Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 29

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Eiri stormed into Tohma's office followed by Tohma's secretary.
Tohma waved her off. “It's all right Ana, Eiri is always welcome.”
The secretary was a little weary. This was the second time he'd allowed this, but he was the boss so she had to trust the president knew what he was doing and retuned to her desk.
“So what brings you here, Eiri?”
“You look ready to leave, I'm not interrupting something am I?”
Tohma smiled, “Not at all. I was on my way to lunch with Mika. However I was going to be extra early anyway.”
“I thought you two weren't getting along?”
“Well since our dinner the other night, Mika's been more receptive. I'm not sure why, but I for one am not going to question her change of heart. She was the one who approached me about taking you and Shindo to lunch the other day. Then after you left, she must have seen something cause after you left we talked for a while. Then she's agreed to allow me to move back in on the condition that we start seeing a marriage councilor. We're working slowly starting with lunch today.”
“So, what can I do for you today?”
“What did you say to upset Shuichi last night?”
“Didn't he tell you?”
“If he had you're face would probably have met my fist when I walked in.”
“I see, so the two of you aren't that close yet.”
“Are you trying to imply something by that, Tohma?”
Tohma smiled, “Not at all Eiri, I'm simply surprised that's all.”
“I ask again, what did you two talk about?”
Tohma sighed, “Mika was hoping that if I offered Shindo a recording contract on the stipulation that he left you that he'd take it. Then you'd come to your senses and return to Ayaka.”
“And just how did she plan to make me do that? You knew I was only staying with her till I found a way out of it.”
“I have told her that, but she's a lot like Ayaka and they believed you loved her.”
“What was Shu's answer?”
“He never gave me one. But since he wrapped himself around you and left with you, I took that as a no.”
Eiri growled, “How dare you take advantage of him like that! How would you have liked it if the person who found you and Nittle Grasper in the run-down club and gave you your shot, had said that the conditions of it were that you were required to say and do what they wanted. Which mean you would have had to not only break up with Mika but never have contact with her or me again! The same goes for that insane singer and his rabbit being forced apart. That female keyboardist of yours, she'd been forbidden to marry the guy she's married to now. You would all be assigned someone with whom you'd have to marry.”
“Ah, but that never happened.”
Eiri glared at him, “No, but if they had what would you have done?”
Tohma blinked, but before he could answer his intercom went off. “Yes, Ana?”
-“Sir, a Shuichi Shindo is here to see you.”-
At that Eiri moved into the dark corner of the room. Tohma understood that Eiri didn't want Shuichi to know he was here just yet.
“Send him in.”
Shuichi was extremely nervous as he came in and kept his eyes on the floor.
“Please come in Shindo. What can I do for you?”
Shuichi moved closer to the desk his eyes never leaving the floor. “I-I wanted to talk to you about you're offer. I-I've been feeling guilty about not answering you. I've done a lot of thinking about it.”
“Then please have a seat and let's discuss this.”
“I can't, I can't stay long, I'm on my lunch break.”
“Well did you come to a decision?”
Shuichi sighed, “Yes, I thought long and hard over this. I left this morning without saying goodbye to Eiri and I've felt guilty about it all day. I thought about what taking this deal would mean and thought I'm sure being a rock star would keep me busy. But at the end of the day no matter how big or small my apartment may be, it'd be cold and lonely. I never realized how cold and lonely a place could be till after I met Eiri.”
“I see if Eiri the only reason?”
Shuichi shook his head, “No, you said you didn't even remember hearing me sing or seeing me perform. Why would you offer me this is you don't even remember me? I could be the worst singer in the world!”
“Shindo, I would have never have come to even one of your performances if one of my scouts hadn't assured me that you had talent.”
“Scouts seek out new talent. They know talent and if they feel your talented they ask me to review your performance.”
“Then why didn't you ever want me?”
“I deal in marketability.”
“How well the public in general will accept you? It was my personal opinion that you wouldn't be well received. But after doing some investigating into your popularity at that bar or yours I can see I was wrong. My rejecting you then had nothing to do with whether or not you had talent.”
“So why now? Why don't you want me to stay with Eiri?”
“His sister and I didn't feel you were good enough for him. Not to mention he was married.”
“Oh, I see. I do appreciate the offer and I'd love to take you up on it, but without the condition of losing Eiri. I am sorry you don't approve of me but…” Then he looked Tohma right in the eye and said, “But I love Eiri! I'm not giving him up without a fight!” He had a fiery passion that Tohma hadn't seen in a long time from anyone.
Eiri couldn't help but smiled. He was proud of the kid for standing up to Tohma. At that he stepped out of the shadows and said, “Good, because I got a call from the real estate agent. We go the building.”
Shuichi blinked, “E-Eiri? What are you doing here?”
“Eiri was coming to ask me to lunch, but I had plans and it seems I'm going to be late.”
“Eiri, would you and Shindo like to join us?”
Eiri shook his head, “No, I'll take Shu back to work then I'll go home and do some work myself.”
“Before I forget here you go Shindo.” Tohma said handing Shu a big vanilla envelope.
Shuichi frowned, “What is it?”
Tohma smiled, “I'd advise letting Eiri and his lawyer look it over before you agree to sign anything.”
Shuichi frowned confused, “I don't understand.”
Eiri shook his head, “Idiot, he's offering you, your recording contract.”
Shuichi looked up him surprised, “What? Really!” Eiri nodded and Shu ran over and threw his arms around Eiri's neck and kissed him soundly. Then pulled back and looked at Tohma remembering something and moved his arms around Eiri's waist and tighten his grip, “But what about Eiri?”
Tohma stood and placed a hand on his shoulder and said, “Take good care of him.”
Shuichi was surprised and thrilled, “You mean it?”
“Of course, now if you'll both excuse me I don't want to be late for my lunch date with Mika.” Tohma said leaving.
“Let's go kid. Don't need you losing your job till you've officially signed on with NG. Besides we have a home to furnish.”
Shuichi turned to him, “You mean we really got the place?”
Eiri held up a key, “It's yours, it's official.”
Shuichi took the key and squeezed Eiri tightly. “I can't wait till we can officially move in!”
Eiri smiled and leaned close to the boy's ear, “I can think of a way to break in our new place.”
Shuichi shivered and blushed, “Um, I…I guess so.”
Eiri nipped the boy's ear. Shuichi yelped blushing even deeper. Eiri just chuckled and pulled the boy with him and took him back to work.