Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ The Coffeeshop ❯ Chapter 5 ( Chapter 5 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

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'Yuki... why did you leave me?'
Nina's hands reached for him. She was so close, he could practically smell her vanilla scented skin. Yuki smiled and walked towards her, arms outstretched.
'Why did you go?'
Yuki stopped for an instant to look at her, not understanding. Her hand dropped to her side, and her eyes narrowed in anger.
'Why aren't you still mine?'
Tires screeched.
Yuki's eyes snapped open. He was panting, and a thin layer of sweat coated his body, he shook causing the bed to tremble slightly.
"Yuki, you were screaming..."
Yuki's eyes focused. Shuichi was leaning over him, his pink hair messy, as if he'd just woken from sleep. He blinked a few times at Shuichi, as if not recognizing him.
"Shu..." He said slowly
Shuichi nodded, and then reached forward to embrace his lover, but was surprised when Yuki hastily brushed him away and sat up, glancing at the clock.
"Why are you still here?" He asked
Shuichi cocked his head at him.
"Aren't you late for work?" Yuki explained
"It's Sunday..." Shuichi said slowly reaching for him "Are you mad?"
Yuki shook his head, not looking at him.
"It was just... my dream." He murmered 'Just a dream."
Shuichi smiled softly, and leaned on the olderman's broad shoulders, kissing softly between his shoulder blades.
"Spend the day with me." Shuichi whispered
"I can't." Yuki murmered "I have a lot to do today."
"Then let me come with you."
Yuki laughed.
"No." He said, shaking his head
"Oh come on Yuki." Shuichi said "Let me be your assistant for the day... I mean, you do so much for me.. .let me do something for you."
Yuki shook his head, blond hair falling amuck.
"No... well... there is one thing that you can do for me."
"What?" Shuichi asked eagerly
Yuki turned to him, and took Shuichi's hands and wrapped them around his neck. He brought his face close to his.
"Be there at the door, waiting for me when I get back."
He kissed him softy.
"To embrace me, and kiss me. Ask me how my day was. To hold me, and say those three little words. To stay with me forever. That's all I wish of you. And all I'll ever ask of you."
Shuichi blushed, and Yuki leaned forward, kissing him again, deeper this time. His hands roamed, seeming to know just where to touch, just where to caress, just how long to linger to make Shuichi moan. Shuichi melted into his lover, and Yuki pulled away.
"I've gotta get dressed." He murmered softly
Shuichi nodded, and collasped to the bed as Yuki's body seperated from his.
"Oh... that man..." Shuichi said, bringing his hand to his lips where Yuki's heat still lingered "He drives me insane."
A little while later, Shuichi realized he had dozed off, and woke up to here scuffling in Yuki's office.
He slid off the bed and carefully made his way to the room. Inside, Yuki was bent nearly completly over his desk.
"Yuki?" He asked
There was a thud as Yuki jerked his head up, and hit it on the wall.
"Yuki... what are you doing?"
Yuki slid off the desk, plug to his laptop in hand.
"Taking this with me."
"Why?" Shuichi asked, grinning "Don't you trust me?"
Yuki shook his head.
"I do. But not that much." He replied "Besides, I don't know about people who come from closets..."
Yuki laughed, picking up his laptop.
"And besides... oh." Shuichi suddenly stopped, when he noticed that you could see a clear outline of where Yuki's laptop had been and shear amount of dust that surrounded the only clean area oh Yuki's desk.
Yuki blushed, clutching the laptop to his chest.
"I couldn't afford my maid anymore... and I haven't..."
"Dusted in like a year?" Shuichi asked "When's the last time you've moved that laptop?"
"When I bought it."
Shuichi rolled his eyes.
"You talk about guys from closets... how about guys who don't clean?"
Yuki laughed.
"Say what you will, but you're still not going to be able to read the story."
Shuichi sighed in frustration. Yuki only laughed and kissed him.
"Get dressed." He murmered "Or are you going to stay like that all day?"
Shuichi's face flushed red when he realized he was standing there in only his boxers.
"Not that I'd mind."
"Go." Shuichi said, pushing him away "Don't you have to be somewhere?"
"Well." Yuki said "If you're going to look like that... Tatsuha can wait."
Shuichi took a cautious step back, before Yuki ran after him. Shuichi shrieked and ran in circles around the room.
"Yuki! You're going to be late!"
"Who cares?" Yuki yelled, lauging and running after him
The two ran in literal circles around the apartment, Shuichi screaming and running into things, and Yuki following close behind him, lauging, up until Shuichi tripped and fell over the back of the living room couch, landing on his back.
He gulped.
"Now... Yuki..." He began, noticing that Yuki was looking at him like a lion looks at his prey.
Yuki set his laptop down on a table, and slowly climbed ovre the couch, stradeling Shuichi.
Yuki wasn't listening. He shed his jacket and moved forward, slowly climbing over the couch and laying on top of Shuichi. He brought his face mere millimeters from his.
"You're blushing."
Shuichi swallowed, and blushed harder. Yuki smiled and kissed the tip of his nose.
"I have to go." He said, sliding off the couch.
Shuichi made a face as Yuki's warmth left his. Yuki winked at him as he picked up his laptop.
"You're still not going to read this though." He said, walking out of the door.