Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 28

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Shuichi whined cuddling closer snapping Eiri out of his day dream. He sighed remembering that after he found the boy and convinced him he didn't cheat on him and brought him home the boy caught a nasty cold from that. Then to make it up to him after finishing his last book and the boy recovered he was determined to make it up to him by taking him to a restaurant and making things right. But things only got worse. He'd reserved a private room that they'd have all to their selves, but like everything else that didn't go well and afterwards Eiri refused to ever go to a restaurant or public really with the boy again.
All of this only made him even more home sick. As he looked down at Shu, he realized that he might be the same in a lot of ways but he didn't go through all the ups and downs he and his Shu went through. He would try his best to get things the same in this world as his own then he'd see about finding a way back to his Shuichi. That is…if he can.
Meanwhile Tatsuha had found Ryuichi had a major wild side.
“Ryuichi I think we should eat now, then you can play on the slide more later.”
Ryu smiled, “Okay but on if Tats agrees to play with us!”
Tatsuha smiled, “Okay.”
After dinner and playing on the slide for a few minutes, they left. Well Tatsuha had to drag him out basically, he could see the waiters were getting annoyed and felt they should leave before they got thrown out.
“So where to now.” Tatsuha asked.
“I think we should go to a karaoke bar. Kuma knows a good one just off of Oxnard, drive.”
“I know the place. I've been there a time or two.” They got on his motorcycle and they took off towards the bar.
Once they got there Ryuichi pulled Tatsuha on stage. Together they started singing Shining. But then Ryu really got into it and when he finished he took off his hat and bowed.
“Oh, my god! It's Ryuichi Sakuma!” some girl yells.
“Get them!”
“Let's get out of here!” Tatsuha yelled at Ryu and grabbed his arm and they took off on the run from rabid fans. The stopped in front of Roller Rink to catch their breaths.
“Oh!! Looky Tats, let's go roller skating!! Kuma loves to roller skate!”
Tatsuha had a feeling this was going to be a long night. But he's going to be spending it with his idol so he was going to make the most of what might well be their one and only time together.
However just as the karaoke place Ryuichi got carried away and they once again were on the run from rabid fans!
“Well this is getting interesting.” Tatsuha said again trying to catch his breath.
Then Ryuichi spotted a ride at the amusement park. “Let's go to the amusement park! It'll be fun, no no da! See that ride there, Kuma and I have always wanted to ride it!” Ryuichi said, pointing out a ride where 1 to 3 people can be strapped into a big harness wrap and then pulled way up high then released.
Tatsuha went pale. “Um I don't know.”
“Come on it'll be fun!”
“Have you ever ridden it before?”
At the Ryuichi pouted. “No, we've always wanted to but neither K nor Tohma will let us. They both kept telling me that its way too dangerous.”
“Well if it's something you want to do then let's do it!”
“Yeah!” With that Ryu dragged a reluctant Tatsuha to do it.
Tatsuha hated it but Ryu loved it! But didn't want to do it alone. He claimed Kuma was scared to do it alone. Seeing the green look on Tatsuha's face is what really convinced him not to ask him to ride it again.
This time Tatsuha was able to keep Ryuichi contained at least well enough that they didn't get chased by mobs of fans.
“Let's go in here!” Ryuichi said dragging Tatsuha into a store! “Ooh lookie! I love souvenir shops and all kinds of shops!”
Soon enough Ryu had bought a ton of stuff from practically every store they went to. He seemed obsessed with getting one of almost everything. Poor Tatsuha was left to carry it all! Then they did some random games and surprisingly Ryuichi did very well and won a some small stuffed animals and a couple of large stuffed animals. Tatsuha wanted to put some in storage but Ryuichi wouldn't hear of it! So Ryuichi drug Tatsuha carrying armful loads of souvenirs and stuffed animals he won all over the amusement park. The only respite Tats got was when Ryuichi wanted to watch a show or set all the things down, ride the ride then pick them all up. Ryuichi finally tired out and called for both a car and his limo. The car for his souvenirs and a Limo for him and Tatsuha. He also asked that someone collect Tatsuha's bike. Then he took Tatsuha home with him. Where Tatsuha passed out on the couch.
The next day Tatsuha awoke and got the scare of his life. Ryuichi was staring at him just a few inches from his face.
Ryuichi smiled, “Sorry Tats, no no da! Kuma and I were waiting for you to wake up!”
“Sorry I guess I fell asleep last night.”
Ryuichi shook his head, “It's okay. You did better than a lot of people. Not everyone can keep up with mine and Kuma's pace. You did great! We had lots of fun! We should defiantly do it again!”
“Really? Um, well yeah, I had fun too.”
“Cool! Kuma and I have to go record today. Want to come with?”
Tatsuha laughed nervously, “Uh, well I'd love too but what about Tohma? He wouldn't like my being there.”
Ryuichi frowned, “Well then Tohma's a big meanine weenie! Don't worry I won't let him hurt you or kick you out.”
Tatsuha didn't say anything but the one thought that ran through his head was `Lot's of luck on that one.'
“Besides, I'm only doing vocals today. Tohma probably wont even be there. And if Noriko shows I'll make sure she knows your being there's a secret.”
Tatsuha wanted to go but was still nervous, “Well if you're sure, but if Tohma finds out…”
“You let me handle Tohma. Don't worry I'll protect you.”
With that agreement they went to the studio.
The next morning Eiri woke up and realized he'd fallen asleep on the couch. The blanket that had been around Shuichi last night was now around him. He was going to try to get the boy to tell him what all happened between him and Tohma. One thing was for sure, he didn't want to tell him. So, he either had to wait and try to drag it out of the boy later or go straight to the source. One way or the other he was going to find out. So with a deep sigh he realized that this was going to require another trip down to NG and have a face to face with him.
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A/N: For anyone who doesn't know Shinning is the song Ryuichi sings at the end of the OVA.
Sorry the chapters a bit short I'll make it up to ya in the next chapter.
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Someone suggested Bungee Jumping. Well that's all well and good but I don't know much about it except they tie it to your ankles and Ryu's a performer so that wouldn't be good. The ride mentioned here is at Six Flag over Texas. I've never ridden it as its 35 for 1 and like 25 for 3. Why cheaper with more beats me. I've never asked since I don't plan to waste the money.
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