Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 42

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Shu knew he’d have to tell them and now thanks to Hiro he will. He took the book away from his mom but when he stared at the picture on the back cover, something seemed wrong.   “What’s wrong Shu?” Hiro asked seeing how Shu was caressing the picture.   “Something not right.”   Hiro frowned, “What’s not?”   “Well look, can’t you tell? It’s almost like it’s not the same person.”   Hiro frowned as he looked at it. “I think those pain meds must be affecting your brain. There’s nothing wrong with this picture. He does look like he’s a lot older here, but beyond that. I don’t see anything different.”   Maiko snatched the book away from Hiro, “How dare you two talk about our Master Yuki as if you know him!”   “Uh, huh” Shu gave a slight laugh, “Actually that’s why we need the car. I’m moving in with Eiri. We have a condo we’ll be moving into in a few weeks, but it’s not ready, yet. So he wants me to save rent, and move into his apartment.” It wasn’t the reason Eiri wanted him to move in with him now, but as far as Shu’s concerned it was a partial truth, it would save him rent by living with Eiri.   “You’re lying! There is no way Eiri Yuki lady-killer extraordinaire would be with a scrawny wimp like you!” Maiko said.   “I happen to agree with Maiko, I’m not inclined to believe The Great Eiri Yuki, would drop his wife and women for a boy.”   Shu shrugged, “Believe me or not, but its true.” Then suddenly he realized a way to get back at Hiro. “If you don’t believe me, you should ask Hiro, here. After all he’s been dating Eiri’s now ex-wife.”   “What?” Shu’s mother and sister asked at the same time.   This time Shu smiled as Hiro paled. Two hours and a thousand questions later Shu and Hiro were able to get the car and even borrow a few boxes. Though they still weren’t sure they’d convinced Shu’s mother and sister he was dating Eiri, but he didn’t care at the moment. But were first ordered to completely clear out Shu’s old room. When he moved out the first time, he’d only taken some clothes and that was about it. Shu was able to convince his mother to wait till they moved into the condo, as he didn’t want to overflow Eiri’s apartment. He promised then that he’d, albeit reluctantly, agree that when they moved into the condo to come back for the rest of his stuff and introduce them to Eiri.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   Eiri meanwhile went to talk with Mizuki. As much as he’d love to question her and yell at her for allowing this crap that’s been published, he wasn’t up for 20 questions. He’s already got Tohma and Mika trying to figure out the personality change. He once seriously considered just telling them a partial truth of he was hit by a car. But he knew that would open up a whole new can of worms. They’d drag him to a doctor and then want to baby him and sit on him till he either returned to normal or he got angry enough to kick them out. Though that wouldn’t have solved anything as they’d still be up under him one way or another. So essentially he’d be a prisoner and never get to explore this world or this world’s Shuichi.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   He walked in and sat down like he normally would. Though they usually met somewhere for coffee or something he wasn’t in the mood to make an appointment and he couldn’t find any notes or anything indicating when their next appointment was. Mizuki however wasn’t in her office which annoyed him. Finally about 5 minutes later she walked in and sat down surprised to see him.   “You’re about two weeks early.”   “I wanted to show you the outline for the new story.”   Mizuki spent a few minutes going over the story and her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. “Oh, Mr. Yuki, this is…this is terrific! It’ll be your best yet!”   ‘I’ll bet, considering the bastard you normally deal with is too damn lazy to even write his own story.’   His thoughts interrupted when she said, “But what about Vengeance on the Riverfront 2.”   “What about it?” Eiri said in a tone meaning I have no intention of having anything to do with it.   “Well you’re deadline for it is the second.”   Eiri silently cursed, that meant two weeks. That’s why she’d said earlier their next meeting was in two weeks.   “The review prospects for the outline we submitted for it, has already gotten rave reviews! Everyone is looking forward to it!”   ‘Great so she’s already announced the sequel meaning it has to be done.’ There’s no way he could correct this crappy story in two weeks, even if he was inclined to. So with a bit of reluctance he reached into his jacket and threw the disk onto Mizuki’s desk. “I can’t guarantee what it’s like, I haven’t went threw it yet.”   Mizuki gave him a questioning look as he’d always brought it in already on paper. But instead of questioning it she simply smiled and said, “Well I’ll be sure to get these to the beta-readers right away. Is there anything else you need?”   ‘Besides the millions of questions as to why you’ve accepted anything before,’ “No, I’m fine.”   “Great! Well you’re next deadline then will be in about 7 months. Is that acceptable?”   “It’s fine.” Eiri said leaving.