Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 32

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Hiro stared at her, “What do mean, maybe its not too late? Ayaka, this is my future. Someday I’ll be a great doctor and my parents will be proud and…”   “And you’ll end up just like me, miserable, alone and regretting never taking the chance. I knew there was something more to Eiri’s agreement to marry me. There were more papers on the table than just those for the marriage. But I deluded myself into thinking they were nothing important. Even after Eiri signed them and said ‘It’s done, I’m leaving.’ I wanted to believe it was just he had a deadline. He only returned and kissed me after his father very loudly cleared his throat. I again deluded myself into believing there was passion behind that kiss.”   “And now?”   “Now, looking back I realize that the kiss felt more like a forced kiss. No passion at all just a lip-lock kiss. He never pretended to care about me around Mika, or the press or anyone else no matter what Mika threatened.”   “I can’t believe you stayed with him knowing he cheated on you and didn’t care about him for almost 2 years.”   “I talked with Mika several times early on and she kept assuring me that Eiri just didn’t like to express emotion. That he did it in front of their father and my parents to impress them. Though now I think that perhaps my parents knew the real reason Eiri married me and that’s why he was that nice in front of them. I can’t stand by and watch someone else make the same mistakes I did! Say Shuichi makes it, leaving you behind, what will you tell your children? I had the chance to be up there with him, I wish I was up there but I made the mistake of listening to my parents and other people and let them dictate my life!”   “Whoa you’re getting a bit ahead of yourself. We barely know each other and you’re already talking about children.”   “Sorry, I always had dreams of having children someday.”   “Let me guess he forced you to take birth control.”   Ayaka shook her head, “No, he never forced me just instead on it, telling me and anyone who asked that we we’re ready to have kids. But he never took the chance or trusted I was taking them as he always no exception wore a condom. I think he feared I’d end up pregnant and then he really be stuck with me.”   “Well you’re still young maybe you can still have children someday.”   “Thank you.” Then she stood up and kissed him and said, “I won’t let you get left behind.” Then left leaving a very confused Hiro behind.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   Tatsuha wasn’t looking forward to lunch. He’d hoped that when Ryuichi said that they probably wouldn’t see Tohma at all was true. But he knew his luck wasn’t that good. Now on top of Tohma he was going to be subjected to his sister.   They had just given they food and drink order when Mika looked at Tatsuha, “So, what did you two do yesterday?”   Tatsuha knew what his sister was implying, but before he could say anything Ryuichi, clueless at to what Mika was implying spoke up.   “We had lots of fun! We went to a karaoke bar, but I got carried away and recognized and we had to run, then we went roller-skating again I got carried away and we ran, then we went to the amusement park it was loads of fun! Tats was so sweet he was able to keep up with me and carried all my souvenirs and stuffed animals I won!”   “Really, so I suppose after that you went back to your place?” Mika asked.   Tatsuha was fuming that Mika thought he’d take advantage of Ryuichi! Ryuichi though was still clueless.   “Well we sorta had too.” Ryuichi said rubbing the back of his head embarrassed.   “Oh, and why would that be?” Tohma asked.   “Well we took Tats’ bike to the karaoke bar but we had to leave in a hurry or be caught by rabid fan girls so we had to leave it behind. Oh but when we left the amusement park I made sure someone went to go get it. I just took Tats’ back to my place.”   Mika glared at Tatsuha, “Next I suppose you’ll tell me you just had an innocent night together.”   Tatsuha looked down embarrassed and said, “Actually trying to keep up with Sakuma…”   “Tsk, I told you to call me Ryu!”   Tatsuha laughed, “Sorry, Ryu. Um trying to keep up with him was more exhausting that I thought it’d be. So by the time we got back to his place I passed out on the couch.”   Mika blinked then glared at him. “Do you really think I’m stupid enough to believe that!”   “Yeas I too find it a touch hard to believe.” Tohma said.   “Neh but its true. Though I scared him when I went to wake him up.” Ryuichi said.   “Who wouldn’t be scared, when you wake up to find someone two feet in front of your face staring at you.”   “You honestly want us to believe nothing happened.” Mika said.   Tatsuha shrugged, “Believe me or don’t that’s what happened.”   “If you don’t believe us you can my driver Ace. He picked us up and brought up my things from the car and saw Tatsuha asleep on the couch.”   Well Mika and Tohma still weren’t sure but soon after their food arrived and between mouthfuls Ryuichi started to tell them in much more detail about their time together and before it was over they believed nothing happened between them. Much to Tatsuha’s dismay.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   Eiri went to their new place to make sure the painters didn’t sure anything up. He was lucky the closing went so smoothly. But since he was paying cash there weren’t quite as many papers as there normally was when going through a bank. Though his getting the money from the bank was a bit more of a hassle as they really didn’t want to part with that much in cash. But he told them he had to have cash as he was buying a home and the homeowners were leaving the country. They hated it he could tell but they finally agreed to give it to him. Gee who would think he was holding money? Let’s see he walked in with a briefcase and planned to walk out the same way. If the bank hadn’t made such a fuss and insisted he get an escort out he seriously doubted anyone would look twice. After that he practically had to drive all over town and park in parking structures just to make sure no one followed him to the closing. Once he was sure and had the money he went to closing and got the keys then headed to NG to have it out with Tohma. He hadn’t expected Shu to show up but was happy he did.