Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Silent Night ❯ Truth ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Whee! Second Chapter to my first Gravitation fic! As said before, Shuichi, Yuki, and the others from this wonderful series do not belong to me... no matter how much I want them to.

Warning: Spoilers for the 13 episodes of the TV series, including ASK, Yuki's past, and Tohma.

A big thank you to Galaxia for once again pointing out my mistakes.

Splash, I hope that you enjoy! ^_^

Silent Night

By: Robin Terrae

Chapter 2: Truth

Yuki hated hospitals. Always had and always would. Especially since he wasn't allowed to have a cigarette while he was waiting for word on Shuichi's condition. He really wished those damned doctors would hurry up and finish their examination of his lover so he could relax.

He sighed, running a hand through blond hair. Although he would never admit it out loud, Shuichi collapsing into his arms scared the hell out of him. He had fears that he never voiced about the young musician finally getting pissed off enough about Yuki's seemingly unfeeling ways and leaving him, finding someone else to treat him like the wonderful person he was.

"Shuichi isn't going to take being treated like that forever. One day, he's going to grow tried of waiting for you and move on... and that scares you more than anything, doesn't it?", A voice whispered to him in the back of his mind, sounding like Shuichi.

Tohma was wrong.

It wasn't Shuichi that was hurting him.

It was he that was hurting Shuichi.



Yuki glanced up at the sound of his real last name. "Yes?"

A woman in a white lab coat stared at him, brown eyes soft behind the wire of her glasses, her dirty-blond hair falling from a bun and framing her face. "You are waiting for information on Shindou-san's condition, are you not?" he voice was clipped; matter of fact, and one would have considered her rude, if they didn't look into her eyes.

Yuki nodded, and the doctor indicated for him to follow her. Yuki rose, and followed her down the hall, heading for what he assumed was Shuichi's room. After a few moments, he asked, "What's wrong with Shuichi?"

She glanced over at him, as if studying him, then answered, "Nothing life-threatening. He is suffering from exhaustion, and I don't believe that he has really eaten anything in the past couple of days. I understand that he is the lead vocalist of Bad Luck..."

"He is." Yuki confirmed.

"I believe that's he has been under too much pressure, and his fainting spell was his body's way of telling him that he needs to slow down. Can you tell me what he has been doing in the past couple of days?"

"I... don't know." Yuki answered, stopping as she stood outside the door that led to his lover's room. "I was recently out of the country on business and only returned tonight."

She nodded, "I see." She laid a hand on the doorknob, but didn't push it open. Yuki stood behind her, staring at her questionably. "We're going to keep him overnight to monitor him, and then I'm going to suggest that he does nothing strenuous for at least 2 weeks. No recording, no rehearsals, no nothing. Just sleeping, eating, and curling up with a loved one." She said the last with a lighter tone to her voice, and that caused Yuki's head to snap up, staring at her in surprise. "I trust you can take care that, right?" She didn't let Yuki answer, instead pushing the door open, "He's sleeping, but you can stay with him if you like. I'll be by in a couple of hours to check up on him."

Yuki nodded, moving into the doorway, before turning around, "Thank you, Dr...."

"Mitsuga. Hanako Mitsuga."

"Dr. Mitsuga."

She smiled at him, "It's my job, Uesugi-san." She gestured to Shuichi, who was sleeping on the bed. "Take care of him." She left the room closing the door behind her.

Yuki stared at the door for a couple of minutes before approaching the bedside. Shuichi laid there quietly, pink hair fanning the pillow under his head. Yuki reached out and grabbed the hand that wasn't connected to the IV, holding it gently in his, rubbing his fingers over the soft skin.

He didn't understand Shuichi at all. He wondered what a young, vibrant man like this could see in a jaded, jerk like him. Not for the first time, Yuki was struck by how unhealthy this relationship could be, but he knew that he wasn't about to give up on it. Reaching over with a hand, he gently pressed one hand against Shuichi's cheek, letting it linger there as he stared down at the pale face of his lover.

The door opened, and Yuki glanced up to meet the face of Shuichi's best friend and band mate Nakano Hiroshi. If Hiro looked startled to see him, he didn't show it, instead stating simply, "I see that you came back." Yuki nodded in response, and Hiro sighed, "I'm glad, I knew that he wasn't fine, no matter what he kept telling everyone else, and he won't listen to any of us anymore." Hiro walked in to the room, standing on the other side of the bed, staring down at Shuichi, "So, what did the doctor say?"

"He fainted due to exhaustion and not eating. They are going to keep him for a while for observation. And then he supposed to take at least two weeks off from everything."

"Sakano is going to flip." Hiro snorted, looking over at Shuichi with affection, "He never did know when to quit." He moved back to the door. "The others are here. I'm going to go and tell them how he's doing... Sakuma-san was in tears when he heard, and not even Tatsuha could calm him down."

Yuki nodded, his attention once again focused on his sleeping lover. Hiro smiled to himself as he exited the room.

So, Yuki wasn't made of ice as everybody thought. He knew it.


Seguchi Tohma stood in the shadows, watching as Yuki Eiri sat next to his lover's bedside, holding the musician's hand as he slept. "You came back."

"I told you that I would." Was Yuki's curt response, not even bothering to spare the other man a glance.

"I take it that you are going to continue this, Eiri-san?" Tohma asked softly, his voice hard.

"I told him, you know."

Tohma's eyes widened. "You... what?" That was something that he hadn't been expecting.

"Told him what happened to Yuki... In New York." At last, Yuki turned around to stare at Tohma, "That I killed him."

"Then... Eiri-san... you didn't..."

"Mention the rest? No, although after his encounter with Aizawa, I'm sure that he'd understand." Yuki stated, his voice neutral.

"Aizawa?" Tohma echoed, staring at Yuki, "What does he have to do with this? I took care of him..."

"I know, because he threatened me. Tell me Tohma, do you really care about anyone?" Yuki asked, his tone hard as he stared at the president of N-G, and keyboardist for Nittle Grasper.

"I care about y..." the other man started to say, but trailed off when he saw the anger in Yuki's eyes.

"No, you don't. If you did, you would have left Shuichi out of this. You should've stopped Aizawa before he got anywhere near Shuichi. Stop trying to become something to me that you're not, Tohma. You are my brother-in-law, and that is all. Shuichi is my lover, not you. So leave him alone." Yuki's voice was low with anger, and although he didn't want to say the stuff that he was saying out loud, he knew that he had to, in order to get Tohma to understand, and maybe even his sister too. "Leave, Tohma." He stated quietly, his gaze once again on his lover.

Tohma, his blue eyes large, nodded, and left, the soft clicking of the door closing behind him the only sign that he had once been there.


Okay, I have to explain this a little. Tohma admitted that he did in fact like Yuki when he pushed Aizawa in front of the car. Every time Tohma tried to tell either Shuichi that Yuki would leave him or Yuki to end his relationship with Shuichi, I wanted to hit him. Other than that, I like his character.

Aizawa is (was?) the lead vocalist of the band ASK which was popular before Bad Luck came along. He hired some guys to beat (and maybe rape) Shuichi and took pictures of it in order to hurt both Shuichi and Yuki. Yuki, of course, found out about this from Hiro and went to 'speak' with Aizawa. What follows is Tohma being evil because Aizawa dared to try to hurt Yuki. ^_- I also thought the parallel between this and Yuki's past was something not overly talked about, so I figured that I'd try it.