Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 31

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
“Well look I’ll make sure all the limited romance that Yuki showed to you, I will show to you full time. You deserve to be with someone who will do all that romance stuff and more all the time not just when it’s convenient.” Hiro said.   “Thank you. May I ask you a personal question?”   “Of course, ask anything you like.”   “How do you and your friend know each other? I mean no offence but you don’t exactly seem all that close.”   Hiro sighed, “No, offence taken. We met in high school. Some people claimed that our high school was haunted cause they’d hear keyboards and on occasion singing, but everyone claimed that someone died in a fire that destroyed part of the school years ago but the school didn’t want to spend the money to fix it, so they just blocked off that whole wing. Though I’d never heard of anyone dieing in the fire it’s rumored that someone did die and that the person was like a siren, the kind that supposedly would sing out and lead sailors to their doom. People kept saying that this ghost was a fire siren and wanting company. Well I happened to hear the keyboard one day and at lunch I went to check it out. It had been condemned due to a fire but from what I heard and saw most of the damage looked smoke related. Well I guess it was stupid to check it out but I did. What I found was a pink hair boy playing a keyboard and singing. He was afraid of me at first and laughed when I accused him of being a fire ghost. He was afraid I’d tell but I had no intention of telling. I did ask why he was there and he said there was no point to going there were no music classes and he was flunking anyway. He only went to a few of his classes then would ditch others and come here to play, as his parents had forbidden it till he brought his grades up. I offered to help him with his school work if he’d let me play with him.”   “You play an instrument?”   “Yeah the guitar. So that’s where it began, I helped him bring his grades up some and a surprise to me to learn we even shared a couple of classes together and so we started sitting near each other and he’d usually copy most of my paper. I asked once why not all? He said then the teacher and his parents would expect excellent grades like that all the time. So I maintained a straight A average and he managed to bring his grades up to a C and in a few classes, mostly the ones we shared a B. Then we decided that we should start a band. So Bad Luck got its start.”   “Well what happened to drive you apart? You seemed so close?”   “We were like brothers. He was actually a lot more of a brother to me than my own.”   “You have a brother?”   “Yeah, Yuji he’s currently trying to become an actor. Anyway we did good in the band played gigs and everything. Though my parents hated it as they wanted me to focus on school so I could get into medical school. But I didn’t care, we had dreams of making it to the big time! But after high school no one bothered to listen to our demo and then Tohma Seguchi showed up and though Shu did everything to get Seguchi to give us a shot. I mean he did everything short of getting on his hands and knees and would have done that if he’d thought it’d help. But Seguchi said we weren’t ready and walked away. Shu didn’t give up easily but in the end his decision remained the same. He wouldn’t sign us. So I gave up and gave into my parents pressure and started medical school. It was shortly after that that we drifted apart. I hated it but Shu wanted to continue music and I wanted to focus on starting my medical career.”   Ayaka touched his face, “I couldn’t tell with Eiri he was too good at hiding his emotions. But I can see it in you. Though you’ve talked a lot about you medical career and the doctor you work for your not happy. When you talked about meeting Shuichi and being in the band I heard more excitement and emotion in your voice and on your face than I ever have with anything concerning your medical career.”   “I enjoy it, some. But it pains me when I know that’s what drove us apart.”   “Do you ever regret not staying with Shuichi and working harder to get your music career off the ground?”   “Sometimes yes, other times I think I made the right choice. But I don’t know, maybe had we tried harder worked more we could have made it someday.”   “Maybe it’s not too late!”   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   Meanwhile at work Shu had given his two week notice as till he officially starts making money as a rock star he’s going to just stay working at the bar and at NG.   “Hey Shindo, I heard a rumor that you were quitting.” Tri one of Shu’s coworkers asked.   “Um, yeah I am.” Shu said.   “What? But you just left without warning not long ago and the boss forgave you!”   “Yeah and I appreciated it as at the time I needed the job.”   “And now you don’t?”   Shu shook his head no.   “I don’t understand. Does this have something to do with your boyfriend?”   “Um yes and no. Eiri helped me get a recording contract from NG studios, so until the band is completely off the ground and I start making something and they find a new replacement I’m going to only be working for the Lucky Star bar.”   “So I was right! I told the others that you worked there but I could never get close enough to the stage to confirm it was you and no one here believed me.”   “Yeah, I’ve been working there almost as long as I have here. But I can’t and don’t want to try to hold down three jobs. One has to go and I’d rather be on stage than working here. No offence this jobs okay but the stage is where I always want to be!”   “Well I hope it works out for you.”   “Thanks!” ‘So do I. But if I don’t find a band soon I’ll end up a solo act but even Ryuichi didn’t start out as a solo and I want to be like Nittle Grasper! But things have been a bit strained since Kyo and Eiri’s showdown and I’m not sure that it would be good to start a career with someone whose prevented you from ever finding love before and is in love with you and currently on limited speaking terms with would be the best choice for a permanent band mate to try to go pro with. Caliban is only 17 has hasn’t really shown much interest in doing anything in the way of music other than play and have fun at the bar.’   The rest of the day with by smoothly enough but he’d have to ask Akira when he got to work if he was interested, otherwise he’d have to hope Seguchi has a plan. He wished he could go ask Hiro, but he felt that he was too busy and deep into his medical career to be bothered by this. He’d made that choice and Shu was willing to accept it.