Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 69

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Eiri awoke and was a bit groggy the first thing in his line of sight was Mika and Tohma.   “Don’t worry Eiri, it’ll be okay. I’m going to go get the doctor.” Mika said running out.   Eiri was confused at first as to what had happened. Then he remembered the accident and wanted to ask Tohma about Shuichi. But his throat was extremely dry. “Easy Eiri, here’s some water. Don’t try to talk just now.”   As Tohma helped Eiri to drink some water the doctor walked in.   “You’re a very lucky man Mr. Uesugi. You’ve been in a coma for a little over a month. I was skeptical as to whether or not you’d come out of it.”   “How bad was the accident? Was Shuichi hurt bad?”   The doctor looked uncertainly at Tohma and Mika.   Seeing the uncertainty in the doctors eye, Eiri panicked. “Oh god! He’s dead isn’t he?”   “Eiri…” Tohma tried to console.   “No it’s my fault! We should have just waited out the traffic and not tried to go up Mt. Shigenoi.”   Everyone frowned, “Eiri, Mt. Shigenoi has been closed for the past two years or so. We had that big earthquake a little over two years ago and it caused major landslides. Don’t you remember? They said that they were going to sheer up the mountain and redo the roads bigger and better as they cleared the paths. But what does Mt. Shigenoi have to do with your accident Eiri?” Tohma asked.   “What the hell do you mean what does it have to do with anything?! I was driving up it when a truck rounded the corner and hit us!”   “Eiri why would you be near Mt. Shigenoi?”   “I was with Shuichi in Kyoto during golden week! You should know you were both there!”   Before anyone could say anything the doctor spoke up, “I think it’s best if we let Mr. Uesugi rest and get his bearings a bit he did just awaken from a coma I’m sure a lot of things are jumbled up in his head.” The doctor motioned for that to be the end of the conversation and for them to leave so they could talk.   Eiri didn’t care he couldn’t believe that he was now responsible for the deaths of two peoples he loved. Then he blinked, did he just say he loved Shuichi?   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   Outside the doctor had explained a few things he thought were wrong before excusing himself.   “Mika perhaps we should…”   “NO! I won’t allow it!”   “So you’ll allow Eiri to continue to think…”   “I’ll do what I feel is best for him!”   “What’s best for him or for you?”   At that Mika left in a huff. Tohma however had his own plans. He too has always felt the guilt over what happened with Kitazawa. He wanted Eiri happy and unlike Mika he knew what the right thing to do was.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   Eiri was trying to sleep but the accident kept replaying itself over and over again! He couldn’t believe it! Here he was trying to protect Shuichi and all he ended up doing was getting him killed! He awoke with a start when he felt a hand in his hair. He opened his eyes and was shocked to see Shuichi. He immediately sat up and started checking the boy for injuries.   Shu giggled, “That tickles!”   Eiri looked stern at him and asked, “You okay? How bad were hurt?”   “Hurt? You were the one hit by that car not me.”   “I suppose it’s for the best you don’t remember. You were asleep when the accident happened. I never should have taken the Mt. Shigenoi shortcut!”   Shu blinked, “Mt. Shigenoi? I think Hiro told me it was closed due to an earthquake or something. Of course he didn’t learn this till he went to take a shortcut to Kyoto to visit Ayaka.”   Eiri looked at Shu, “Where’s you necklace?”   “What necklace?”   “The one Hiro got you for your birthday?”   “Hiro wouldn’t give me a necklace for my birthday! He gave me a new music program for my computer and made me promise to get new lyrics wrote before we tour in a couple of months. Why would you think he’d give me a necklace Yuki?”   At that Eiri blinked, “What did you just call me?”   “Ah!” Shu began to panic! “I’m sorry did I say something wrong? Seguchi said to be careful that you hit your head in the accident and weren’t in your right mind. Did you not remember your name and now something’s wrong? Uh, I…I’ll go get the doctor!” Shu got up but didn’t get far before Eiri grabbed his arm.   “Sit down you little idiot! I’m fine!”   “But…I…I…” Eiri kissed him to shut him up. Shu moaned and leaned into the kiss.   “So, tell me brat. Why is it you weren’t here when I woke up? I’d have thought you’d been up under me the whole time I was out. Ch, I’d have thought your annoying voice would have woke me up sooner.”   At that Shu stuck his tongue out before he started to shift uncomfortably, “I…I would have liked to have been.”   “So why weren’t you?”   “Well I was worried when you were so late coming home and then later that night Tatsuha called and told me you were in an accident. For some reason Mika blames me for the accident. She says it was my fault, that it should have been me, that I must have done something to make you be out so late. I probably wouldn’t have even known you were in an accident accept that apparently Mika called Tatsuha to tell him and your father and he got mad that she refused to tell me, so he took it upon himself to call and tell me. Mika had a guard posted to keep me out. Every time I got in she’d yell at me, that it was my fault and have the guards to throw me out.”   Eiri was going to have a little talk with Mika later. “So how did you get in now?”   “Ah well Seguchi called me into his office after work and told me you were awake and that he’d called off the guards and would keep Mika away and that you’d want to see me.”   Well Eiri was glad that Tohma hadn’t told the boy he thought him dead. In the mean time Eiri pulled the boy close. Shu didn’t argue and he snuggled up close to Eiri and as Eiri started petting his hair he fell asleep. He hadn’t slept well since Eiri’s accident. Eiri stared out the window and wondered if that other world was real or just a dream. He fell asleep holding Shu close to him. Which is how Mika found them the next morning.