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Silent Night

By: Robin Terrae

Chapter 3: Out of Character Actions

Shuichi woke slowly, blinking as his violet eyes tried to focus on his surroundings. The last thing he remembered was waking up from another one of his nightmares, and hearing Yuki's voice. 'You must be going crazy.' A voice whispered in the back of his mind. He brought up a hand to run it through his hand, when he realized that his surroundings were no longer those of Yuki's apartment. He glanced around in confusion, his eyes finally falling on the IV that was inserted in the back if his hand.

A hospital room? How the hell did I get here? Why can't I remember?

Suddenly the door opened, and a middle-aged woman doctor poked her head in the room. "Ah, Shindou-san, I see that you are awake."

"Uh.. yeah.." Shuichi stared at the woman for a passing second, "Um... what happened?"

"According to Uesugi-san, you fainted right into his arms." She answered, coming closer to him, looking him over.

"Fainted?" Shuichi repeated, his voice echoing his confusion.

"Yes, that's what happens when you forget to eat and sleep, Shindou-san." She explained, looking him over critically. Shuichi found himself wilting under the gaze, pushing himself back into his pillow. "Uesugi-san spent all night here... One of the nurses finally convinced him to get a cup of coffee or something. Not to mention the crowd that was here when someone had leaked to the press that Shindou Shuichi, the vocalist of the hot new band Bad Luck, had to be rushed to the hospital."

Shuichi nodded, still staring up at her. It finally dawned on him exactly what she meant when she said that 'Uesugi-san spent all night here'. "Wait... Yuki is here?" He asked frantically, his violet yes wide as the implications of that statement.

Doctor Mitsuga glanced at her patient for a moment, before nodding. "Yes, he's the one that brought you in last night, and consequently, hasn't left your side since then."

Shuichi practically began beaming at this statement. Maybe Yuki didn't hate him as much as he thought. He had hoped that his lover would return from New York City, but a little part of him kept telling him that he was wrong. He was happy to see that he had been correct in trying to push that voice from his mind.

"I've also instructed Uesugi-san that you are to have at the least, two weeks of rest. That means that you are to do nothing, and I mean nothing. No interviews, no rehearsals, nothing."

Shuichi stared at the Doctor. "But..."

She smiled at him, "Don't worry, I've already instructed your friends when they were here last night. They all agreed that you needed the rest." She stared at him, "Uesugi-san has promised me that you will be resting." She turned to leave. "You have two weeks off, Shindou-san. Think about how you want to use them."

Shuichi watched her go, his mouth hung slightly open. As if he realized what he was doing, his mouth shut with an audible snap, and he leaned back into the pillows.

"I guess two weeks off isn't so bad..." he mused softly to himself. "And I'll hopefully get to spend it with Yuki..."

Shuichi's thoughts trailed off as he eyes fell gently closed, thoughts of Yuki following him into his dreams.


Yuki watched as the little pink haired singer slept. He really wished Shuichi would hurry and wake up. He didn't think he could go much longer without either a cigarette or a beer. Although he knew that he could go downstairs and outside the hospital at anytime to smoke, he was reluctant to leave Shuichi. He knew that this young man was becoming a weakness, but at the same time he found himself caring about this fact less and less.

The head on the pillow moved, brow furrowing as he dreamed. Yuki stared at Shuichi's face, watching as the movement became more, a slight shake of the head, clutching of the sheets, and the movement of soft lips as the younger man began to mouth something under his breath. When it became apparent to Yuki that Shuichi's dreams weren't off the pleasant variety, and that he wasn't about to wake up on his own, the writer reached out a hand to wake him.

The briefest touch on the shoulder was all that Shuichi needed to open his eyes wide and sit up in bed, his hands clutching his shirt as he panted for breath. It took a moment for Shuichi's sleep fogged mind to acknowledge that someone else was in the room, but as he turned his head in Yuki's direction, Yuki saw his eyes light up in recognition right before Shuichi threw himself into Yuki's arms, tears running down his face.

Yuki stared at the man in his arms; face unreadable as his arms came around Shuichi, pulling him closer.

Hushed sobbing was the only sound in the suddenly too quiet room.


Yuki placed his beer on the table, glancing over at the silent Shuichi. He had brought the vocalist home only hours before, and Shuichi had said nothing since then, only a thank you to Yuki for taking him to the hospital. Then the young man had retreated to the couch, huddling up under his blanket, knees drawn up to his chest.

Yuki had left him there, figuring that the other man had needed time for himself, and set out to check the rest of the house. To his astonishment, everything was as he had left it when he had disappeared. It didn't look like Shuichi had touched anything... even the bed was made, and Yuki could tell that Shuichi hadn't slept in during all the time that he was in the apartment alone.

Moving on, Yuki went to kitchen, noting as he opened the fridge, that there was hardly anything in there. 'When was the last time the baka ate something?' He wondered to himself as he picked up one of the cans of beer that was still left. He debated on making something, but a scan of the rest of the kitchen showed no satisfactory items for food, Yuki decided that take out would probably be the best. He picked up the phone, watching Shuichi from his position as he placed the order. As soon as he was done, and the phone was placed back into it's cradle, Yuki once again joined his lover in the living room, sitting down next him.

"The food will be here in half an hour." He stated, watching Shuichi for a reaction, and wasn't surprised when none was forthcoming. He found himself growing both more frustrated and worried. The brooding, silent treatment was his way of dealing with things, not Shuichi's. Not to mention that he found himself missing the overly loud and obnoxious actions and mannerisms that were Shuichi's trademark.

Yuki stared Shuichi for a minute, before it all hit him, collapsing around him in a suddenly suffocating moment. It was time to swallow his pride, and his damn uncaring ways. Shuichi had tried to be there for him, and the least Yuki could do was try to be there for Shuichi.

"Shuichi... I'm sorry...."

To be continued....

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