Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ The Coffeeshop ❯ Chapter 2 ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The bell rang once again. Shuichi froze. It was him. Once again, he didn't say anything, just walked over to his seat, and sat down. Shuichi grabbed a mug, and a pot, and walked over to him, and poured.
"Rough night?"
Shuichi looked up at Yuki.
"You look tired."
Shuichi rubbed his puffy eyes.
"Didn't get much sleep."
"Oh?" He asked "Why?"
"My door literally came off the hinges."
Yuki nearly spit out his coffee, trying not to laugh.
"Yeah. I was leaning against it... and it just... fell through."
Yuki chuckled.
"It's currently propped up by a combination of duck tape and screws that are too small."
"Do you need some help fixing it?"
Shuichi looked up at him, curious.
"This is where you live?"
Shuichi looked at Yuki and nodded.
"Notice the duck tape..."
"And the termite bites." Yuki remarked, more to himself than to Shuichi.
Shuichi sighed.
"I... I didn't mean to be..."
"No, it's fine. I just can't wait until I get to see your place."
Yuki turned to him, raising an eyebrow, almost suggestively. Shuichi realized the possible slight misinterpretation of those words.
"I! I didn't mean... I mean not that I don't want to... but I didn't mean it like... or maybe I... I'm sorry Yuki..."
"For what?"
Shuichi thought for a moment.
"I don't know."
"Then why are you apologizing?"
Shuichi paused.
I-- I'm not sure." He said at a length
"The door?"
Shuichi reached in his pocket and fished out his key, and stuck it in the lock. Only to have the door fall in, once again.
"Peachy." Shuichi mumbled, and then he heard another thud, only softer this time. He looked over to find Yuki on the ground, clutching his mouth, his face red, as he tried to stiffle his laughter, unsuccessfully "Yuki!" He shouted "This isn't funny!"
Only Yuki nodded.
"Yes... yes it is!" He said between gasps "You would never see this happen to normal people." He began to laugh again "Only you!"
Shuichi crossed his arms.
"So I'm not normal?"
Yuki managed to subside his laughter for a moment.
"No." He said "You're extraordinary."
Shuichi looked down at him, blushing, his eyes widening. Yuki looked back at Shuichi's fallen door and began laughing again.
"Shut up!"