Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 30

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Tatsuha was nervous as hell, jumping at every noise. As they walked to the door in the parking garage where Ryu's driver let them off, a guard stopped him.
“Authorized Personal only.”
“Kazu, he's cool! He's with me, no, no, da!”
The guard simply shook his head. “Sorry Mr. Sakuma but my orders are no unauthorized personnel beyond this point.”
Before Ryu could argue more the door opened and out walked Tohma. Seeing Ryuichi with Tatsuha trying to hide behind him said, “Is there a problem here?”
Seeing Tohma walk out Tatsuha had quickly hid behind Ryuichi.
“Mr. Sakuma wants to take that young man inside. I was explaining to him that my orders are no unauthorized personnel was allowed beyond this point. I was just about to suggest he go through the front and try to get a visitors pass for him.”
“That will take forever! They ask like a kazillion questions.”
Tohma raised an eyebrow, “How do you know what it takes to get a pass?”
“Well Kuma and I were waiting in the waiting room for our driver. He was late. He called and said that Pinky had to go to the doctor.”
“Pinky?” Tohma asked.
“Uh huh, that's the name of my pink limo.”
Tohma shook his head. He had heard of Pinky before but he never thought to ask before today who exactly that was. Now he kinda wished he hadn't.
“Anyway we had to wait till Blacky showed up.” No one bothered to ask as they assumed he'd named all his vehicles. “Someone was wanting to visit someone and the secretary kept ask question after question it made my head spin.”
Tohma sighed then leveled his eyes on Tatsuha who was still fruitlessly hiding behind Ryuichi. “So Tatsuha, how exactly did you and Ryuichi meet? I'd have thought Sheps to be out of your price range.”
“Uh well Eiri invited me to dinner with you and Mika. He didn't say why, he just said I'd be getting a free meal at an expensive restaurant and I should be thankful. So here I am.” Actually that was a partial lie. Eiri had told him that Ryuichi Sakuma would be joining them and this would be his best chance to meet him. He couldn't believe his luck or that Eiri was offering him this chance. He was happy he was in town and was stunned when he spotted Ryuichi standing around outside. He was scared that they wouldn't hit it off but he gathered his courage and talked to him anyway.
“So it was just a coincidence that you happened to know the exact restaurant we went to and see Ryuichi there?”
“Uh, yeah, he was just standing there trying to decide whether or not to go in.”
“I didn't want to go in! Tohma should know I don't like fancy restaurants like that. They're too stuffy! Hey, that reminds me, you never answered my question of why you never told me that Ms. Mika had another brother.”
“Because he's a fan boy! I know how much you hate those types of people hanging off you.”
Ryuichi looked at Tatsuha, “Is that true Tats?”
Tatsuha smiled and said, “Yeah, Sakuma it is. I've been a huge fan of yours for years.”
Ryuichi tisked, “I told you its Ryu!” Then he turned to Tohma and said, “He may be a fan boy but we're friends now. You should have let me decide if we could have been friends.”
Before Tohma could retaliate his cell phone went off. “I'm sorry Mika, I tried to get their earlier, but then Eiri showed up and… no I'll tell you about it when I get there.” How was he going to tell her about what he and Eiri discussed and about Shindo's decision. Not to mention the fact that Eiri officially bought that loft they'd found him in and left with the boy. “Oh I was on my way to see you when I ran in to Ryuichi and Tatsuha in the parking lot.”
“I was right Tohma is a big meanie, we could have been having fun all this time!”
Tatsuha smiled, “Don't fret it Sak-I mean Ryu. Tohma was just looking after you and I can guess he was scared I'd hurt you or something.”
“Yeah, still no excuse.”
“Mika wants you both to come to lunch.”
Tatsuha paled this didn't bode well.
Ryuichi however saw no problem, “Okay, I was going to take Tats and get something to eat after the recording session. But this is better! I'll work better on a full stomach.”
“We'll be there soon, Mika.”
After talking for a bit more at the restaurant Hiro took Ayaka home and they agreed to meet up the next day for lunch.
“I'm happy you were able to make time for lunch Hiro.” Ayaka said.
“It was no trouble at all. The doctor took off to play some golf, so there wasn't any real reason for me to stay. I don't have a license to practice medicine on my own yet. I'm just an intern. Besides I wouldn't pass up a chance to spend time with you if there was any other choice.” Hiro told her.
Ayaka blushed, “Eiri never wanted to spend time together. Your friend must be special since all Eiri seems to want to do is spend time with him. I can't say that I've ever seen him so happy. When he heard your friend call out he practically ran to be by his side. Then when your friend wrapped himself around Eiri, me he would have pushed away, but not him. No him he wrapped his arm around him and held him close. He never not even at our wedding did that with me. He did the one dance with me at our wedding because it traditional but that was it.” Ayaka sighed, “When we had sex which those times were few and far between, immediately afterward he'd get up and take a shower. Then he'd usually go straight to work without a word, it didn't matter whether or not he had a deadline to meet. I can count on one hand the number of times he came back and slept in the same bed next to me. Usually if he didn't bring his laptop to work on back to our apartment he'd just go back to his. Well that's what he told me, how many women he did in between then I can't even begin to guess. He'd occasionally allow me to hug or kiss him but cuddling almost never happened.”
“He was never affectionate at all and yet you stayed that long?”
“You know, now hearing Eiri claim that the only reason he married me was so that he didn't have to take over his father's temple a few things make sense now.”
“That was his reason for marrying you?”
“I didn't know that till now.”
“So what kinds of things make sense now?”
“Huh, oh um well I told you he was never affectionate, but actually there were times it was like I was living one of his romance books.”
“Really? What made him suddenly affectionate?”
“That's the thing, I didn't put it together till now. But whenever my parents were around he was more considerate and caring, but when his father was around I literally felt like I was in one of Eiri's books he was so nice and kind and we'd cuddle together and slept together at night. But that was only when we were at the temple in Kyoto the minute were out of site of the temple he'd go back to his normal grouchy couldn't care less about me attitude. Those were the only times I ever thought he might love me.”
“I think that should have been your first clue. He never did this stuff unless his father or your parents were around. Didn't you ever question why he did it?”
“The first time, yes. I asked why he couldn't be that loving. He told me that when we were at home he didn't have to pretend to be someone he's not.”
“He told you this and yet you still thought he loved you?”
“Well I guess you could say I was a love sick idiot. I didn't want to believe what I was hearing. He never came right out and said I hate you but he never said I love or like you either.”
Hiro couldn't believe it either. She spent two years with a man who practically at every turn showed her how much he hated her and yet she still loved him and wanted to be with him. He wasn't sure how he could break her of this delusion but he was determined to try!
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