Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 50

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Akira was the first to regain his composer and asked, “Kyo, you-you didn’t kill Travis…did you?”   Kyo gave a shocked look, “No of course I didn’t. I loved him. I would have never hurt him like that.”   Well that didn’t exactly make anyone but Shu feel better as he believed him.   “Kyo! What have I told you about talking like that? These people will think you really did kill Travis with talk like that!”   “I’m sorry mother, you’re right I shouldn’t talk like that. I am sorry everyone. I would never kill anyone. I’m sorry for what happened the other day Shu. But even though I was out of control you slapped me and snapped me out of it. You believe me when I swear to you I didn’t kill anyone, don’t you?”   “Of course I do! Caliban, you can’t really think that Kyo would actually kill someone, can you? I mean yeah he can be really scary but I don’t think he could actually kill someone.”   It seemed like Shu and Mrs. Tsuki were the only ones there that didn’t believe Kyo capable of murder.   “Were there ever any clues as to the guys disappearance?” Hiro asked.   “No the police can’t be certain that he just didn’t just abandon everything and leave town. There’s never been any evidence to prove he’s dead.” Mrs. Tsuki said.   ‘Or Alive obviously.’ Eiri and Hiro both thought at the same time.   This thought sent a shiver down, Eiri’s spine as he hugged Shu close to him. ‘Maybe this is the real reason I was sent here.’ Eiri thought. He’d believed in the beginning that it was to show him what he was missing by not directly killing Yuki. But now, now he’s beginning to suspect that perhaps he was really sent here to save Shu. To prove to him that they were meant to be together. That had he not showed up Shu may have suffered death or worse at the hands of a supposed friend.   Though not exact Hiro was having similar thoughts. ‘This is my fault. Shu never gave up on music and was happy. I gave up on music and well I’m not exactly miserable I’m not exactly happy either. I didn’t even realize that till Ayaka brought it up and then hanging around Shu again. I guess Shu needed me more than I wanted to believe he did. He told me that Kyo was supposed to be my replacement didn’t he? Man, that alone made me feel horrible to think my best friend was tired of me, ME! I never have believed it. I didn’t realize I talked about my medical career so often that Shu grew tired of it. But then again if it didn’t deal with music Shu was generally not interested anyway. Now that I know he’d latched on to someone who could have potentially been dangerous, how can I ever face him. I feel like I failed him! If he hadn’t met Mr. Yuki we probably still wouldn’t be on speaking terms.’   Akira was sad now that he failed to see Kyo for who he really was. Whether he really killed Travis or not, Akira would never know. He really hoped that he was alive out there and that Kyo was all talk. But he’d never really seen anything truly violent from Kyo. He found it hard to believe he would kill him. He had to admit when Kyo said that Shindo slapped him and brought him out of his trance that that made it hard for him to believe that he was capable of murder. He always did note that there were times Kyo seemed to have a split personality. He remembered once Kyo’s mother had even commented on how he seemed to have a split personality. But even with this spit personality he couldn’t kill, could he?   “It’s time to go, Kyo. Say goodbye to your friends.” Mrs. Tsuki said.   Kyo winced as he stood, “I’m not ready to go yet, mother! Shuichi and I have unfinished business.”   “Very well your father is not yet aware of this latest incident but I’m sure he’d understand. You’ve been very lucky that your father happens to be a lawyer or you would be in jail now. Shall I call him and tell him over the phone about this?”   Kyo paled, he was expelled from three grade schools, four junior highs and one high school due to fighting. He’d been locked up for fighting over a dozen times since graduation. His father threatened after what happened with Alva that despite no evidence to prove he did it his father threatened one more incident and he’d lock him up in an institute somewhere and throw away the key. He had a bad feeling that his father might have the power to do so.   So he didn’t say anything to his mother, but he did walk over to Shuichi, “Why are you still denying the wonderful time we had Shu?”   Shu gave him a sad smile but never left the safety of Eiri’s arms and said, “I like you Kyo, but I have never done anything with you. It was just your imagination. I’m sorry if you think we had something and think I betrayed you, but nothing has ever happened.”   “Nor will it!” Eiri said, shifting Shu away from Kyo and holding him tight.   “Kyo now!” Mrs. Tsuki said with more force.   Kyo winced and left without another word and got in the car with his mother.   Akira walked over and said, “I’m sorry Shindo, I should have been more aware and tried to stop Kyo before he did something.”   Eiri often wondered if this is how Tohma felt about Yuki. That he should have seen it.   “You couldn’t have know that it was that bad. Even if you had there wasn’t much you could have done different.” Eiri told him.   Akira gave a sad smiled and bowed to Eiri and said, “I appreciate the kind words Mr. Yuki. I have learned to be more observant and learn from this in the future. Goodbye Mr. Yuki, Nakano. It was very nice knowing you Shindo.”   “Bye Caliban, I’ll never forget you.”   “Hey you’d better not I expect tickets to all your in town shows when you make it big. I want to be able to say hey I once played with um… What’s your band called?”   Hiro stepped forward and said, “Bad Luck!”   Shu squealed and Eiri quickly released him as Shu hugged Hiro. “You, really intruey mean it, you’ll play with me for sure?”   Hiro laughed, “Yes, I’ll have to break the news to Dr. Solomon and my parents before they learn I’ve dropped out of Medical School. But Bad Luck will make it this time!”   “Yeah!”   As the two started talking Akira waved and Eiri simply put his hand up before lighting a cigarette. This whole damn thing was way too much for him and he doubted that he had any medicine for his ulcer in this world. He looked at the picture on his lighter and again he felt something telling him to call out. Call out what though Eiri had yet to figure out. Plus now there was something gnawing at him that there was something he was forgetting. Something else in this would that needed his attention. But for the life of him at the moment he couldn’t think of what that was.”   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   A/N: Someone said the last chapter seemed rushed. Sorry if anyone can give me tips on how to unrush it let me know.