Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 27

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

A/N: The reason I redid this chapter was Moon71 had said she didn't think it seemed right. Sex out in the open and Eiri's not fighting them off sooner all seemed wrong. So I hope you like the revamp to the chapter. I changed it to all of Eiri's point of view. I'm making a new story with the whole flashback and beyond.
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After the weather went off he saw an advertisement for Sheps. An Italian restaurant that he and Shu had went to. The boy had just returned from his first tour.
“Come on, Yuki, please! We've never gone out!”
“I've told you before, I don't want to spend all night signing autographs and dealing with the stupid paparazzi.”
“I know but just this once, please! Maybe if we go early enough we can avoid major crowds. I want to celebrate my tour and us.”
“Who says there's an us?”
Shuichi pouted, “Please, Yuki. We never go anywhere! I almost think you're ashamed to be seen with me in public!”
Eiri growled, he didn't want to deal with this. But obviously the boy'd got it in his head that he hated him. “Fine, we'll go.”
“Promise me, you'll be on your best behavior and try not to draw too much attention to us.”
Nodding vigorously Shuichi said, “I will, I promise!”
Then Shu was off for the next couple of days, as a breather after just returning from the tour. Eiri figure it must have been quite a struggle for the boy to remain quiet and not disturb him, probably fearing he'd refuse to take him tomorrow otherwise.
The next day, Eiri reluctantly got ready and they left for dinner.
When they got there the place was pretty full, not what Eiri had wanted but he couldn't turn back now. The boy would never let him hear the end of it otherwise. So he gave their name and waited to be called. He'd used his real last name, something he didn't like doing but if he'd put Yuki or Eiri or either of Shu's names he feared someone might look up at the name curious and perhaps see through Shu's hat and glasses and his own sunglasses. He preferred a private room, this way they could be at ease and not fear someone noticing them. But those were already booked. But he did tell that he preferred a booth. At least it would be a small way to hide considering how busy the place seemed to be and the lighting wasn't that hot. When they were called Eiri was relieved when in the end no one bothered to look their way except a couple of giggling girls, but they didn't bother them after Eiri glared at them.
Eiri had spotted two women sitting at a table not far from the booth the host had put them at along with menus. Now he had a perfect view of them. One was a red-head and the other Eiri guessed was a bleach blonde.
Once at the table Shu had removed his hat and glasses as had Eiri his glasses.
“I am Jacque, I am your waiter. What can I get for you tonight?”
“I'll have a sprite and Spaghetti.”
“Very good, soup or salad?”
“Um what kind of soup?”
The waiter rattled off all kinds of soups. All of which made the boy's head spin.
“Vegetable soup for the boy and I'll have a salad and ranch dressing on the side.” Eiri answered for him. He wasn't entirely sure the boy would eat any of the other soups and wouldn't touch salad with a ten foot poll. “I want Chicken Parmigianino with garlic toast.”
“Very good and your drink?”
“A glass if white wine.” Eiri didn't want to spend a fortune on a bottle. Besides he would be tempted to have more than one glass and though more than one glass wouldn't even come close to making him drunk, he had a high tolerance. But one the cops were cracking down more on people who'd had even one glass. And two he didn't want to be so drunk that they'd have to take a cab home. Just because this was an upscale neighborhood didn't mean something might happen or someone might not take off with his precious Mercedes.
After giving their food and drink order, Shu started in telling Eiri about the tour in a much detail as possible. He started with their boarding the bus to things K, told them to things he saw and things he and Hiro talked about and even when he took bathroom breaks and when he went to get a drink. Eiri was distracted by watching the boy intently. Shu noticed this and squirmed a bit seeing the look in his eyes and stopped talking.
“Yuki, stop that.”
Eiri just smiled, “What? Is something wrong?”
“Stop staring at me like that.”
Eiri just smiled brighter, “Like what?”
“Like you're going to drag me to the bathroom and have your way with me.”
“And what would be so wrong about that?”
“I don't want to do it in the bathroom. Especially before the food arrived, its embarrassing to sit here after that.”
Eiri sighed as the boy again started to once again go into even more detail about the tour. Deciding it better to tune him out and find something else to focus on, his eyes landed on the blonde first. He'd noted that both women were dressed in extremely low and high cut dresses.
The blonde wore a halter-top with straps connected to the short cut skirt that it was almost revealing what she didn't have on underneath. And her top was so low it barely held her in. The redhead had on a dress the tied up the front starting just below the navel. It was tied extremely loose and low enough that she too was practically falling out of her dress.
As Eiri continued to look the women over, he started to realize what was missing from his current story. He let his imagination get away from him and started to see how his main character would have his way with these women. Despite the fact the women tried to make sure Eiri was well aware that they had nothing on underneath, Eiri could only see it as more motive for the main character of his story. He started to think of what all he would have done at one time and was mentally starting to fit these women into the perfect models for his character to have his way with.
Eiri was so lost in his daydream it was like the world didn't even exist anymore. He never felt or heard Shu trying to get his attention. He was sure that the longer he watched these women the better odds he'd have at finishing his book in his head. Suddenly he's jolted out of his daydream into reality with these two women one either side of him. As the redhead kissed him and the blonde stroked him he didn't realize that Shu had left. After a minute he pulled away from the redhead and looked around.
“What's wrong hun?”
“I think he's just a little dazed.”
“He's probably also wondering why his girlfriend abandoned him.”
`Girlfriend?' Eiri tried to make sense of what they were saying when he looked across the table to see Shuichi was gone and it hit that that's who they were referring too. Great, now the boy's going to hate him. With that he pushed a startled redhead out of his way. And got up and went to try to catch up to his little lover.
Just as he left the waiting area near the restrooms the two women suddenly grabbed him and forced him into the men's restroom and placed their entire weight on him as they pushed him against the stalls. Then as the redhead started sucking on his tongue, he started to squirm to get away from these psychos, but all thoughts left his head when the blonde knelt in front of him and pulled his member out of his pants and went down on it. Eiri moaned into the redheads mouth as the women kept working him, till he came into the blondes mouth.
The blonde continued to stroke him, then she starts to climb up his body continuing her ministrations on his member and started to kiss his neck which snapped Eiri back to his senses. He broke free of these women. Muttering several obscenities at them while re-fixing his pants and left, hoping they wouldn't follow him. However he had no such luck. Just as he put the key in the door the redhead moved between him and the car door.
“Where you goin' sweet cheeks?”
“Yeah we aint done with ya yet.”
“You can call me Ice, like iceberg!” the redhead said.
“And you can call me, Deck.” The blonde said.
“Sorry ladies but my girlfriend, was actually my boyfriend and…” Just then the sound of thunder was heard, Eiri smirked, “He's scared of thunderstorms. Especially when he's out in them.” With that he tried to open the door the redhead still leaning against it, thrust backwards to shut it on him.
“I don't care if you're bi or straight. You got us all hot and bothered in there and we're going to collect our payment.” The redhead said.
“And she don't mean money…well not yet at least.”
Eiri smirked and said, “Fine, but I'm not about to be seen with you. Meet me at 157 Oka and I'll take you up to my apartment for some fun.”
The women smiled, “All right, but you'd better show.” The redhead said.
`Heh, right and just what do you plan to do about it if I don't? I never thought I'd see the day when I didn't take them or even fantasize about them.' Eiri sent them to one of the first apartments he'd ever lived in that had been condemned a couple of years back.. He counted on them to not have enough brain power to truly believe he was willing to `pay up' as they put it and then they truly believed that he'd tell them where he really lived. `How stupid can you get. If I had truly wanted them I wouldn't have cared if anyone saw, I'd have just taken them back to the apartment.' But Eiri knew from experience that women like that would try to find a way to steal as much of his money as they could from him and rob him blind. Well now that they were gone he set out to find Shuichi.
`End flashback'