Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 67

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Eiri walked out into the living room. He looked around confused, “Where’s Shuichi?   Everyone turned around and Eiri’s father said, “Forget about that boy! Where’s Mikuru?”   Eiri didn’t like his father’s telling him to forget Shu but for now he’d let it slide. “Gone, it seems she was a big fan of mine and after an autograph and my telling her I wasn’t interested she left without a fuss.”   “How dare you! I went to a lot of trouble to bring her here to met you!”   “Well then you went to a lot of work for nothing. I’m afraid you’ll have a long wait before you will again force me into another marriage.”   “This is that brat’s doing isn’t it!”   “No, you all seem to believe Shu to be the bad guy here, but you all seem to forget that I am not a child you can push around. I am perfectly capable of making my own decisions. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go find Shuichi.” Eiri said starting for the door.   “Why can you not just accept your rightful place in this temple Eiri?”   Without turning around Eiri said, “Perhaps it’s for the same reason that you have never truly accepted me as your son due to my non Japanese look. Then perfectly willing to accept me if I change my look by shaving or dying my hair and maybe even wearing colored contacts to be more like Tatsuha.”   “Eiri you know father loves you!” Mika protested.   “Funny how you’re the one saying it and not him.”   “Eiri what is it about Shindo that’s so great that you divorced Ayaka over?” Tohma asked.   At that Eiri turned around and said, “Shuichi had nothing to do with my divorce. He’s what I want and a reason for my going through with the divorce now but if any of you had looked closely at the divorce papers you’d have noted that the date on them was a week after we were married. I never filed till I could prevent father from forcing the temple on to me. But with or without Shuichi I would have divorced her regardless.”   “Eiri, is what Shindo told us about the fact that the two of you have yet to sleep together true?” Tohma asked, hoping that Eiri would tell them what Shu wouldn’t.   You could see the vein popping on Eiri’s forehead. He wasn’t sure if Tohma was lying or not but decided to not take any chances. He decided to treat this situation as if it was concerning his Shu. He leaned closer making sure everyone could hear, “Actually if you must know, I took him three times the first night. He wailed and cried like a little girl. He comes very quickly so it’s easier to draw it out and he’s so tight. I love how…”   “Eiri!” Mika yelled stunned by what her brother was saying.   Eiri turned and gave Mika and innocent look and said, “Yes, is there a problem? Tohma asked me a question and I simply answered it. Is that not what you wanted to hear?”   “So…you’re saying Shindo lied about the two of you…” Mika hesitated.   Eiri smiled and walked over to her, “Would you like me to tell you more?”   At that Mika turned red but before she could say anything their father said, “Eiri you are the eldest child. It is your duty to marry, have children and take over the temple.”   “Really well you did a wonderful job of that didn’t you? You got fed up with my non traditional look and agreed to let Tohma take me to be tutored in America and look how well that turned out!” Before anyone could respond to that he was out the door.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   After a bit of searching he found Shu by the shrine. “You shouldn’t let those bastards get to you.”   Shu looked up and said, “Yeah, I know. So what about…”   “Gone and not coming back. Now lets go back to the house get our things and stay in a hotel tonight.”   “Aren’t we going to spend time here?”   “No.”   “But I wanted to see where you grew up.”   “Fine we’ll stay in a hotel and visit during the day while father is busy with the temple visitors.”   “But we should just go ahead and stay here and…” Shu stopped when Eiri touched a small cut below his eye where Eiri’s father’s ring made a small scratch.   “What happened here?”   “Ah, nothing!”   Eiri glared at him, “Tell me what happened.”   “But you’ll just get angry!”   “It’s too late for that.”   “But…” Shu sighed seeing as how Eiri was going to force him to tell anyway. “Your father hit me.”   Eiri blinked, “He did what?”   “I was angry that he couldn’t see that you didn’t want to continue to be in a loveless marriage and that he was wrong to keep trying to force you into them. I…I told him he was just jealous that you had someone to love and he didn’t!”   “Come on.”   “Wait Eiri what are we going to do?”   “You’ll see.”