuichi put the money in and was overly happy when he saw the slight smile on lovers lips in the picture.
As they were walking Eiri spotted the carousel, “Let's ride that.”
Shuichi was surprised but didn't argue. “Okay, I get a pink horse and you can get a white one.” Then he ran ahead.
He went for a horse but Eiri had caught up to him and pulled him off the horse and before he could make any noise of protest he shook his head and pointed to the seat at the back of the row of horses. He huffed and sat down upset that he couldn't ride the horse. That was until Eiri sat next to him, careful to position himself facing the park side to try to hide his lover. His sunglasses made him seem almost invisible as not many people would really look twice at him sensing his unfriendliness that way. However Shu's hair was distinctive and he hoped this would keep anyone from noticing him too much. With so many kids one look their way could spell disaster if even one recognized him. But he knew the risk when he chose this. He knew he could have chosen that cave ride, what did the boy call it again, oh yeah, The elf and the princess. Though it probably would have provided more cover, a dark creepy tunnel with animatronics showing the story of how an elf met and fell in love with a princess didn't do a thing for him. Though Shu kept saying how it was a lovely but tragic love story.
For the most part the day went off fairly well in Eiri's opinion. Though he still detested roller coasters and amusement parks he had to admit he did have a fairly good time. This happened to be the best with Shu curled around him playing with a couple of the pictures they took. He put them on his cell then sat up and started searching his pockets.
“What are you doing brat?”
Shuichi smiled as he held up his trophies. Eiri's cell and refillable lighter that Tohma had given him for Christmas. At first Eiri was surprised by such an expensive gift till he saw Mika had an even fancier one and he dragged Tohma to confess that by buying Mika's expensive one, he was given a major discount on the one he bought for Eiri. Eiri just shook his head. Leave it to Tohma to find a find a bargain.
Eiri watched amused as the boy put a sticker on his cell, then he put one on his lighter. “This way we can both have a remembrance of this day!”
“What do you plan to do with the rest of the pictures?”
“Oh, well there's my backpack and my notebook and ….”
And Eiri tuned him out after that.
Just then the lights flickering and coming back on surprised him. The TV showed that more storms were coming and this was just a brief reprieve. He sighed once again looking out the window remembering how after that ride they went to the boat dock to watch the fireworks and he made the decision to tell the boy about Yuki and how it had led him to leave his little lover to try to find a way to learn what really happened with Yuki. He sometimes wonders what would have happened if his little lover hadn't shown up that day. He's also never figured out quite why the boy was wearing a dog suit or how he had even found him. He may never learn the answers to those questions, but he supposed that there were some questions he was better off never learning the answers too. Like Why did he take that gun? Would he have used it or did he take it just to try to help him remember that night? But he supposed the answers no longer mattered. All this was making him home sick for his Shuichi, as the memory of their first night after the boy's first tour came to his mind…
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