Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ The Coffeeshop ❯ Chapter 3 ( Chapter 3 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Shuichi awoke on his cramped bed. The light shone through his thin curtains, and he hoped that he'd made enough in tips that week to buy new ones. Looking over at his door, he realized that is was fixed, and was surprised, because he was pretty sure he fell asleep last night before finishing.
And then Shuichi noticed something else. Someone else lying next to him, their arm draped behind his head. Yuki.
'That's right...' Shuichi said 'He helped me... he must've finished when I fell asleep...'
He breathed softly, Shuichi looked up at him. His blond hair was tosseled and his thin, pink lips were parted. Shuichi felt himself scoot closer to him, but convinced himself that it was just in an attempt to not fall off the bed. But what he did next wasn't.
'Maybe just a small one...'
Shuichi gently pressed hips lips to Yuki's, his eyes closed. But then the snapped open, when he felt Yuki respond, kissing him deeply and moaning softly. They parted when the need for air grew.
"Well, that's one way to start the morning." Yuki said, looking over at the alarm clock "It's 10:00..."
"Oh crap!" Shuichi shouted "I'm so late!"
"Hayuna's gonna kill me!"
"It's my first week and I'm gonna loose my job!"
"It's Saturday."
Shuichi froze.
"Come back to bed." Yuki murmered sleepily
Shuichi looked back at Yuki. Was he talking to him? Afterall, they'd just met a few days earlier, but Shuichi could already feel a special bond between him and the obviously olderman growing.
Yuki patted the space next to him.
"Come on." He said softly
Shuichi slowly slipped next to him, and breathed in his crisp, fresh scent.
"Yuki?" He asked
"How old are you?"
"Oh." Shuichi sighed, relieved.
'Not that big of a difference.' he thought
"Yeah Shu?"
"Why do you call me that?"
"What? Shu?"
Shuichi nodded. Yuki poked open an eye.
"Because... I think you're cute."He said simply "And Shu's a cute name."
Shuichi blushed.
"Do you not like it?" Yuki asked
Shuichi shook his head.
"No, I do."
Shuichi felt a light kiss in his hair.
"You smell like... strawberries."
"They're my favorite."
"So I noticed."
"I looked in your kitchen last night. Are you aware that you have nothing besides Captin' Crunch and strawberry Pocky in your pantry?"
Shuichi swallowed a laugh.
"Yeah... I'm a pretty simple guy."
"Somehow I doubt that."
There was a peaceful silence.
"Can I see your apartment today?"
Yuki smiled down at him.
"Wow! You live here! It's gi-freakin-normous!"
Yuki looked at Shuichi, who laughed.
"Well, compared to your closet, I'm sure it is."
"Shut up!"
Yuki laughed.
"And you say you're down on your luck! How do you afford this?"
"My publishing company pays for it... and they're going to stop if I don't get out a best seller this year..." He ran his fingers through his hair
"Don't worry. I'm sure you will." Shuichi said, kissing him softly "I'm sure something will hit you."
"Believe me." Yuki said "It already has."
Yuki looked down at the smaller boy wrapped around his shoulders.
"Something... on the day I first met you." He murmured
Shuichi looked at him, curious.
"What is it?"
"It's a surprise."
"Do you have it written down?" Shuichi asked
Yuki brought his hand to his temple.
"It's all up here right now." He said
Shuichi frowned, but then smiled when he looked around the apartment. He detached himself from Yuki, and ran up a step to sliding glass doors, and peered out.
"You even have a pool!"
Yuki smiled and tucked his hands in his pockets, watching the boy move from place ot place.
"Yuki, I'm envious."
"Because you have this nice place!" He shouted "I'd be so inspired if I lived here and--."
"So live here." Yuki blurted
Shuichi turned to him, just to see Yuki bring his hand to his mouth.
Yuki swallowed and repeated.
"Live here."
Yuki shrugged.
"Move in with me. Or would you rather go back to your door-less closet?"
Silence. Then they both burst into laughter.