Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 39

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Eiri was more than a little stunned when Shu threw himself at him. What was so wrong that he came all the way here and was crying over? Eiri wondered. Since the boy was crying so hard he knew it would be hard to get anything out of him till he calmed down. So he pushed the door closed and dragged the boy to the couch. Ugh he hated it when the boy cried like this. He was thankful it wasn’t often it happened. So he just sat them on the couch grabbed his ash try, lit up a cigarette, placed a comforting hand on the boy’s back and waited till he calmed down. Shu was much better at comforting people than he was. This was as close to comforting the boy as he could get.   Eiri had finished his second cigarette by the time Shu had calmed down. As much as Eiri would have liked to question how the boy found him here, the fact that he showed up in tears made that a more pressing question. Not only that but also the unexplained hickey he could clearly see on the boy’s neck and the fact that his hand has been wrapped up.   “Are you ready to tell me what happened and why you’re here?” Eiri asked.   Shu sniffed but sat up and nodded. “I-it started when Hiro came to visit at CD World. Then he hung around and due to a slow day I got off work early. We hung out till it was time to go to the bar. I had introduced Caliban to Hiro and then just after that Kyo barged in saying I was cheating on you with Hiro! After I yelled at him for it he wanted to talk to me in private.”   “You knew how he felt about you and yet you willingly went with him to talk in private.”   Shu  lowered his head and nodded, “I-I know I shouldn’t have. B-but he was my friend, I didn’t want to believe he’d do anything to me. I mean we’ve known each other for a little over a year and we just hit it off. He asked me to call him by his first name the day we met! Only Hiro had ever done that, before I met you!”   “So, what did he want to discuss that he didn’t want anyone else to hear?”   “Well he heard about the recording contract…”   “No.” Eiri said before Shu had finished.   “What?”   “He wants to be apart of it, no. Now that he knows you know of his feelings and have a boyfriend I don’t want you near him that much.”   “Yeah, he wasn’t happy when I told him that.”   ‘I’ll bet.’ Eiri thought. “I’m surprised you told him that.”   “Well I knew you wouldn’t approve and I wasn’t sure I could trust him after learning about all the people he scared away, people who were just being friendly to me. I never asked to date any man or woman. They were semi-regulars that were nice to me, till what I know now was Kyo’s telling them who knows what.”   “So want to explain the hickey and your arm?”   “Well he was upset that I told him all of this and then…”   Eiri had a feeling they were coming to the point that had the boy crying at his door. “Go on.” He encouraged.   “Well he was mad that I still preferred you and when I tried to leave he…”   Eiri not wanting to say anything that might cause the boy to not finish simply squeezed his hand.   “He pulled me to him and kissed me. Then before I knew it he had me pinned to the couch.”   Eiri’s squeeze that had meant to be comforting was now showing his anger towards Kyo.   Misunderstanding that the squeeze was showing Eiri’s rage towards Kyo not him, Shu quickly said, “B-but I didn’t just lay there and do nothing Eiri, honest! I tried! I really, really tried! I kept pushing him off but he grabbed my hands and kept them above me and kept them their with one hand while the other…”   “Tell me!” Eiri said.   Shu swallowed fearing Eiri was mad at him, but pressed on. “H-he put his hand in my pants and well…” Shu hesitated before in almost a panic he said, “I tried to make him stop, but he was holding me down and wouldn’t stop no matter what I said! I kept trying to make him get off and make him stop but then…” Shu brought his voice down to an almost whisper this time. “I came in his hand. He bit my shoulder and I didn’t even know till Hiro told me later that he’d even made a hickey.”   “Is that how you hurt your arm?”   Shu lowered his head and just a little above a whisper he said, “No after I came he got off he said something like it was time for the main event or something. All I knew was that he was starting to take off his pants and the last thing I wanted was to lose my virginity to him like that. I tried talking to him but he refused to listen. So I got up and ran for the door. But just as I reached it, he Kyo grabbed my hand but well last time he pulled my hand I never dreamed he’d do anything! So I let him. But not after what he did. I pulled away and he pulled even harder till he was able to twist my arm behind my back. He twisted it really hard! I didn’t give in, I even tried harder as he kept twisting harder and started to kiss down my neck. I’m not sure how maybe it was the pain, but finally I was able to get free enough to kick him between the legs. Then he looked at me. He looked like he didn’t really do what he just did.” Then with a little anger Shu said, “Then after what he did, he had the nerve to try to touch me and apologize! I slapped him then slammed the door behind me.”   When Eiri only continued to sit there and stew getting his temper in check so that he didn’t just run and kill Kyo at that moment, Shu again misunderstood that Eiri wasn’t angry with him. “I’m really sorry, Eiri. I-I shouldn’t have…”   Shu never finished as Eiri grabbed him and kissed him.   “Shut up, before I leave you here and track down Kyo and kill him.”   Shu smiled, happy Eiri wasn’t upset with him. Then he started to kiss the boy’s neck and purposely made a hickey over Kyo’s bigger. As Eiri continued Shu moaned, “Eiri!”   This caused Eiri to freeze up and stop. Feeling Eiri stop Shu turned around, “What is it, Eiri, what’s wrong?”   “Nothing. I’ll get you one of my shirts and a blanket you’re sleeping here tonight.”   Shu blinked, ‘What happened?’ “E-Eiri a-are you mad at me?”   Not wanting to risk Shu seeing his face till he was able to mask his emotions simply said, “No, don’t be an idiot you didn’t do anything wrong.”   Masking his voice had always been his strong suit, his face he could sometime mask easily while other times, especially like this, it was harder. Not impossible if he tried, but more difficult without giving anything away. After giving the boy a shirt, a pillow and a blanket he went to his study and locked the door. As he sat there smoking he just stared at the picture on his lighter. He couldn’t understand it. What did it matter? They were both technically Shuichi, right? So why, why was it that when the boy moaned Eiri, rather than Yuki he suddenly felt like he was cheating on his Shuichi, with another Shuichi. It was so confusing! But despite the mixed emotions, he’d take care of Kyo in much the same manner as Ma-kun. Despite the fact that Taki had been his target.